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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Investigators have released the name of the man wanted for shooting a deputy yesterday in Creekwood.

Brandon Devone Smith is wanted for two counts of attempted first-degree murder and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon on a government official.

Investigators say the 30-year-old black male is about 5’11”, 210 lbs.

The Sheriff’s Office today also clarified some of the details of what happened yesterday.

Spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer says Smith shot Det. Michael Spencer, a member of the FBI Safe Streets Force. Brewer says Det. Spencer and a detective from the Wilmington Police Department tried to speak with Smith in Creekwood, when they say Smith immediately opened fire. Brewer says the WPD officer fired back.

A WPD spokeswoman said the department is not releasing the name of its officer involved, because he typically works undercover.

“It’s department protocol to investigate every officer-involved shooting,” Police Chief Ralph Evangelous said in a statement.

While a preliminary review shows that the officer appears to have followed procedure during the incident, Evangelous says a careful review of the incident is always necessary. The officer is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the review.

Det. Spencer had surgery yesterday and is expected to be OK.

Smith is still on the run. CrimeStoppers is offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest.

Another man who was with Smith yesterday was taken into custody after the shooting, questioned and later released.

The Department of Corrections website shows Smith has convictions including drug crimes, resisting an officer, possession of stolen goods and assault with a deadly weapon.

Court records show Smith has pending charges in New Hanover County for drug possession, alter/steal/destroy criminal evidence, possession of a firearm by a felon, carrying a concealed gun and domestic violence protective order violation.

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  • Guest111

    True on your statement but you missed the point I was trying to make. A woman moves in with two children. Next thing you know she’s pregnant with a third. Now who do you suppose is going to pay for the medical, the birth and then feed and house that child? Right! We are. If her circumstances change after she signs a lease for her and two children she should move out and then reapply for a larger unit. . . at the very least. Personally, I think if they start multiplying in there they should be evicted. It isn’t a motel, a brothel or a whore house… well. . . maybe that’s what it has turned into.

  • No value

    Yes I think it was fair to remove this parasite from society . Who cares if he was only shot in the knee, the point is he shot a police officer . What good could this ex-convict do for anyone, he was a career criminal with a violent history that finally got caught by his ways. Wish a whole lot more of the worthless thugs in this town could meet the same fate before any other innocent people get hurt. And no I don’t mean black or white. A thug is a thug no matter what color they are, if your a criminal, whether it be a drug dealer, killer, rapist, or thief , you don’t deserve to live in this world,,, maybe you need to change your life style and stop defending the worthless ;)

  • guesty

    It is justice and appropriate. Why don’t you go hug-a-thug?

  • anonomous

    So you think its fair for them to KILL a man that only SHOT a detective in the knee?? You need to reevaluate your lifestyle.

  • kzpony

    You called that one!

  • Fire the DA’s

    Man you sure that that one right. Just read the suspect was killed

  • 525

    What needs to happen is the crime reporters need to start sitting in the courtrooms and watching exactly what these Judges and DA’s are doing with a lot of these cases. There lies part of the problem why they are on the streets again and again and again. LEO’s can only do so much.

    God bless our LEO’s.

  • leefee

    I must say I agree with the fact that the gov does keep pouring money into these types of programs especially when the problem lies with some of the res allowing these young gang members to loiter around their residence the officer whether under cover or not was doing his duty it doesnt matter about the time of day, he more than likely took the bullet for a child an innocent bystander or the intended victim so instead of finding fault with the officer find fault with the shooter what if school would have been letting out how can anyone defend the shooter but thats why we can’t find him because of hideous people who think he didnt do anything wrong i am praying for the officer and am glad he is okay he was injured protecting the people of creekwood community .WHEN WILL IT STOP, WHEN WILL THE PEOPLE TAKE A STAND AND HELP AND NOT DEFEND SUCH FATAL ACTIONS….

  • Worthless thug is dead

    Atleast we won’t have to pay to feed him in prison, maybe the next thug who decides to shoot at police will think twice… Btw, for those that don’t know, he has been shot dead;))

  • port city citizen

    A child inside of a womb can’t be added to a lease until after they’re born as well as a name social security number..don’t be ridiculous!

  • Guest11111

    That was because of a drunk idiot with a pellet gun….. I live right behind where it happened

  • Guest7658

    Undercover in this case probably means plainclothes, not some sort of deep cover investigator. They don’t wear the usual “police” uniforms. They drive vehicles that you wouldn’t immediately suspect as having police in them.

