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Lamarr McDow (Photo: Brunswick County Jail)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The fiancé of the woman who won the Powerball jackpot early last year is out of jail after posting a $12 million bond.

Brunswick County Sheriff’s spokesman Emily Flax said Lamarr McDow, 31, was bailed out just before 12:45 a.m. on New Year’s Day. Flax said he was bailed out by Loftin Bail Bonding.

Earlier this week, Flax said deputies arrested Lamarr McDow, 31, for violating his pre-trial release for previous drug-related charges.

Prosecutors said McDow is the fiancé of Marie Holmes, the Shallotte mother who won $188 million in the Powerball drawing last winter.

McDow was arrested other times before and after that.

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  • Judy Bordner-Zilewicz

    Keep arresting him and she will run out of money. These 2 are so stupid. He deserves to stay in jail and she deserves to be broke.

  • IvykeepingitReal Hill

    This sounds like an host from the begining to me. Why would an individual post all of her money to such an high bond twice and not caring about she go broke or anything?not one time have i read something successful out of her winnings, something is not right about this story at all? ..smh

  • Lee A Patterson

    I’m really lost with this Story I don’t know if Its about the woman winning the lotto or the guy going to jail people win the lotto everyday why happen I read what they do with their money and why is His bond so extreme high because they have the money..it is so much going on in N.C it’s a crying shame and I don’t think it’s getting better it’s getting worse and worse day by day kids killing kids and gang bangin when will it stop

    • Christopher Meyers

      OK, I’ll help you. This story is about basic stupidity, ignorance and the inability to make something out of yourself even given the very best of circumstances. It’s about a regular old gal that hit the jackpot and doesn’t know how to handle it. She has a fiance that is a drug dealer, a heavy drug user, car thief and a convicted felon of violent crime. He has a very long rap sheet for committing violent crime and is well know for skipping his bond and running. That is why his bail is so high.

      Now, the story about Jack and Jill OR Dick and Jane just doesn’t apply here. Starting to “click” yet?

      • Gruntlip McGerkan

        What do “You” feel is the reason he keeps getting bail from the courts? In your opinion…what is the heart of the matter here?

      • Christopher Meyers

        He isn’t getting bail from the courts. The courts are setting what they consider “reasonable bail” just like every other American is entitled to based on the crime and your potential as a flight risk. This last time it was set at 12 million clams. He’s getting “bailed out” by bail bondsmen that are being paid by his stupid girlfriend that has too much money and not enough sense about what in the world to do with it.

    • guest45

      not to worry, POTUS handled the issue yesterday, he is going to do background checks on those murderers, rapist, and robbers. They’ll be out of guns real soon.

    • Gruntlip McGerkan

      Ask about “Teen Mom II” while you seek the answers you so desire…also. Then prepare yourself for some real…”Gertrude & Mildred Down at the Laundromat” (&) “Bubba & Buster’s Beer Bar Babbling” (the 5 B’s) type conversations/answers.
      Don’t ask why this *Lottery Associated with Winners Criminal Man & Repeat Offender* keeps getting bail though. That seems to be a No No to ask that question!
      You could go further back for a different type of story/question project…”Teen Mom 1″.
      Hope this helps!

  • Christopher Meyers

    Okay, this goes beyond any extreme boundaries of stupidity for McDow and Marie Holmes. At this point, I don’t care if she blows every dime she still has on her idiot fiance and goes into debt for his sorry hindquarters.
    This was funny at first, Now they’re showing their complete ignorance and should be embarrassed.

  • Kimberly TaylorLewis

    She needs to ditch this dude and concentrate on her family.I guess she bought the corvette he was racing.Invest your money in your future and your family,not this loser.

  • GuestObserver

    He’s burning through her money like crazy. By the time the lawyers get done, she’ll be broke.

    • Gruntlip McGerkan

      Then she’ll need a “Broker!”

    • guest45

      don’t think for one minute that this girl is the choir director, she’s no squeeky clean person herself, she’s had a habit for a long time herself.

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