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ONLY ON 3 UPDATE: Office of Management and Budget says algorithms reason Brunswick Co. moving to Myrtle Beach MSA


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The Federal Office of Management and Budget now says the reason the Census Bureau is considering moving Brunswick County into the Myrtle Beach Metropolitan Statistical Area is based on algorithms.

An OMB official sent this explanation after the office refused to offer any answers and we posted a press office workers email address offering others to try.

She said, "The Revised Delineations of Metropolitan Statistical Areas, Micropolitan Statistical Areas, and Combined Statistical Areas, and Guidance on Uses of the Delineations of these areas can be found at: For your reference, The recently-released 2013 metro and micro area delineations are based on the application of the 2010 OMB standards, available at to Census Bureau data."

"The first step in the delineation process is to identify the central counties of an area, the counties associated with the urban core. A county that contains at least 5,000 people in an urban area with at least 10,000 total population qualifies as a central county. If a county contains multiple urban areas, the county is associated with the urban area that accounts for the largest portion of that county's population. 20,279 people in Brunswick County live in the Myrtle Beach--Socastee, SC--NC Urbanized Area; 19,636 people in the county live in the Wilmington, NC Urbanized Area; and 11,226 people in the county live in the Oak Island, NC Urban Cluster."

"Under the 2010 standards, therefore, Brunswick County qualifies to be a central county because it has at least 5,000 people in an urban area of 10,000 or more total population. Furthermore, the urban area that accounts for the largest portion of Brunswick County's population is the Myrtle Beach--Socastee, SC--NC Urbanized Area, the core of the Myrtle Beach-Conway-North Myrtle Beach, SC-NC Metropolitan Statistical Area. In other words, Brunswick County is associated with the Myrtle Beach urban core, and therefore is part of the Myrtle Beach metro area."

"OMB delineates metropolitan and micropolitan statistical areas to provide a nationally consistent set of areas for the collection, tabulation, and publication of Federal statistics. Consistent with longstanding practice, the delineations that were issued on February 28, 2013, were based on the application to statistical data of previously-established standards that themselves were the product of an open and transparent process that included requests for public comment [see, for example, Federal Register 74:7172-7177]. The delineations published on February 28, 2013, are final determinations for the applicable period beginning with their issuance and extending through 2018, except as they may be modestly updated annually in circumstances specified by the standards."

Many in Wilmington, New Hanover County and Brunswick County feel moving Brunswick into the Myrtle Beach MSA will hurt recruiting efforts.

Politicians from all those areas, including Rep. Mike McIntyre and Sen. Kay Hagan have either signed or approved resolutions asking OMB and the census not to make the move.

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All of us Catholics are wrong
That darned rithm method lead to many a swelling belly, and increased population.


A Vog explanation of sorts

All figures from Wiki all rounded off

Wilm city pop. = 106,000
Wilm metro area pop.= 362,000

MB city pop. = 27,000
MB metro area pop. = 269,000

Brunswick county pop. = 107,000

New Wilm metro pop. = 255,000
New MB metro pop. = 376,000

Wilm lost 33%, MB gained 50% roughly.
I don't think it means a lot, however if in fact these figures become permanent then things like population surveys for stores, ballparks etc will be affected.
From what I'm hearing here:
A - The people from Brunswick don't care
B - The people from BC go to MB more than ILM anyway
C - The people from BC don't want to be associated with ILM in any way, shape or form.

Is this right or fair? I think time will tell but the reaction to this by the BC residents here strikes me as verifying that the attendance at the proposed ballpark would have been MUCH less than supporters predicted it would be as BC residents prefer going to MB.
The federal government may see something that we don't, but BC does see it.
As a city Wilmington has GOT to see these changes and re-think their strategic planning. If they are planning based upon the erroneous assumption that BC residents prefer us to MB they are sorely mistaken.

In the near future I would surmise we'll see more changes.......



If BC residents are shunning ILM for MB then this would explain the continued decline of Wilmington's down town area......
(except for special events like AF, the Battle ship half marathon...etc)


So Wilmington wants to claim

So Wilmington wants to claim the red-headed stepchild otherwise known as Brunswick County when it's convenient for THEM.

Brunswick County citizens are happy with the way things are!

They want us only when it suits them....

Amazing that they want Brunswick to be part of Wilmington's MSA, but we were treated as outsiders when we were. As an example, look at the yearly event for residents:

"Oh, you're from Brunswick? So sorry!"

For years, many venues over the border in SC have treated Brunswick County residents as locals. Thanks!

I didn't even think of that.

I didn't even think of that. Every where we go in Myrtle Beach were are considered locals and get the discounts that they give for locals. What do we get from Wilmington? Absolutely nothing.

The Politician's Indifference Epedemic

First it was Rick Catlin and Chris Millis on the state level. Now it's some crummy bureaucrat on the federal level who's name isn't even worth spelling.

The Politician's Indifference Epidemic is spreading faster than we thought.

To re-quote myself quoting the Queen of Hearts from the Alice in Wonderland story: "Off with their heads!"

I would much rather be tied

I would much rather be tied to Myrtle Beach than wilmington, they are a much better run city and state, should be a win, win for brunswick county.

Brunswick now part of Myrtle Beach MSA

I live in southeastern Brunswick County and can appreciate being included in the Myrtle Beach MSA. Shallotte has limited services and shopping. In southeastern Brunswick county we have easy highway access to the many services available in Myrtle Beach. We are only 15 to 20 minutes away from top medical specialists, diversified shopping, a wide variety of entertainment and movie theaters. There is a wide selection of grocery stores, Costco, SAMs Club, and specialty food stores. There are limited services or stores in Shallotte. The 55 minute drive to Wilmington is always congested. The Myrtle Beach airport has easy acces and multiple flight options. The flights into and out of Wilmington are more expensive. I'm happy with the decision and look forward to more development in Myrtle Beach and more job opportunities in Myrtle Beach. Again, it is just too far to drive to Wilmington and not convenient.


of the times...what would happen to YOU if you told your busy to explain myself..K-Bye!

I live in Brunswick County

I live in Brunswick County and would much rather be associated with Myrtle Beach than Wilmington any time.

Leland resident here - I

Leland resident here - I vote MB

What part of Brunswick County are you from

It's obvious northern Brunswick County is little more than a bedroom community for Wilmington. Whether you want to be associated with Wilmington or not; Where do most people in that go for work? Go to "Town" for errands?

Mostly we go to Shallotte or

Mostly we go to Shallotte or MB. Haven't lost anything in the Port City.

A small portion of Brunswick

A small portion of Brunswick County may prefer Wilmington to Myrtle Beach because of distance, but most of us do prefer to go to Myrtle Beach. There is more to do in Myrtle Beach. The shopping is better and the restaurants are better in Myrtle Beach. The traffic is better in Myrtle Beach. And although Myrtle Beach is larger, the atmosphere there is much more laid back than Wilmington. I think that Wilmington is rather arrogant in assuming that we prefer them to Myrtle Beach. And I would say that a majority of Brunswick County people actually work in Brunswick Count.

Yeah right that's why the

Yeah right that's why the traffic is so bad in the mornings coming into Wilmington. Keep dreaming!

You'd think the bureaucrat

You'd think the bureaucrat weenie would've blamed it on the sequester.