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Suspect in fatal hit & run makes first court appearance


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The woman charged with the hit-and-run death of a cyclist last week made her first court appearance this afternoon.

Police found Judith Nemeth's damaged car Friday evening. She turned herself into Wilmington Police early Saturday morning.

Nemeth is charged with felony hit and run and misdemeanor death by motor vehicle. She was in court today accompanied by her mother.

Her attorney says this is Nemeth's first offense and Nemeth wants to meet and speak with the victim's family. Today, though, she had very little to say. Nemeth's mother instead uttered the word "sorry."

The family of victim Zachary Tyler did not want to go on camera.

The judge left Nemeth's bond at $25,000, but he revoked her licence while the case continues.

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Fate and the desire to hear yourself talk

I'm disappointed. I'm angry, I'm hurt and I'm disillusioned - why? I can't say. Because this isn't about me or what the hell I think. It's not about what you think either. It's about what these families are going through. Both families. You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves - thinking you have all the answers from your ridiculous safety. You don't know what any of this is like. You weren't there. You weren't in the heads of either of these kids. You didn't experience it. If you can sit behind your computer screen and seriously say that this girl intended to kill a man that night you have a God complex and you need to get yourself in check. If you think anything that you have to say means anything in the face of what has happened here you have a God complex and you need to get yourself in check. Surrender yourself for two seconds to what it is to be human - to err - and come back down to join us on Earth. There are far more important things you could be doing than adding your asinine opinions to a situation full of a sort of pain you'll never be able to define - because it isn't yours. Go back to your own lives. Tuck yourselves in at night knowing your self-righteous assurance will keep you safe from ever being a part of such a catastrophic situation. And pray it keeps you sane when you find out that it's not enough.

- someone who believes that forgiveness is the axis of civilization

I went to high school with

I went to high school with Judy and am close with her family. This truely is a tragedy. Judy is a great girl and comes from a great family. Just remember, everyone reacts to situations differently. Everyday people dismiss a husband beating his wife or someone getting mugged in an alley (I could go on forever). I'm glad Judy came forth and I honestly feel that she panicked in fear. My prayers go out to the victims family, but I just want to set the record straight that Judy is one of the nicest people I know and it is a shame that something like this has happened to a girl with a bright future.

I as well went to high

I as well went to high school with Judy. But that does not mean I believe she is innocent. She should know 100% better than to flee the scene of a hit and run. Her father was the victim of a hit and run just a couple of years ago. He was hit by a car in the middle of the night and thankfully somebody stopped and called 911, otherwise her own father would be dead because of the same situation. The person who hit her father was never found, but he is alive today because someone stopped. He has memory loss and had brain damage for a long time. He couldn't even recognize people he knew very well because of what happened to him. She has been through this before with a family member on the receiving end which is why she should have known to stop and not RUN (doesn't matter if she turned in herself later, she would have been caught regardless because of the extensive damage to her car). I believe she should serve her time and get what she deserves. NOTHING can replace the life that she took!!


So I am driving on Myrtle Grove rd doing the speed limit,sober and this middle aged guy on a nice bike with no helmet just decides he will do a big loop on the road without looking to see who was behind him coming out of a curve. Just ridiculous how he did not have a clue what he was doing. And it was getting dark also. Yea I know it would be my fault he is dumb ###.

I don't undertand why WWAY

I don't undertand why WWAY reporters always go after suspects like this when they are always told not to speak with the media. Is there really a story in the fact that she wasn't saying anything to a reporter that is following her into the elevator?

How Long

A critical question in this case is; Could the bicyclist have survived if this lady had stopped and rendered care? If the young man died instantly, then it doesn't matter if she left the scene or not...from a manslaughter perspective. The law requires that a person remain at the scene of an accident and obviously, that didn't happen. Her crime in the eyes of the law, at this point, is that she left the scene. No doubt more facts will come out but, at this point, anything beyond that is conjecture.

Law aside, the driver of the car failed, at the very least, to show compassion for her fellow human being.

Nemeths "Hit & Run Case"

The more I hear about this case the hotter I get. First with the judge. What is he thinking handing out a $25,000 bond. I have seen more handed out for cases involving bad tratment to animals.

As for Ms Nemeth. She killed that young man clear and simple. HIT & RUN. Accidents happen. We all know this but when you leave the accident as she did. The punishment HAS to include jail time. The family will never get their Son back but we can't let this crime be just a slap on the hand and here saying she is sorry. A suspended sentence is not justice for the young man and his family. Were is the justice in our courts.

