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Wilmington police searching for three armed robbers


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Police are searching for three suspects in connection to two armed robberies in Wilmington overnight.

Police say the robberies are unrelated.

The first robbery happened just before midnight at the intersection of 11th and Rankin Streets, when a woman says she was walking to her mailbox.

The woman tells police a man and a woman approached her from behind, holding something to her back. The two robbers then took off running with the woman's purse.

A second robbery happened just an hour later at Murphy USA near Walmart off of Carolina Beach Rd.

Police say a man dressed in black approached the store with his hands in his pockets, demanding money in the register.

The employee believed the suspect had a gun, so she handed over the money man took off, running towards Walmart.

K-9 units lost track of the suspect when police discovered his clothes nearby.

Anyone with information should call Wilmington police.

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Anyone seen a naked robber running around town?

Because according to this story, one of the perps shed his clothes to thwart the police dogs. Which leads one to wonder what the perp was wearing.

Anyone that lives near 11th and Rankin

Anyone that lives near 11th and Rankin knows that you don't wander outside after dark. What was this lady doing walking with her purse to the mailbox just before midnight anyway? Something just doesn't add up here.

So which location was

So which location was actually robbed...The morning news said it was the Murphy on Sigmon Road.

3 armed robbers

Wow you can steal allot of stuff with 3 arms

His parents have 4 arms/3

His parents have 4 arms/3 legs...the robber was the odd ball in the family :-(


Good one johnny black, tee hee


Great description of the suspects...

"Police say a man dressed in black approached the store with his hands in his pockets, demanding money in the register."

White? Black? Asian?

PC in the media is killing your industry.

Your Answer...I think?

Q: "White? Black? Asian?"
The answer:
A: "All those descriptons"..........
"They were one of a kind"...I think I heard the store guy say in the news :-)
"PC in the media is killing your industry"
What coverage? I gave book reports by reading the last page of a book in Elementary School. So does the news media.

Description of perps

Not to stir the pot, but somehow I believe that if they are white or Asian, we'd already know about it...

Why Wilmington

The Murphy USA off Carolina Beach Rd is located in the county, not the city. Information about that crime should be called into the Sheriff's Office 798-4200

"Was in the County...I guess"

Ah Ha!
Saffo must have annexed it when no one was looking :-(