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Theory of creationism considered in Brunswick County

READ MORE: Evolution/Creationism debate in classrooms
How was man created? Many theories are out there that try and answer that question. The issue of how to teach these theories in school was brought up in Tuesday night's Brunswick County School board meeting. For decades, national guidelines have required students be taught the theory of evolution: the idea made popular by Charles Darwin that humans derived from an ape-like ancestor that lived on earth millions of years ago. But what happened to creationism, the theory that all things were created by an infinite power that can be related back to the Bible? Brunswick County School Board Chair, Shirley Babson, said it is time to address the issue. "Nobody is ever supposed to tell a child who they are supposed to believe or lead them in, and when I say nobody I mean a teacher, because they may believe something different from that child. But overall, America is still a Christian country and we should not void that,” said Babson. Now school board members are looking into ways to implement creationism into the classroom. Babson said avoiding the topic this long has created a negative outlook on teaching faith based theories in school. “I don't want to act like we are not supposed to talk about it because it makes them think that it's something wrong,” Babson added. Babson said the school board will have to proceed with caution and make sure to review state laws before moving forward. She hopes to find a way both evolution and creationism can co-exist Regina Ellis, a parent said, "I think it's a good idea, if they are going to offer evolution as a theory than they should offer creationism also. Give the kids a choice." "I think that if they make that a part of their everyday education, there is a greater understanding to it, and it just opens up a whole new world for them,” said parent Tonya Sleeman. "I have faith. I believe in religion and God, and I just think it would be a great idea," stated Deborah Ward. The school board is expected to talk about the issue at its next meeting on October 7, 2008. A spokesperson from the State Department of Public Instruction told WWAY the state is required to follow national standards on teaching evolution which students are tested on. School boards can act independently on certain standards but risk the possibility of legal action being taken by civil liberties groups. .

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Teaching Creationism

At a time when US students are falling further behind the rest of the developed world in math and science education, we should be arguing about teaching more science not a religious topica. I am Christian and do believe in a higher being with a plan, e.g. someone started this, but cretionism is not science, has no scientific backing and should be discuss at home and at church, not in a science class. Teaching creationism is not going to cure cancer, lead to alternative energy sources or develop the next technology breakthrough. Teaching science will....creationism is not science.


but there is SCIENCE in the Bible, as well as a blow by blow as to how the Earth was formed, in an order that follows what the rock record shows...something the THEORY of Evolution doesn't do with man to ape...


Most definetly creationism should be taught in school, or it should be an option for the kids to learn what they would like to learn. They should be able to, because they have the right to descision just like anyone else, and if they decide to learn about God creating the Earth then they should be able to.


This Jesus freak thinks that all you non believers should go ahead and work on all those government holidays that are about Jesus. Go to work on CHRISTmas, Easter, and Good Friday. Take "Darwin Day" off. Oh yeah, Our government has not made a national holiday in his honor.....

I agree

that the teaching of the Bible starts at home and should be kept there as it is the parents responsibility to teach our children about God and the precious gift He gave us. . I do not want my child taught about Jesus by the goverment school systems. If we leave it up to the liberal education system then Jesus will be widely viewed as a peace loving hippy as so many on the west coast view him. I am for educating the children on different beliefs and religions of the world if it is done correctly. But correctly and goverment cannot be used in the same sentence so...

Evolution vs creation

Unfortunately I do agree the public school system wouldn't give Jesus or our Heavenly Father the respect They deserve..... However, the idea of MY children being taught we EVOLVED from an ape is preposterous! I WILL over-rule that at home and in public...and the very idea of one poster saying that evolution was PROVEN shows how utterly ignorant and backwards some people are. IF in fact we EVOLVED from an ape, there would be NO MORE APES....THAT is a scientific FACT!! Satan is running scared, and that is good. I have read the back of the book and him and his people (the ones that RAN to post against God and creation) lose. That I am thankful fight all you want and shower me with all the animosity your little hearts desire, for I and others like me will be the last ones standing. And please please, learn to spell first! That wasn't directed at the ones that do spell as an intellectual educated person does...correctly, it was directed at all the ones who have no business posting anything without spell check.

Why can't theories of

Why can't theories of religion and evolution both have positive influences in raising our children? And in the big picture, more than any particular lesson in science, I want my kids to learn that we need to keep an open mind and respect what others believe, even if different than beliefs of our own? As a former middle school science teacher, students in my class were taught the foundation of evolutionary theory and encouraged to create their own hypothesis... no matter how they believed we all got here. And not knowing what others think and believe is the foundation of ignorance... while some kids said the Theory of Evolution was wrong, they were expected to understand the principles behind it, not agree with it. No one was ever docked anypoints for believing in God! We teach about different cultures and beliefs in school all the time. Should we not provide the opportunity to take Spanish because English is the official language? Learning Spanish has positive influences on learning development, even if one never visits Mexico. And don't blame this one on the Bruns. Co. School Board, according to the state's curriculum standards for grade 8... "Competency Goal 5: The learner will conduct investigations and utilize appropriate technologies and information systems to build an understanding of evidence of evolution in organisms and landforms." According to the state, evolution theory is supposed to be part of the curriculum. My fear in all of this is that people aren't respecting what other people may believe, nor do we seem to appreciate that evolutionary theory is a a fundamental principle in science. "If we evolved from apes, there would be no more apes" is not a scientific fact. My basset hound evolved from a bloodhound and a basset normand, both of which still exist. Yet, you are calling other people utterly ignorant... hmmm. Indeed, God help us all.

