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Troopers look for truck, driver involved in deadly New Year's Eve crash


ONSLOW COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- State troopers are looking for the driver of a truck they say hit and killed a man walking on the side of an Onslow County road on New Year's Eve, but didn't stop.

Investigators say the crash happened around 8 p.m. on NC 24 in Hubert near Hubert Blvd. Troopers say they don't know if the pedestrian, Earl Dupey, Jr., was in the road at the time or exactly how the truck hit him. Dupey was taken to a Wilmington hospital, but later died from his injuries.

Troopers who investigated say they recovered parts of a side mirror at the scene, and say the truck is either a GM or Chevy pick-up and is silver or pewter in color. The truck they are looking for is likely missing its passenger-side mirror or pieces from it.

Troopers believe the driver of the truck may not have known he had hit anything when it happened. They say they will continue investigating. There's no word yet on what charges the driver may face.

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I wonder if the man might

I wonder if the man might have survived had the driver of the truck had stopped and at least called for help.

it is very likely the HP

it is very likely the HP called this one right, everybody is quick to jump on the band wagon when someone get's hit in the dark, but it is becoming increasingly harder to see people walking on the side of the road, not one of them is smart enough to wear some reflective clothing to help out, not to mention the oncoming cars/trucks we are meeting now with the obnoxious bright white headlights that are blinding all oncoming traffic, much less being able to see a person in dark clothing on the side of the road, and how do you get hit on the road, you should be smart enough to walk the shoulder and not play chicken with vehicles, geesh!

Drivers should be more

Drivers should be more mindful of pedestrians on the road. Yes, we have a responsibility to make ourselves more visible, but I cannot tell you how many times I have been blinded by oncoming vehicles when I was out walking the dogs. It's not just other drivers who need you (drivers in general) to turn down the high beams. Pedestrians need it also.

If the driver of the vehicle

If the driver of the vehicle does come forward the NCHP has already provided him/her with an excuse for not stopping (Troopers believe the driver of the truck may not have known he had hit anything) so now all they have to say is: "I didn't know I had hit anything". Thanks NCHP.

My thoughts exactly!

My thoughts exactly!

How do you not realize you

How do you not realize you hit a human being with your vehicle? Turn yourself in! Before someone besides law enforcement gets ahold of you. You took away a great person from alot of people. Although it may have truly been an's time to step up and face the consequences. We need closure.

My heart goes out to the

My heart goes out to the family...what a tragedy...and it makes it worse by the driver not stopping...there is no way this person did not know they hit someone. I know if I hit a squirrel or a small object in the do you not cruel...he/she was probably drunk thats why but they could have at least called it in and then turn themselves would have been better on the family if they could have done that. again, i am so sorry again for your loss...maybe this person will have a change in heart and turn themselves in or maybe law enforcement will find them,.

man run over

Probably the same truck that almost ran a man over and did run his dog on a leash over the evening before. Since police didn't want to get this erratic driver off the roads because "he only killed a dog" he went on to kill a human. now they are upset.
Weird. R.I.P. dog and man. truck driver will hide inside until evening when he is drunk and goes back out to drive for more alcohol.