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Do you say soda, Coke or pop? NC State grad student creates maps of regional dialects that take Internet by storm


By Renee Elder RALEIGH, NC (NEWSOBSERVER.COM) -- A New Jersey native who swapped “hoagies” for “sub” sandwiches when he came to N.C. State University for graduate school has found himself in the international limelight in the past week thanks to his detailed maps that illustrate speech patterns across the nation.

Joshua Katz, a 28-year-old doctoral student in statistics, drew on his longtime interest in regional dialects to create the online maps for a statistics class project at N.C. State University.

After a link to his work appeared on The Abstract campus blog, Internet users reposted it to the social news site Reddit, then picked it up. That generated a whopping 30 million views during the project’s first week online. “It got so popular so quickly, it passed our server’s capacity limits and crashed,” Katz said.


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I don't know who they interviewed but in Duplin and Pender Counties we call it a "drink" in "Mama,get me a drink when you go in the store". "What kind, baby? Sun drop or Pepsi?"

Soda, Pop, Or Coke

I am a North Carolina Native from Columbus County now living In Brunswick County.
I have ALWAYS said "I want a DRINK" Meaning A Coke Or Pepsi.

I have NEVER said Soda or Pop

It"s a DRINK Machine

Exactly. I am also a native,

Exactly. I am also a native, and we NEVER said pop or soda. Soda is what you put in a glass of water to help the heartburn.

Soda Pop

I call it what it is... Coke, pepsi, sundrop, mountain dew, seven up RC, etc. If I were to go to a soda fountain and order a soda they would ask me what kind. There again they might just give me arm and hammer bicarbonate of soda LOL


I completely gave up all soda several years ago. Haven't had one since. It's really scary how addictive the stuff is though. When I stopped (cold turkey) I literally went through withdrawal symptoms of headaches, body aches and was in a bad mood for several weeks. Just look at the old test of putting a nail in a bottle of takes FOUR DAYS to dissolve it since once of the active ingredients in coke is acid. Scary to think how long I put that in my body.

I wish....

I wish I could remember that darn website that showed statistics on which states had the most children come into their home with dirt on their feet 'cause they didn't wipe their feet...and ticked off their Pop!
Darn It! That would be have gone "Viral"!
A real Thumb twiddling story that this one...HA!
Statistics do show that in Mini-soda (not New Jersey)...Pop's "do" try and keep their kids away from using...Coke!!!
Chart that one :-)

I say


I call it "the sugary sweet, bad for me but I don't care, Bloomin' Bloomberg sized, drink of gargantuan proportions that I have once in a great while that is oh so NOT good for me but I don't care 'cause I drink them in moderation" - drink.
Who says Coke, pop or soda????
(I guess only a State student eh?)


Soda, Pop, Or Coke

I have always said DRINK :)

Mouth Full

I hope I don't ever get stuck, behind you, in the fast food drive through line.

Wilmington Observer

wilmington observer

What ?
The response i always got from the person taking the order was.....
and what would you like to drink.....UHMM ....drink yes the proper name is drink. water ,milk,koolaid,sweet tea,coffee ,..none of these are a soda and are not carbonated. Although coke ,ect are carbonated its still a drink so call it what it is a drink.