    “Breaking cover” to handle an individual situation is much different than publishing their name in the media. Also, since there’s some question whether the guy they are looking for may have a few extra vent holes in him now, it wouldn’t be prudent to give him a lead on who did it.

  • Guest2020

    That’s a moronic statement.

  • Frank

    WHY IS THIS POS ON THE STREETS???? This is the problem with our legal system. He should have been behind bars for his past crimes. Det. Spencer can thank the Judge who let this POS back out…My prayers go out to Det. Spencer and his family. Thank you for your service to New Hanover County.

  • Guest111

    I have been wanting to give my two cents worth on this subject for several days and here goes.

    Creekwood is government housing which means the government owns it and the housing authority manages it. Somewhere in the tenant’s lease it should state that an inspection can be done on a unit and they are required to give access to the property.

    Pick a day. Any day. Get your ducks in a row and hit them early. Surround the entire perimeter of Creekwood with National Guard. Then have police block off any and all roads in and out of the area. Go door to door inspecting each unit.

    If the unit is leased to a woman and two children and there is evidence of anyone else living there, male or female, charge that person with trespass. If men’s clothes, shaving supplies, shoes or what ever is there then it’s not hard to come to the conclusion they are living there. The person on the lease should be evicted immediately. They are breaking the rules of their lease.

    Also, and I know this will blow up the bleeding hearts, if a woman is living there with her, lets say, 2 children and she’s pregnant, out she goes. Yes, out she goes.

    Creekwood is a breeding ground for people who are dependent on government help to survive and the breeding has got to stop.

    You say you don’t think that’s a problem? They interviewed a woman Thursday night on TV news who was concerned about an ambulance not being able to get in with all the police blocking the streets. Her example? It was “What if someone water breaks?” HELLO???? ANYONE THERE?????

    Can you imagine the trash, guns, drugs, convicts, gang members and no telling what else you would find? At the end of the day Creekwood could be cleaned out. Get rid of the trash, the people who don’t appreciate what the government is doing. Shut up the one’s who WON’T TALK when a shooting happens out there and then complains cause the police don’t do anything to help find a shooter when it happens.

    Now, I hear you yelling about costs. Everyone is yelling about task forces, committees, investigations, etc. That’s a waste of time and money at this point. Go out there, door to door and rid Creekwood of the people who don’t belong and the people who are as filthy as a convict because they allow them in there. And stop paying the sluts to lay down and get pregnant because they know we will pay for it.

    It may take all day. It might take into the night but with enough man power (and I think it can be done) you can make a fatal sweep through this area and improve it greatly. Don’t let anyone run away or drive away. Take care of this cesspool now.

    Jeff Hovis sounded like he was bewildered on the news Thursday night. Mr. Hovis, get off your butt, implement this and clean your houses up. Enough time has been spent scratching your head, shaking your head and saying we have got to do something. It’s time. Right Now. Get this done.

  • Guest111

    You didn’t read and comprehend what you read. The undercover policeman was the one who got behind a tree and returned gun fire to the man who shot the detective.

  • Guest123123

    I am a little bit confused about the status of the WPD detective. If he primarily works undercover why would he be out in the middle of the day questioning someone with another detective. Not good procedure if you a UC person.

  • PublicAvenger

    This thug, deserves the death penalty. Society has a right to protect itself. How many times do the police have to arrest him ? Don’t blame WPD or NHCSD. Both have great leadership, as they both proved, yesterday.

    Pray for Det. Spencer. He is a great guy. The sick truth is….
    A- We will continue pouring millions of welfare dollars into Creekwood, increasing our gang problem, there, making it even worse.
    B- This monster will be getting arrested again, in Wilmington, in less then 7 years from now. More then likely, hurting somebody else.

  • Guest Reply Redux

    And $3,200 after taxes…then that puts the one’s on Government Assistance over the poverty income level…their benefits are reduced…their $%$#@!#^&*&

    Naw…won’t get ’em to talk :-(
    15 stories are on the front page headlines on this website…only 2 are non-crime related.

  • Guestwhat

    something tells me, he will never make it to court. Headline will read, suspect killed during shootout. Better turn himself in a public setting.

  • CL

    ALERT! My school (Isaac Bear) just went into lockdown because a gunshot was heard and a man was on the ground. We don’t know much, but 5+ police officers were on our school grounds and pushed us inside. Everyone is safe.

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