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New Melissa McCarthy movie starts filming this week


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The newest flick to start filming in Wilmington is "Tammy," starring Melissa McCarthy, according to a film permit request from the City of Wilmington. says the movie, due out in 2014, is about a woman who loses her job and finds out her husband has been unfaithful then hits the road with her profane, hard-drinking grandmother.

The website lists Oscar-nominee McCarthy as a director and a cast member. Other celebrities reported to be in the film include Susan Sarandon, Dan Aykroyd and Kathy Bates.

The film permit says "Tammy" will film around the area through the end of June.

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Is WeightWatchers...

...taking new patients?

Uh-oh guest-o-matic

Now you've done it- you said the wrong thing now the board police are after you.
Please try to be politically correct in the future?
She is to be referred to as a "Woman of Weight".
She is entitled to equal consideration.
I nominate her to be the next Azalea Queen !!!!


But Vog...

...when a person has more chins than a Chinese phonebook.

...when the back of a persons neck looks like pack of hot dogs.

...when a persons entire car has to be made out of spandex. No...wait!!!

Maybe you're right! Azalea Queen!

Ohhh Señor Vog

And always I have been thinking you were a nice man. Now perhaps you are a "sinvergüenza" as you are being unkind to others?

I, Chico Especial, am taking pride in never being so unkind! Never would I ever say that you and your "close" amigo SurfyCity no longer have a life to live off of this posting place!

I, Chico Especial, am never saying that you and your "close" amigo SurfyCity should perhaps be spending some time getting a room together instead of all of this posting!

You should not say the unkind things Señor Vog against others just as I, Chico Especial, am not saying them!


When was the last time we had a comedienne for Queen?
I lodge my protest - funny people are discriminated against.



And so is The Oakes.

rude and immature!

rude and immature!

An inappropriate remark

A person's character to a great extent can be defined by the way they treat others. Right now, your character isn't looking too good.

Hey, "o-Matic". Earlier

Hey, "o-Matic". Earlier today you bashed Surf City Tom and Vog46 quite coarsely. On this board I look at this as all in good fun. Will you be blaming Surf or Vog for your own bout of diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the mind?

I didn't treat anyone any way...

...I simply axxed a question.

Here you go Guest-o-matic

this is great!

this is great to see Wilmington get more work! a couple of my friends are working on this one!
happy for them

I wonder if...

"Mike" will be joining "Molly" here for a few days.

Filming here? In Wilmington?

Wow. If she's filming here in Wilmington and she's an actress, I'll bet she already knows Iron Man. Maybe he'll give her a few tips on how to maximize her Wilmington press coverage.