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Brunswick deputies bust reputed gang boss



BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC -- Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcement Agents executed two search warrants simultaneously on September 2nd, 2010 at a residence and local business in the Winnabow area after a lengthy investigation.

At approximately 3:00 pm, agents searched a residence located at 979 Hickory Drive in the Hickory Hollow Subdivision and a business, Stump Jumpers Garage, located at 90 Edgewood Drive in Winnabow.
Agents seized approximately fifty firearms, over $ 3,000 in US Currency and an ounce of cocaine, valued at roughly $ 1,200. A 2008 Harley Davidson Motorcycle, a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado Dually, 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe and a 1986 GMC truck were also seized during the search.

Agents arrested two subjects; Larry Ronald Capps, Jr. and Deanne Louise Johnson, both whom were located inside the business at the time the search warrant was executed. Capps and Johnson were arrested on scene without incident and transported to the Brunswick County Detention Facility.

Larry Ronald Capps, Jr., owner of the residence and business is the President of the local Cape Fear Chapter, Red Devils Motorcycle Gang. The Red Devils are an outlaw motorcycle gang which is affiliated with the Hells Angels Motorcycle Gang. Items seized during the search warrant provided a great deal of proof of gang affiliation.


Larry Ronald Capps, Jr. (W/M) (10/9/1962)
979 Hickory Drive, Leland
6 cts. Trafficking Cocaine
5 cts. PWISD Cocaine
5 cts. Manufacturing Cocaine
11 cts. Maintaining Dwelling
7 cts. PWISD Marijuana
6 cts. Manufacturing Marijuana
11 cts. Possession Drug Paraphernalia
1 ct. Possess a Weapon of Mass Destruction
BOND: $ 800,000 secured

Deanne Louise Johnson (W/F) (11/22/1964)
979 Hickory Drive, Leland
1 ct. Possession Cocaine
1 ct. PWISD Marijuana
1 ct. Possession Drug Paraphernalia
BOND: $ 1,000 unsecured

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Ronnie is a good man would

Ronnie is a good man would give you the shirt off his back Don't Judge Him Because of Alleged alligations !

leave my daddy alone

my parents are not bad people, the people that came into my house and pointed guns at all of my sisters and made us leave our home while scaring us half to deatah are bad people, the people that are posting this on the news and oon the internet are bad, my mommy and daddy did wrong things but who hasen't? leave them alone, i love you daddy, cant wait to see you when you get home.

Your Mom and Dad

Kasey, You are absolutely right. Don't worry, your Pops is a good man and you will see him soon. I have known your Pops for about 5 yrs and your Mom for about 4. Maybe I have seen you at a BBQ or so. (The Red Devils are very family oriented for those that don't know. I have brought my kids to plenty of "outlaw" parties. About the only parties where no one is ever falling down drunk and everyone is respectful of each other). I have hung around the Red Devils for years, sometimes borrowing a tent, sometimes breakin bread, and I have NEVER seen any of the crap the cops are talking about. I wouldn't have hung around if I did! Ronnie is a hard workin' and hard ridin' good ol' country boy. Hmmm...a country boy w/ a gun. Boy, is that strange??? I don't know the whole story, but I can 100% guarantee one thing. The Cops and Media are definitely exagerating!! It makes headlines and looks good for the cops to arrest "The President of a gang associated w/ the Hells Angels" By the way, I don't even think Ronnie's vest says President, does it?? To Ronnie, his family and Brothers, you know you got friends and support just up the road, Mac



Kasey Capps comment has

Kasey Capps comment has honestly brought tears to my eyes. Ronnie and Dee are not bad people, I know this for a fact. We all make mistakes. Stay strong Kasey & your family. I love you all.

Not the 'ol who doesn't?"

There it is again, a variation on the who doesn't?

It says "my mommy and daddy did wrong things but who hasn’t?

Reminds me of every other criminal post.
My brother bought drugs in Creekwood, but who hasn't?
He was charged with his 3rd DWI, but who hasn't?
She was huffing paint thinner while driving across the bridge, but who doesn’t?
He was breeding pit bulls for dogfights, but who hasn’t?
He killed himself after killing his wife and her boyfriend, but who hasn’t? (o yea, OJ; forgot to finish the crime)

How many times have I read the variation in these posts?

