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Bill stops NC cities, counties from pop limits


RALEIGH, NC (AP) -- Some legislators say just because New York wants to ban supersized sodas and other sugary drinks doesn't mean North Carolina cities and counties can try it, too.

Three state House Republicans filed a bill Tuesday that attempts to make clear North Carolina local governments can't pass ordinances to prohibit soft drink sales above a particular size. The bill says it doesn't apply to rules related to the cleanliness of soft drink dispensers.

The legislation comes a few weeks after a judge blocked enforcement of the 16-ounce limit on sodas and other sweet drinks approved by the city of New York's health board with the backing of Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The bill also tries to bar legal actions by consumers who blame food producers for becoming fat by eating their products.

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We shouldn't sue companies

We shouldn't sue companies because of the choices we make. And Bloomberg is a blooming idiot.

Show them libbers!

Ha, we have TWO LITER soda's down here, yankee boy!

Get to Work is RIGHT!

WHY are they screwing around with STUPID legislation, rather than getting down to the REAL work of jobs & the economy?!? Is this REALLY what we voted for - or were we foolish enough to believe them when they said jobs & the economy would be their main focus?!?


Did you not just read the article on this same page about Ply Gems and the new jobs. Have you even noticed all the construction happening in NH county both residential and commercial. Stop whining!! the jobs are here and coming. Do you need one of those jobs?

Defensive Legislation

Seems to be a hallmark of this legislature.
And passing bills that we know are unconstitutional seems to be another goal as well.
Enough feel good or making a statement legislation.

Get to work and attract some company's here.
It's what the GOP campaigned on


Vog, this was attempted at

Vog, this was attempted at the Federal level back in 2004 with legislation titled "Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act". The original text is here:

Both this House Bill and an attempted resurrection of it in 2005 was never taken up by the Senate.

The premise of this legislation was to accord protection against frivolous lawsuits to the fast food industry.