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USMC adopts male caps for all Marines


WASHINGTON, DC (USMC) -- The Commandant of the Marine Corps has approved the Marine Corps Uniform Board's recommendation to adopt the male dress and service cap as the universal dress and service cap for all Marines.

"The decision to adopt the male dress and service cap as the universal dress and service cap for all Marines was primarily driven by the inability of the current manufacturer of the approved female dress and service cap to continue to produce it for our women," said Col. Todd S. Desgrosseilliers, President of the Marine Corps Uniform Board.

Survey information from all Marines provided critical feedback for this decision, said Desgrosseilliers.

"During the uniform board study, 91 percent of all Marines, both male and female, were in favor of selecting the current male version as a 'universal cover' over the 'Dan Daly' version mentioned in the press."

Further fielding information, to include phase in and phase out plans for the current female service dress cap, will be provided via a standard Marine Administrative Message (MARADMIN).

Additionally, the Marine Corps will be conducting further research and development efforts to improve the comfort and fit of the universal dress and service cap.

Two other board proposals, having to do with improved quality of life, were also approved by the commandant. A change to the existing supplemental clothing allowance for Marine Corps drill instructors at Marine Corps District Newport, RI, was approved and regulation changes authorizing multiple braids for females was approved. The newly established hairstyle criteria will "create an accepted standard for braids and it will be a welcome quality of life improvement for our female Marines who wear braids," said Desgrosseilliers.

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Absolutely Ridiculous

This is what the DOD has come to? For the love of St Nick!! We have THOUSANDS OF VETS living on the streets digging through trash cans to eat loosing their families due to mental issues and they want to spend how much on these stupid covers??? How do you upper brass sleep at night knowing that we have broken brothers and sisters hurting out there!? I suggest to all and any brass who even entertained this whole stupid cover program change.1st find a vet and lend them a shoulder or take a knee with them as they sit or lay where they may offer them a hot meal a couple of bucks and a few prayers to our creator. 2nd find a quiet little place in your home take a deep breath then get that new cover and shove it up your A**!!!!

Corps and the hat

Simple,,,,as it should be. As the Army dress should be, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard.

Off the point a little but ..... when a person or group sings our National Anthem,,sing It as it was written, on key without the drama.


There is no caps in the Corps. Period. They approved a new dress blues COVER. Maybe the army and air force wear caps but the Navy and Marines wear covers. I for one am glad to see all Marines looking the same men & women. Just Marines the only legal gang that kicks butt.

James Bacchi
USMC Desert Storm Veteran
Semper Fi

Actually they ARE caps. MCO

Actually they ARE caps. MCO p1020.34g para. 3005 CAPS/HEADGEAR.

I see nothing to suggest

I see nothing to suggest that is a 'male" cap, it is just a professional looking cap.