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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It looks like the spring is not the only thing boiling in Boiling Spring Lakes. So are tempers.

Neighbors are battling over just how high the city should let Spring Lake be.

“I just don’t understand why several individuals just want water up to their bulkhead at the expense of everybody else losing property,” resident Ed Wilke said.

In the past year Wilke has lost his left leg, but he says he’s not ready to lose his yard to the rising waters of Spring Lake.

“I’ve lost part of my yard, and what I’m standing on is just spongy soft,” he said. “I’ve got these shrubs that are growing that I wanted to cut, and I can’t cut them now, because with my prosthesis I can’t walk out into the lake to cut them.”

Jane Falor lives across the lake from Wilke. In June, she and many of her neighbors successfully petitioned the city to raise the level of the lake.

She admits that the current drain system is not ideal, but after spending 33 years on the lake she hopes it never goes back down.

“This lake will never go back down again,” Falor said. “They will fix it so that the water will be at the right level. It’s not going to go any lower than this. The water that is out there now is supposed to be out there.”

Wilke said, “If they would just pull that elbow off of that drain pipe down there, the water’s going to drop, and my yard’s going to be dry, and my neighbors yard is going to be dry.”

City Commissioner will hold a meeting Tuesday at City Hall to hear both sides of the argument as to whether or not the lake should continue to rise or be allowed to fall to its natural level.

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  • GuestUSMC

    I have lived in BSL since 1977. There has always been controversy about lakes and water. I do however feel that lakes should be left alone to fill to their natural level. Manipulating levels to appease some at the expense of others is not right. Hopefully, those who are experiencing adverse consequences due to the city’s decision, will seek relief through legal action. This situation is not fair. Incidentally, I don’t live near a lake.

  • Ngcrawdad

    This is what caused the whole issue someone engineered their bulk head incorrectly and they had the water levels of the lake lowered to compensate for their mistake. Due to their munupluation of the water levels many residents were left with litter than normal water levels.

  • ngcrawdad

    When the request to the City of BSL to raise the water level of Spring Lake it was not meant to flood anyone’s property. But a couple of days after the drain pipes in the Lake were fixed to hold the water level at normal levels mother nature decided to give us an unusual amount of rainfall. If you would check, lots on The Big Lake, North Lake and Pine Lake also are flooded and spongy.
    The problem is not the normal water levels it is the lack of proper drainage. Spring Lake is the second largest lake in BSL and has only two 16″ pipes to drain excess water. Both of these drains run under Pine Road. One discharges directly into a cannel that leads into North Lake the other into a ditch that also has to handle runoff from Pine Road, North Hills Drive and Spring Lake, this has to funnel through another 16″ pipe that runs under North Hills Drive.
    Spring Lake currently has water levels higher than normal and due to the poor drainage it will take several days with no rain to lower water levels.

  • Bring the Beavers Back

    If they had left the beavers alone, they would not have this problem. It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature….DUH!


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