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Porters Neck residents upset over proposed Walmart


PORTERS NECK, NC (WWAY) -- Monday evening a community open house meeting is being held about a proposed retail center with a Walmart superstore in Porters Neck.

We went around the area where it will be built to see what people think. Porters Neck residents say they are not happy about a Walmart in the area because there is one close by. One resident says traffic will be terrible with people coming from Hampstead and other areas.

"I just don't think we need that many that close together and I think that it's so residential back there that it would not be helpful for all the children and the value of the properties," a resident Jolene Gunnell says.

Gunnell says it might be convenient for some, but it is not for the people that live in the area or their kids. She says it is not going to be safe for the kids that play outside with the increased traffic. Gunnell says she will be at the meeting and is spreading the word for others to attend.

The meeting is set for Monday at 5 at the Northeast Library.

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Walmart in Porters Neck, NC

I'm new to the neighborhood (since July). Have enjoyed the Porters Neck area, which is a very nice middle class neighborhood (those endangered species folks). It seems to me that it would make more sense to locate further up Rt 17 into Pender County. Still in Wilmington "metro" area, should be lower rent/or land cost... If you are driving from somehere in NH County, you are already on the road and it wouldn't be that much further...good supply of employees...
would be easy to find a location with multiple access points.

Not pro or con on Walmart, itself....just some thoughts on the issue.

Good luck to everyone, in any event.

Walmart Porters Neck

When is enough enough??? The greed of the Walmarts of the world is shameful. No more trees, wildlife or serenity. Are we that arrogant that only we exist in this world? The heck with anyone or any other living thing. Pretty soon Wilmington all around will look like New York city or Chicago. Way to go for southern living!!!


I am assuming that all of the WalMart detractors who have posted here, allow their actions to speak as loudly as their post. In simpler terms....... Those who don't like WalMart don't spend money there. Or, are your posts a reflexion of your hypocritical lifestyle?

Wilmington Observer

Piss Poor Planning

It appears to be a back door done deal. Who wins, the YMCA, NHMRC, and Pender County residents. Who looses, Porters Neck area residents, the environment and anybody that travels that miserable stretch of Market Street.

Lets look how poorly this is planned. Have you ever seen a WalMart directly next to a residential neighborhood? Not I. Have you ever seen a Walmart of a major road with one entrance. Have you seen the plans, retention ponds are at the highest elevations, meaning all the parking lot runs off quickly straight into the wetlands. This part of Market Street will only be more congested from Bayshore to Porters neck. There is only one lane that allows traffic north on 17. Its bad enough they backdoored the Apartments being built next to Marsh Oaks,with legal chicanery. These politicians and developers are an embarrassment to this county and do not represent the people.

There are thousands of

There are thousands of WalMarts built next to residential neighborhoods. I'm sure thousands are on major roads with one entrance as well. Everything is not a conspiracy against you.

Walmart is without a doubt

Walmart is without a doubt the worst place to shop. I do not care how good their prices are. I almost get sick to my stomach just pulling in the parking lot. I would much rather go to Harris Teeter for food and Walgreens for personal items and spend a whopping ten dollars more just for the piece of mind.The parking lots are dirty and crowded. People just walk around like they are the only ones trying to get somewhere. The employees are a joke. Truly a disgusting place.

I assume you mean peace of

I assume you mean peace of mind...not surprised to see illiteracy from someone who suggests that a trip to Walmart is somehow a nauseating experience...a bit melodramatic. The people who walk around like they are the only ones trying to get somewhere, somehow don't shop at any of the other stores you shop at? Give me a break.

Many people, especially

Many people, especially those prone to migraines, find Walmart's energy saving light setting (a strobe like rapid cycling) to cause nausea. Polarized glasses (in the hunting and fishing section) may help with that problem.

Walmart and the people in it

I agree Guest123123. The place is a dump... And the element of people that it attracts is atrocious. Many of those shoppers clearly don't have the best hygiene habits. I absolutely skeeve that place. (shudder)

The biggest problem: "WalMart Security"...there is none!

I can tell you from experience that Walmart has by far, the poorest security you will ever witness! Women, children and meek men take notice that a drug-crazed criminal can jack-slap you with a hammer, take your stuff and be a half hour away before you're even noticed bleeding on the floor! Know who is around you at all times, do not leave your purse unattended and pay particular attention to your back...especially in the parking lot! There is no one to respond if you get in distress...nobody!

And all of those camera bubbles thay have "poised above" in the store? Half must be fake. The can pick a kid out stealing a 0.50 pack of gum, but can't seem to locate the footage of assault and theft. If you ever have an incident in a Walmart, demand the immediate presence of "real" police, a formal police report and copies of video survellience during the timeframe of the incident. They will not accept responsibility for ANYTHING that happens IN the store or OUTSIDE in the parking lot. Walmart is a haven for criminals. BE CAREFUL and stay aware at all times!!!

Re: walmart is without a doubt

Hey guest123123, I have a great suggestion for you and any body
else thaat gets sick or just dont like to shop at Walmarts:
Dont go there- nuff said

I don't!!!!

