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Wuzzardo's World

That's the way it was, and probably never will be again

For my generation, Walter Cronkite the anchorman has always been something from the archives. I never saw him anchor the CBS Evening News.

What would the Founding Fathers think now?

It's been 233 years since that sweltering Philadelphia June when Thomas Jefferson sequestered himself in a small apartment a few blocks west along Market Street from the Pennsylvania State House.

What to do with my new car company

I guess it's time to update the ol' resume again.

NC smokers get a kick in the butts

You thought it would never happen. You thought there was no way there would ever be a smoking ban along Tobacco Road. Well, it happened.

Newspapers' slow death product of suicide

A little joke has been floating around the news business for a while now: If newspapers go out of business, where will TV and radio stations get their story ideas?

Specter's jump personal, not principled

I lost a great deal of respect for Sen. Arlen Specter yesterday. No. Scratch that. I lost all respect for Specter yesterday.

A great voice to speak no more

In July 1989 my parents took me and my sister to Atlanta so we could see our beloved Philadelphia Phi

Governor's insult a great compliment

I'm fairly confident I won't be getting a Christmas card from the Governor's Mansion this year.