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Pickey to take driving class, case deferred until summer


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Prosecutors today agreed to defer charges against WWAY News Director Scott Pickey until July. In the meantime Pickey will complete a driving class.

Pickey is charged with reckless driving to endanger and failure to obey a traffic officer. The charges stem from an incident during Wilmington's MLK Day Parade in January, when Pickey drove a station vehicle out of WWAY's parking lot because police would not allow a reporter to leave during the parade for a story.

While Pickey waits for his next court date July 2, he will take a defensive driving class suggested by prosecutors.

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Scott Pickey is a racist ?

Scott Pickey is a racist that should be FIRED from
this Station. Good by Scott Pickey.!!!!

He is not

Scott has never been known to be a good driver much less a racer of cars, or as you would say it, a "racist".

The very fact of Scott not being able to drive out of WWAY"s lot proves what a bad driver he really is. Racist? I think not!


You might want to take a second or two before you post. Check your user name: "Fire Scoot Pickey" and it would be goodbye not "good by."

When is WWAY going to fix

When is WWAY going to fix their audio volume problem?

Here's a thought

Brina Berger signs up for the same course in an effort to reduce the impact if he is convicted on that "bogus" DUI charge.

He and Scott become acquainted with something in common -- they're classmates.

Scott gets to do an indepth interview with Berger which will only be seen first on WWAY.

He's so impressed with Berger, he immedicately hires him to do field promotions aka sales for the station.

Love the “only be seen

Love the “only be seen first on WWAY”.
Easy to be first when there’s only one other station in town.


Has he gone on the air and apologized for his actions? If not, he should have.

George Bush didn't...why

George Bush didn't...why should he?

Scott has absolutely nothing

Scott has absolutely nothing to apologize for. Bush could start now and never finish the rest of his life.

I think this is all pretty darned funny!

WWAY does an article on the troubles of their very own news director...WITH a mugshot to boot! Now, just how satirically funny is that? I think it's a hoot! One of the best shots I've seen WWAY take in a while! I am lafffffin'!!!

Well at least Scott will have some class!

Sorry, I couldn't resist!


good one!!!

Everyone knows the law does

Everyone knows the law does not apply to the members of the press. Egress from the parking area was restricted for a reason----SAFETY and traffic control. Of course all restrictions are suspended for the press. He is the "Director" of the news staff. Let him "direct" someone else to cover the story he was trying to get to. Oh, but I forget, the press are the elite and we should block intersections, clear bridges and bulldoze mountains so they can travel unimpeded.

Not special treatment

He is not being treated any differently than if you had been the one who broke the law. He may get a reduced charge, avoid points on his license, avoid and insurance increase, but he is still liable for the cost of the class, court costs and fines. That's what you or I would get if we were in the same vote.

If the system were going to treat him differently because he is a member of the press, then they wouldn't have given him the ticket to begin with.

This is a massive ado about

This is a massive ado about nothing.... What should REALLY happen here is a discrete conference between Scott Pickey's attorney and the ADA assigned to his case and it should be THROWN OUT. It seems that police panties are all wadded up because Pickey "disobeyed". Who was in danger and how was Scott "reckless".

And if someone had been

And if someone had been hurt, you would have been blaming the police for not enfoceing the laws

Regardless of how you think

Regardless of how you think this should have happened, Scott did break the law. The officer was doing his job.

Sorry to disagree, 2020. I

Sorry to disagree, 2020. I believe that the police blocking Scott's reasonable passage in the conduct of his business as a journalist is the illegal act that occurred that day.

You're absolutely right.

You're absolutely right. The cops are useing their authority because one of them got embarrassed when a citizen stood up for his rights. Bunch of punks are supposed to serve the taxpayers and Mr. Pickey should have been allowed to leave and the officer should have helped him. As for the driving school, it is all about the almighty dollar.

Dumb and dumber

You get two dumbs up for being even dumber than just dumb, unless you're too dumb to follow the whole business of getting two dumbs.

A citizen has no right to stand up for "his right" to break the law. The police force does serve the taxpayers, but there are realistic limits on how they do that. If a taxpaying bank robber asks them to carry the loot to the getaway car, should they "serve" that taxpayer?

Oh yea, referring to police offices as a "bunch of punks is a punk thing to do; so who's the punk now?

I guess you're the punk now,

I guess you're the punk now, as Mr. Pickey broke no law that I know of. If he did, what was it, Mr. Fountain of Knowledge? Sounds like the cops were making their own as they went along.

Except of course for ......

not following the directives of a police officer.

Just proves that you can bring a horse's-behind to water but you still can't make him think.

Directives must be based on

Directives must be based on laws. Please re-read my previous post. You're really making yourself look bad here.

Well shucks ...

Just guessing here that if ever thing were going just fine, that maybe this here Mr. Scott aint going ta be in no trouble from the first place. An here he is! In trouble!

Golly an Jehoshophat ! Guessing I could be reading that other post ya made till the cows come home but it still aint gonna make it more right.