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Record shop owner accused of hiding cameras in restroom


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The owner of a Wilmington record shop faces two counts of felony secret peeping.

According to warrants Timothy Taylor Freeman, 38, hid digital video cameras in the bathroom of Yellow Dog Discs in the University Commons Shopping Center on S. College Rd. The warrants say he used them to watch a man and a woman undress.

Freeman is out of jail on $10,000 bond.

He is due back in court Dec. 5.

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What ever happened to this case? Is he in jail? That business is still open. Just wondering.



Thanks for your comment and question. Timothy Freeman is due back in court Monday on his charges.

News Director
WWAY NewsChannel 3


What ever happened to this pervert? The business is still open but never has any customers in it when I walk by to go to the Mexican restaurant.

yellow dogs sells extremely

yellow dogs sells extremely overpriced and damaged vinyl. gravity and squidco are the real record stores in wilmington

Accusations are not Convictions

I've interacted with him a couple of times and found him helpful and friendly. That's my experience.

If you like someone or not does not determine if they are guilty.

Innocent until proven guilty seems to be a long forgotten principle in todays trial by public opinion.


The warrants say he used them to watch a man and a woman undress. Who gets undressed at a record store

Men and women at the record

Men and women at the record store. It says it right there.
Some customers liked to try on records before they buy them...don't they?

record videos

Must have been down in the dumps making streamline videos!!

This is a false accusation.

This is a false accusation. One of his piece of crap ex workers but that camera in the bathroom and then black mailed him. He is a decent guy and this is just bullsh***. He is SO NOT A PEEPING TOM and he rarely ever even hires women to work for him. This story has been thrown totally out of context.

Icing on the cake. This guy

Icing on the cake. This guy treats customers so horribly.

Not Surprised

I am not surprised with this, this guy is a real jerk and hit on me every time I was in the store. He kept making comments about my legs and followed me around the store.

Not Surprised

Seriously!! He hit on you EVERYTIME you went in there? Really? Really? How often did you go to this place that he Followed and Made Comments about your legs? Karen, You are a LIAR!!!!

Yellow Dog Discs

This is one sick individual. I hope he has to register as a sex offender.

Going out of Business Sale?`

Someone let me know when the going out of business sale vinyl collection could use a boost.

Glad I only shop at Gravity

Glad I only shop at Gravity Records. Yellow Dog sucked.