You know what? There are more of us who haven’t than have.

Not The Ol Who Doesen't

I dont Think You Know this Man So You should'nt Be Judging Him. He Is A Great Man. He Would Give You The Shirt Off His Back Not Only That He Has Helped Many Of People Who Couldn't Afford To Get Their Car Fixed He Has done It For Free. All This Was It Is Election Year And Ingram Needed Some Free Publicity. The Whole Sheriffs Dept And The Court System Is Crooked In Brunswick County.


Come on, Ingram doesn't need the publicity, he is doing what is right for the citizens. Besides, who else are the citizens going to elect? Rendy Lewis...HA!!!!!!


She Would Be A Lot Better Than Ingram They Should Wipe Out The Whole Sheriffs Dept And The DA'S Office And Start From Scratch And Get Rid Of All The Good OL Boys


Now, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that this statement came from in-house. Rendy Lewis was not even involved in this and you are denigrating her integrity. Sounds to me like someone is getting nervous. Let the woman prove herself. Don't sling mud, ya might just end up with a dirty face yourself. Let's play nice children.....................

If you know Mr.Capps you do

If you know Mr.Capps you do not see him as the Brunswick County Sheriffs dept is portraying him to be. He is not the gang member this drug enforcement agency wants you to see him as. Aside from my father he is the best man i know! A sportsman, Mr.Capps hunts, therefore he owns guns, not to mention he enjoys collecting them. I am not saying that i support what he has done, but he is a good man! I speak for all of the men, women, and, children who have the privilege of knowing this man, i still respect him no less than i ever have and i will still stand behind him any day! He runs an honest business and that will not change! Our prayers go to the Capps family

Too funny

And then to use your logic, as a drug dealer, Mr. Capps sells cocaine, therefore he owns cocaine, not to mention he enjoys collecting it. Another one bites the dust.

This man is amazing and

This man is amazing and Brunswick County DEU is pulling bogus charges on him. His family needs support and everyone who knows him, you know this is crazy and unfair!


Thank you to all the staff of the Brunswick County Sheriffs Office for making our county a little better today!!

Darn... he was a good

Darn... he was a good mechanic. Now who am I going to find to work on the Jeep?




I have never done cocaine in my life but have been around many people who have. There is no difference in someone doing cocaine than your mother or grandma who is eating valium, nerve pills, pain killers etc. that are prescribed by the doctor. We just see it as a horrible crime because our government has made it that way due to the fact that they cannot control it and gain revenue from it. I know many prominent business leaders, politician etc. that are hooked on prescription drugs prescribed by their doctor. But whoaaaa....they were prescribed by the doctor, therefore it is not doing any damge to the body or is not a crime. Wake up you close minded Americans. It is all about the revenue for our government. Aren't you sick of them taking the money you work for? Taxes are ludicrous. They are not fair and are not evenly collected. I don't mind paying taxes, but I am tired of rebuilding everything but America. When are we going to wake up and start doing something for our kids in America such as build new schools and facilities to educate our children? Get out and vote. Let's clean house in government and rid ourself of these powerful politicians who have been in office too long and are only doing things to benefit themselves.


"I have never done cocaine in my life but have been around many people who have. There is no difference in someone doing cocaine than your mother or grandma who is eating valium, nerve pills, pain killers etc. that are prescribed by the doctor."

From that statement, it is evident that you have NOT been around many people who have done cocaine. A person on a pain killer or valium will exhibit 180* different physical and mental actions then a person who has been snorting some lines.

Also, the last thing we need is the government to build any more schools or facilities to educate ( i use that term very loosely) your children.

For the one who can't comprehend

You obviously have comprehension problems and needed to be in one of the schools that should have been built. No one ever said anything about the action/reaction of someone doing the drugs. IF you can comprehend, then you read where I said that I have been around both. I have seen it snorted and mainlined just for your information. Therefore I don't need you telling me about 180* differences. I feel sure I know.
The difference that I am talking about is the destruction of the human body on the inside. There is no difference between prescribed drugs and illegal drugs. They both have long term side effects and we just accept the side effects from prescribed drugs and live on. We criticize illegal drugs because society has been brain washed by government to believe illegal drugs are worse. The fact is that government just can't control and tax the cocaine and weed, therefore they don't want it in the country. Keep believing in your government. They suck.