Little girl, with your whole

Little girl, with your whole life possibly gone at this very moment, I hope you have someone close that's smart enough to give you the wise advice I am about to give you here:
Listen to your heart. REALLY listen. Don't let the people talking in your ear talk you out of your dignity. Only YOU know the truth. The only other person who knows that truth died on the side of a dark road BECAUSE OF YOU! It doesn't matter what you say you "thought" (you know just like the rest of us that there is no way you wouldn't have stopped and said "wtf was THAT" to yourself if you remotely thought you'd hit a deer - either that or you were driving drunk or with out insurance - was that the case?) what matters is: if you can't admit the truth TO YOURSELF, your life is truly over now also. Jail will be a blessing compared to the life you'll lead keeping ANY of this story to yourself.
Just for a second, think of how you'd feel if the cyclist was your brother or sister. Just for a second, be the strongest you'll ever have to be in your LIFE and be SURE you've told the SURE. The sanity you save may be your own.

What do you mean?!

What do you mean tell the truth?! She's done a lot in turning herself in. People react in different ways and until you're faced with a situation like this, how do you know you wouldn't react similarly?

Who are you "hoping"....the

Who are you "hoping"....the devil???? Your words are full of venom and yet you have no facts. This is a
very sad situation for everyone involved.

It certainly is sad for the

It certainly is sad for the family of the boy that she killed.

Your advice stinks. Thats

Your advice stinks. Thats why there are defense attorney's and pi's to look out for the rights of the accused. You should apply for jury duty and then you can dole out your justice.

Welcome to Wilmington, NC

Welcome to Wilmington, NC "The Hit & Run capital of the nation"! No worries though...if you hit and kill somebody just keep going and the worst you'll be charged with is a misdemeanor???

Honestly, I've never in my life heard about so many hit & runs as here in Wilmington.

Misdemeanor? Sorry, you're wrong...'s Misdemeanor death by vehicle only. I don't think she meant to kill the guy. However, she obviously meant to leave the scene and is charged with FELONY hit and run because of that intention. Not a light charge to deal with by any means, as it shouldn't be.

She left for a reason and it wasn't because she thought she hit an animal.

She's the one that will carry the load on her shoulders. She knows what really happened and her conscience is apparent. Her sentence will never make a difference with that.

Apparently ....

Apparently it's all Wilmington's fault too, because there are not enough bike lanes, and drivers are "scared" ...

I think this is a HORRIBLE

I think this is a HORRIBLE thing that has happened and justice is NOT being served. The more I hear about this, the madder I become. If this girl had stopped the moment she hit this innocent man, who is to say that he may not still be living today? When she left the scene, an accident became a murder!! Why is she only being charged with a misdemeanor crime? She INTENTIONALLY left that man on the road to die. There is no possible way that she hit that man as hard as she did and did not realize that she hit someone and then made the conscious decision to keep driving while a man lay on the street dying. If she was not aware of what she had done, why did she ditch the car? When given the opportunity to speak to the public, she could not even say she was sorry or show any remorse to the victim's family? Maybe she is just a cold-blooded killer!!
I feel that a misdemeanor death by motor vehicle charge is not anything close to what is deserved. She is not getting any form of punishment for hitting that man and deliberately driving away while he lay on the side of the road dying. Why should a man be dead due to careless and reckless acts of another person and they are out walking around with a charge that will only give them a couple of years probation? The punishment does not fit this crime at all!! Time to put ourselves in the shoes of his family and friends and think about how they are feeling over this whole situation. And she cannot even have enough human decency to say sorry to the family...but then again, why should that be expected when she drives off and leaves the poor man to die?

She has two charges

She has two charges pending--misdemeanor death by vehicle and felony hit and run. The DA can add more charges later.


All good attorneys and PI's always tell the client to keep their mouth shut. She will have ample time and the right place to speak.

Hit and run

SWF42....well said. I agree.

People should ALWAYS stop if they hit something, person, deer, dog, whatever.

Zack was a good friend of

Zack was a good friend of mine. The first thing I would think he would say to her is "why did you leave me on the side of the road to die?" What was so important you could not stop? Those minutes that went by while you were driving away and he was slowly living his last moments on this earth. When was it that you finally decided to be an adult and come to terms with the accident that turned into a murder. What was more important than his life. Her mom that uttered sorry in the court room, holding her daughters hand threw all of this, is the only person that could have changed this. I was brought up to accept responsibility for what I have done. Simple fact, a man is dead and you are the cause........................

