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Berger's DWI case continued


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger was back in court this morning, but not for very long.

A judge continued the DWI case against Berger until June.

Wilmington Police arrested Berger December 18 after an officer said Berger made "an abrupt left turn" in the 200 block of Market Street.

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C'mon WWay

Brian has done the right thing. Continued to June, another continuance (not unusual) gets it to August (July is a light judicial month).
Now this "charge" cannot hold weight because it is a charge and not a crime (yet).
Now we're left with attendance, berating of county employees and "charges" related to personal relationships.
The Hotel non-use of room charge is already proven false - this can't be proven as true until a Judge decides it. Personal relationships? Ummmmmm I don't think ANYONE on the Commission would like THEIR dirty laundry aired out in public.
Attendance and yelling at county employees? Hardly the stuff that warrants removal from office...........

If I am right who's the bigger fool? Woody White or Brian Berger?


Woody "The Coward" White

Woody White is a self righteous coward and spineless sycophant. Woody is incapable of making a single decision on his own without the aid of David Benford, his long time political adviser and mastermind of the "Boseman is gay" fiasco during the 2004 election cycle. If Woody White's political history was examined, we would find a man more interested in appearances than in doing what is right. Woody will always live in the shadow of greater men who possess the courage that he does not.

His, and about 75 others just like his....

...but WWAY wants to put Berger on the news. I didn't see your anchors chasing any other DWI's down the street.

Let's see

Continued until June.
Will probably get another continuance until August (Court calender is light in July).
CC won't be able to use this case in the amotion process as it won't be settled by then.
We're left with personal issues related to a relationship gone bad and possible berating of county staff and attendance issues.

I get that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that Berger is taking the CC for a ride and will embarrass them all..........

While WE are waiting to walk into the voting booth and we'll "take care of OUR problem" come November of 2014.........