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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Seven years after an associate professor sued UNCW over a denied promotion, the teacher and school have reached a settlement.

In March a jury sided with Dr. Mike Adams on a First Amendment claiming discrimination or retaliation on the basis of his protected free speech. The court ordered UNCW to promote Adams to full professor with back pay plus interest. Adams also wanted attorneys fees and costs of more than $1 million from the school.

After the case went through federal mediation, UNCW and Adams reached the following settlement terms:

1) Payment by UNCW of attorney’s fees and costs of $615k without interest;
2) Payment by UNCW of back pay to Dr. Adams in the amount of $50k without interest;
3) Annual salary for Adams of approximately $75,000 per year;
4) Annual evaluations for Dr. Adams will include reviewers outside of his academic department.
5) Withdrawal of the university’s appeal;
6) Full resolution of any and all claims that were brought by Adams or could have been brought by Adams against UNCW, the University, and any University employee or official.

UNCW’s Governance Committee approved the terms in closed session.

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  • Guest7969

    Colleges wasting students money…just like government wasting the taxpayers money….thanks UNCW!

  • taxpayer

    Kudo’s to you Dr. Adams.

  • Guest2020


  • GUEST 2014

    Way to Go Dr. Mike Adams!!!

    I observed you during my non-trad years of 2004-2008, and yet never met you personally. Your students loved taking your classes and cite LEARNING. I cannot cite that claim, but needed a degree.

    I KNOW you are a class act, and NO Professor at UNCW can hold a candle to your outstanding integrity and class.(ESPECIALLY no one in the Sociology Department.)

    BTW, I read your book and agree with your assessment of those mentioned 100%. Since I paid full price for my ULTRA, MEGA-liberal education, and received no free ride, I believe that I am due the SAME SETTLEMENT that you received.
    Can you forward me your attorneys name asap?
    Congratulations again!

  • Taxpayer$$$

    While this settlement may bring closure to Mr Adams, the agreement raises a number of important questions that warrant investigation and followup.

    From what budget will these funds be paid? How much has this ill advised action already cost the university in legal fees, costs, etc?

    How will taxpayers be affected?

    How will students be affected?

    How will UNCW change its policies and procedures, not only for Mr. Adams, but system wide to prevent a re-occurrence of these events?

    What sanctions will be applied to the responsible administrators and department personnel to deter future actions of this nature?

    What disciplinary action will be taken against the individuals responsible for this action?

    WWAY, there is no NCAA football at UNCW so don’t give them a pass.

  • OldGeezer

    Not it is not a fair settlement. They should have awarded Adams the sum of all the administrators of UNCW for the entire period and then started deducting that amount from their paychecks over the next 10 years (10% per year). They, the administration of UNCW used our tax money to punish a member of their faculty who is clearly superior to 90% of those on staff and 100% of those ‘teaching’ so called Gender Studies, Black studies and the like. Good for Mike.
    Martin Smith, Florida

  • Tim

    When will the people of Wilmington wake up and take UNCW back from the radical leftists who control it? It has become nothing but a cesspool of radical politics and leftwing indoctrination. Dr. Adams, one of the best professors on campus, was targeted solely because he is a conservative and actually attends church! UNCW trustees–please do your job and save this school before it is too late!

  • don wrong

    Way to go Mr. Adams, one for the Good Guys and shame on you UNCW, your liberal BS will now cost your students as we all know that’s where you will make up this loss….liberal idiots.


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