Sorry for the loss of your

Sorry for the loss of your friend and my prayers go out to you and his family. The sad thing about this tragedy is this woman is going to walk with no jail time, the stage was set when she was released on a 25K bond. She will probably get no more than a six months suspended sentence and a small fine, that should tell you about how much value the court system puts on a human life. IF alcohol was involved in this accident no one will never know because a breathalyzer is useless 2-3 days after the fact.

Judge had the chance to

Judge had the chance to change bond originally set and did not.She and her attorney do not set the bond.Took license which is a good thing. If she drives her bond could be revoked. Everyone here thinks they would know exactly how they would act if this happened to you. The girl is 23 and has no criminal record at all so she can not be labeled as the monster you all think she is. She was very wise to do what she did. Just should have at least called 911. Nobody wants to go to jail. Sorry if this offends everyone but it is the real world and the legal system where are working with.

This is bullcrap!! You

This is bullcrap!! You cannot justify her leaving the scene at all. What if it had been your son, brother, boyfriend or husband that she left to die after hitting with her vehicle?

You do not make any sense

I hate to think that as a fellow cyclist, somebody like you is driving on the streets of Wilmington. Because it seems as if you would leave the scene too, but would "at least call 911" while driving away while the victim was dying all alone on the side of a road. You are condoning what she did and excusing her for fleeing the scene because she is 23 and has no record. The fact that she has no record, does not mean that she has not done anything wrong in the past. In fact, a large amount of crimes never get solved and people usually do not get caught committing crimes. And even if she was a complete angel, your point is useless because she now has a record and showed her true character and is only 23. "Should have at least called 911?" Are you joking? She should have stopped the car and taken care of him. It is not hard for people to say that they would have stopped and attempted to help him because I believe that most people would have and those who would not or understand her "fear" need to get off the road. Your age and criminal record have nothing to do with anything. She left another human being on the side of the road to die. You must not have children or you are someone who does not hold them self to high standards. Nobody wants to go to jail, yes, and nobody wants to be hit by a car and left for dead because the driver did not stop. I really hope you never get into a position of power because that would be scary for everybody. And Yes, "this is the real world". What else would it be? Had she stayed at the scene and attempted to help him then this would be a completely different story.

I personally would not have

I personally would not have left the scene. I am just telling you how things work in the real world. A criminal record or at least charges against a person is usually a good indicator of the character of an individual. She has no medical training so she would not have been able to do anything for him since he probably had severe internal and head injuries.

You don't have to have

You don't have to have medical training to know how to help someone. What if he was losing blood? Staying behind and applying pressure to the wound could have meant life or death. What if he had a spinal injury that was exacerbated by any movement he made? She could have been there to keep him still. Guess what, the extent of my medical training exists of studying first aid in a high school health class almost thirty years ago. His injuries could have been as such, that it would only take a little common sense to help him stay a live.

At 23, she is an adult and should have acted like an adult. Theoretically, she had been driving for seven years and was not a novice on the highway. Her driving away was not wise in any sense of the word.

And I am sure that there is more than one serial killer who had no criminal record. How else could they get by with murders for so long.

If she was any kind of human being, she would have at least called 911. She could have done so anonymously, but she didn't. Who knows what action would have saved his life? The thing is that she didn't care. She showed an absolute disregard for a human life. That shows what her true character is.

If I had to guess I would

If I had to guess I would say that she was either drinking or is just a terrible person. Or both.


She is not a terrible person at all... She was well loved at our school and was voted Homecoming Queen her Senior year... This is terrible and I know it breaks everyone's heart in our little town that this happened. I hate that she ran... But she isn't a terrible person.

No, you're right, she's not

No, you're right, she's not a terrible person she's a HORRIBLE person, only a HORRIBLE person like her would drive off and leave another human being along side the road to die after hitting them with their car.

How can you judge someone

How can you judge someone you don't know? I know Judy and she is a very sweet person. In my heart I feel she panicked or even was in shock, she was scared. Wouldn't you be? What she did is wrong I agree, and I feel so bad for the Tyler family.The loss of a child is a terrible thing to face and my heart goes out to them during this time. No one needs to judge anyone, let the court system do that!