I don't!!!!

How ironic

How ironic that you would know so much about a place that you don't even go to.



I like Walmart and it's low prices, but I also hate the parking lot. I drive around looking for a parking place, following all the direction arrows, then some idiot pulls in going the opposite direction of the arrows and grabs the spot I was heading for.

I can never get a spot close enough, so all my frozen foods are mush by the time I walk to my spot, load the groceries in my now hot vehicle, and unload the melting ice cream and other now unfrozen items into my house.

It also riles me when pedestrians see that I'm trying to back out of my parking space, and they walk right behind my car coming from both directions. I'm terrified I'm going to hit someone! This is at the same time I'm watching for those idiots who are coming from the opposite direction of the arrows (again).

I do take exception with the remark about Walmart employees. Most of them I have found to be friendly and helpful, even though they are paid a pretty laughable salary. My only complaint about them is that I have to approach them for help. They never ask if they can help me, but I don't think I would feel too motivated at that salary either. From what I've seen, they're overworked and underpaid for what they do.

So you're saying that

the extra distance you have to walk to your spot causes your frozen foods to turn to mush? I can't recall that ever happening. In order for that to happen, you'd have to walk considerably farther than the length of a parking lot.

If you're concerned with keeping your food cool enough, make sure all cold foods are packed together and put a cooler in your vehicle. Duh!

By the way, pedestrians have the right of way in a parking lot. Just turn around and look for them. Duh!

Your response

Your response to the comment about people walking behind the cars - look around, duh - is stupid. You can look all you want and you may not see someone walking, but try backing out and they come out of nowhere. What part of my car is moving backwards and my backup lights are on do you not understand?

Wrong, they do not come out

Wrong, they do not come out of nowhere...they clearly came from somewhere, and like they typical buffoon who says "he came out of nowhere" after they cause an accident, you aren't looking properly. Use your rear window, not your mirror.

How this supposedly reflects on Walmart is beyond me.

What part of...

pedestrians have the right of way do you not understand? Hit someone moron and see how that feeble excuse serves you.

I wish WWAY would allow us

I wish WWAY would allow us to like or dislike comments. I "like" yours.

Porter's Neck of all places???

Could they not have picked a more inappropriate area for a Walmart??? Did they ever consider how many Porters Neck residents would even shop at a Walmart??? A Walmart in Porters Neck will only bring more crime, traffic, litter/trash and lower-class individuals to the area, thereby lowering property values and ruining the one nice place left in Wilmington in which to live!!!

"the one nice place left in Wilmington in which to live!!!" ?

Nice area but nothing really special about it. The "one nice place left"? Hardly.

Time for you to climb down from the watch tower of you walled palatial estate and get out a bit more often.

Here's a thought: Perhaps you could convince Walmart to call your store "Le Walmart". If they did that, it would have a fancy foreign sound to it just like "nouveau riche". You should like that.

windy.... elitist much?

Walmart has a great store strategy for location planning. Do you think they are a complete failure because they don't do their homework on where stores will work. pfft.... LMAO! That was ignorant windy....

Porters Neck folk too good for Wmart..

Why, dahlin, you are soooo right! I think they should start checking IDs of all people from wealthy areas and not allowing them access to Walmarts nationwide!! Those terrible poor'd they possibly get that way?


Have you ever been to Porters Neck? There are some nice homes there, but on the whole, it appears to me to be a nice middle class area where a WalMart will fit in just fine. I've been to much nicer areas throughout the state and country, places where you could not get into a home under 1.5 million, and these areas all had WalMarts that were quite welcomed by the community. This may surprise you, but I know several extremely well off people who shop at WalMart regularly. I've noticed that it's usually the people who want to give the impression of being well off who turn their nose up to Walmart. Would that be you?

Lower Class Individuals

@ Windy.

Lower class is more than just monetary, it is an attitude. Someone can have money and still be the trashiest of the trash.

People are struggling and hurting right now. Many formerly middle individuals are slowly sinking to the bottom. So they do what they can to survive. Some of them shop at Walmart. There is nothing wrong with that. Trash is an attitude.

Property values. The property values where I live will surely be demolished if this "Skyway Bridge" ever comes to fruition. But hey, if it is what the rich connected people want, okay. So long as it is not in your neighborhood.


come over to Rocky Point....we need businesses....and I would welcome not having to drive all the way to Wilmington...


Would really love to see a Walmart in Rocky Point! We need one

Walmart is a Sweat Shop

Walmart is the biggest legal sweatshop in the world. They pay rock bottom wages despite being one of the most wealthy companies in the world.

I have a number of friends

I have a number of friends who work at Walmart. If they work over 40 hrs. they get written up and eventually fired!! Walmart is getting rid of long term employees and hiring new ones at minimum wage!! One person i know worked there 15 years and got canned!! Terrible to employees but the low prices make it hard not to shop there.

There are a couple of Labor

There are a couple of Labor Attorneys in Wilmington that will take on any big corporations you can throw at them for undue/unfair actions...and bust them a new one in the process.
It's an individuals choice to be run over mainly because of fear...and I don't mean Cape Fear either!