Evo vs. creation reply

Lynsatmoms - first, if you are going to denigrate another person's spelling, you should take care that there are fewer grammatical errors in your own posts. But the funniest thing you said was, "IF in fact we EVOLVED from an ape, there would be NO MORE APES....THAT is a scientific FACT!!" The only fact that is obvious from this statement is that your own science education is sadly lacking. You know nothing about what evolution says about the descent of man, or you would realize that no evolutionist has ever claimed we evolved from apes - we ARE apes, in the sense that we, chimps, gorillas, etc. are all primates and our genetics prove it. Saying there would be no more apes is just silly, and if you can't figure out why, go back for a better education.


While you are correct, the current THEORY is that we all branched off from a common ancestor....we would have STILL had to go thru MANY changes from that common ancestor to what we are today. NOWHERE do we see the evolutionary changes between that ancestor and human form....rock records don't lie. It's either there, or not. Kind of like preachers who try to explain dinosaurs were around when humans were...ROCK record shows something different...and we WEREN' can argue it all day...Geology is one of the FEW sciences based on PURE fact, sure there is some speculation on what those animals LOOKED like with skin and color, but rock records don't lie.

Um, can you at least do a LITTLE research??

"IF in fact we EVOLVED from an ape, there would be NO MORE APES....THAT is a scientific FACT!!" That one sentence in your post clearly shows that you know nothing about science or how Biology works.... No wait.. the fact that you think that the scientific community bases the theory of evolution on a Poster, like it was some kid's science fair project TOTALLY shows your ignorance of how science works.

Thinking capacity is limited or narrowed

Why is it that when folk of different ideas and theories talk it has to be about or at eachother. Can we look at this and be opened minded? I am in the minority category when it comes to things like this nation is a christian nation- I disagree with this thought and wish the conservative hipocrits will quit trying to promote their views and beliefs in a religeous manner... from what i gathered from folk who were at the meeting the parent is a trained scientist/engineer and simply finds it appalling that his child is being taught that he comes from animals. why does it bother people if an alternative theory is presented...I do know that if the parent pointed out that the board have a prayer/invocation- why and who was that to or for. teach them both.....evolution has and can not be duplicated and to all of you who just want to use this theory as an opportunity to get christianity back in the schools- shameful because that is the parent and the chrurches job....just allow creationism as a theory and let it be taught as a companion to evolution...if man has evolve---why is there so much backward thinking in brunswick and newhanover county.....shirley babson-jimmy hobbs, ray gilbert, charlie miller, scott milligan- practice what you profess... have you republicans forgiven the people who had abortions, sinned or just continue to pound on them. people see you and you should stop trying to use the school board to convert us sinners, overcomed sinners to you faith. it yours and you should practice it. what ever happened to schools allowing creative and critical thinking.


FIRST of all, it is religion, specifically CHRISTIAN religion that is being attacked across this nation. While people can say and do what they wish, including Muslims, Christians are told to shut up. I'm tired of it...and quite frankly am ready to start fighting tooth and nail and do the OPPOSITE of what the liberal left tree hugging same sex lovin left wants me to do. SECOND.."have you republicans forgiven the people who had abortions, sinned or just continue to pound on them" I, don't have to forgive anyone, that is between God and the sinner. I don't hate individuals that have abortions, I just don't agree with it. I know of two friends that have had one, BOTH in their older age REGRET it as they never had children after that. I WILL be heard...and its high time Christians get equal treatment in respect to some of the things happening today.

Theories and Beliefs

There are “BELIEFS” and there are “SCIENTIFIC THEORIES”. The THEORY of evolution is not only scientifically supported, it is the unifying theory of biology. Creationism is a myth, or BELIEF, colloquially passed down through the ages as a component of religion. Religious education belongs in the home and in church. Scientific/academic education belongs in the home and in public schools. My tax dollars go to fund public education, while religious institutions get tax breaks. If my tax dollars for public education have to go for teaching an unscientific myth that should be taught in church, then I say churches should have to teach the theory of evolution… or lose their tax breaks. You creationism proponents should be scared silly (or should I say even sillier) by the idea of a public school teacher, (who could be someone like me) teaching your kids the Adam and Eve story. And while they are getting paid to teach beliefs, why not have the teacher who practices paganism teach your kids his or her beliefs? Brunswick County is opening a big can or worms. This is my BELIEF. Now, whether or not those worms are our ancestors is still only the fodder of a SCIENTIFIC THEORY.


