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New members of NC elections board set to meet


Associated Press

RALEIGH, NC (AP) -- Five new members to the North Carolina Board of Elections, including former New Hanover County Republican Party Chair Rhonda Amoroso, are scheduled to take office and elect a chairman.

The new appointments by Gov. Pat McCrory will mark the first time in 20 years Republicans have made up the majority on the board, which enforces campaign finance laws. The board meets on Wednesday.

Governors traditionally appoint three members from their own political party and two from the opposing party. McCrory is a Republican.

One issue likely up for debate involves evidence of possible campaign finance violations involving $235,000 in checks to McCrory and other North Carolina candidates from an Oklahoma sweepstakes games operator facing felony charges in Florida.

The agency's staff is already investigating the donations, but it takes action by board members to call witnesses or subpoena records.

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Cronyism at it's finest!

Cronyism at it's finest! Amoroso and the rest of this area's GOP are a laughable embarrassment to the region. Just look at the people they chose to support and promote.

Yet another carpet-bagger with deep enough pockets to buy themselves a seat in Raleigh.

And the beat goes on.

Carpetbagger ?

Gee, if I didn't know better, I would guess that's another one of those dumb "Damn Yankee" euphemisms that I find to be so counter-productive. Now that it's been over a century since that word has had any real relevance, perhaps it's time to join the modern world and let crap like that go. It just distracts from any kind of point you're actually trying to make.

By the way: "Carpetbagger" is one word. :-)

I guess the person could

I guess the person could have said "transplanted northerner opportunist", but I get what he / she was saying and pretty much agree.
This is just payback for campaign contributions and campaign support. What qualifications does Amorosa have? I wouldn't doubt that in the very near future we start hearing about all manner of "illegal" campaign contributions.
I'm very very disappointed in McCrory thus far and the sad thing is we have a long way to go with this Gov and our backwards arse NC State Congress. Not to mention the idiots that our local GOP supports time and time again no matter how inept and incompetent they are?!

Well, as for qualifications,

Well, as for qualifications, she's an attorney with experience in election law.
As for the accusations of political payback, I just looked it up myself just now on the NC Board of Elections website and she and her husband gave McCrory two contributions totaling only $135

Hardly, a quid pro quo based in being any kind of serious contributor of McCrory.

Maybe people should look things up first (like I just did in only a couple minutes) before flinging mud and accusations around.


In this case the amount of the donation is far less important than her outlook as to how she can help the Administration. The allegations of improprieties regarding campaign donations from the gaming industry will be swept under the rug making her "help" far more dangerous than the $135 donation to McCrory's campaign.
Smiley and Smirkey are like peas in a pod. The (D) and (R) after their names just stand for Repugnant and Dumb.
Amaroso is there to make it appear "less illegal"


I love when people make

I love when people make comments with such confidence, and in reality they have no idea what they are talking about.

The gaming industry donations

Are as serious as Smileys "donation scandals" were.
But given the make up of this committee they will get swept under the rug.
But that may run afoul of conservative Christians who criticize sweepstakes parlors, video gambling parlors, and the Lottery.
This will be fun to watch


Not all conservative

Not all conservative Christians are against gambling since it is not prohibited in the Bible. Some of us actually believe in Christian liberty.