PROVE to me thru SCIENTIFIC FACT, not theory, that Evolution from ape to man for a FACT happened, not theory. NOW, if we want to talk natural selection as "evolution" we can talk about that, but that ISN'T what we are talking about here. There is NOWHERE, ANYWHERE in any rock record that shows ape evolving into man. If it isn't in the just didn't happen. Why do you think evolution is still labeled as a ...... THEORY? Because that's exactly what it is....a theory. There is plenty of science in the should pick it up some time and read the first few chapters. Then match it up with one of the few sciences that is based on PURE FACT of what we see...geology.

Creation of man

I do not live in Brunswick county, but I thought I would just interject an idea. Why not have the parents be the ones to teach about God's creation of the earth and everything on it by taking their children to bible school, church and living by example of the way God wants us to live? While at the same time, when evolution is taught...tell the children it is one of many THEORIES. Parents should be teaching children about God way before they go to school. If they have a good, strong Christian background before school there would be no need to teach it in school by teachers who might not have any real relationship with Jesus. Just a thought.....

Leave that to us

I believe in the creation. I just don't want the school system teaching their version of creationism to my children. This could lead to their version of the end times or other things which may or may not be biblical. I am responsible for my children's religious upbringing. The Bible says that too.

Creationism in schools.

The only "idiots" are those who can look at all of creation (not just humans) in all it's details, preciseness & perfection and say it all just accidently happened all by itself! My personal beliefs & desires aside,I think they need to teach both or neither. I think it is absolutely unfair for our children to have something as sensitive as this crammed down their throats and required to learn it to pass their grades if it is against their parents beliefs. All or nothing is the most logical & reasonable resoultion. In my personal "Jesus freak" opinion, the reason our country is in such a bad condition is because so many of the citizens are trying to take God, who this country was founded on, (yes, get out your history books and read what the founders of this great country had to say)out of it. So He is going, taking all of His blessings with Him and leaving it to all those who think they can do it all on their own, to destroy. My apologies to any who I may have offended but the truth needs to be heard. May God's mercy be on us all, myself included.


Hey, maybe al;l you people putting down the idea should think again. Maybe Brunswick county would not be so bad if you let GOD into their lives. They would learn a little more then crack pipes and hanging out on street corners! Oh, and robbing people houses!

Idiots rule

The Brunswick County halls of education just became a national joke. Call them the Brunswick County Ignorance Board, where uneducated Jesus-freaks mandate the teaching of non-science, and the children have to sit in their falling-down classrooms and listen to how dinosaurs and the fossil record are hoaxes planted by liberals. It doesn't make me angry. It just makes me sad for the kids, to be put at such an academic disadvantage, and to be made an unwilling part of what will now become the national humiliation of Brunswick County as a haven for idiots.

Why is Brunswick County doing this?

Why does Brunswick County want to pursue this tired old nonsense of trying to teach creationism at public schools? The county's schools are some of the weakest in the state; you would think they would spend more tax payer money on improving the basics so their students can be more competitive.

are you kidding

as soon as this happens separation of church and state will no longer exist. Go ahead and teach creationism if you please but I will do my best to find a way to keep my tax dollars away from the public school system. Besides our state is one of the worst in education already by adding crationism it would just make us look even dumber.

Separation between church

Separation between church and state has been grossly misinterpreted by some of today's organizations in order to further their own liberal purposes. The original concept of separation of church and State was given in a letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists in 1802 where he assured them that government would never interfere with their public religious expressions. Two days after writing this letter, he attended church services in the US Capitol. He had approved for the US Capitol to be used for worship services where they were held on a regular basis. The late Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist said "the 'wall of separation between church and State' is a metaphor based on bad history, a metaphor which has proved useless as a guide to judging. It should be frankly and explicitly abandoned." I'm with all the Jesus-freaks - If this country got back to the principles upon which it was founded, we would all be in better shape. Regardless of what people may say or think, this country was absolutely founded on Christian principles.

My 2 cents

I'm troubled and concerned by some of the comments regarding the religious stance of our country. Even Ms. Babson has stated that our country, overall, is Christian. I understand her point, but how ignorant for someone to even think that way! And to say that "this country was absolutely founded on Christian principles," is largely ignorant as well. This country also proclaimed that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL, and yet we had slavery. Is that a Christian principle? Our country is so unique, and we should be grateful for that. We have grown and transformed into the society we are because of the mixture of ideas, religions, ethnicities, and cultures that people of all races have brought to this country. It is painfully ignorant to dismiss all of this which has created what our country is today by saying that people should be more like one type of person, and that is the type that is Christian and follows very strict principles, but I don't know what it's going to take for people to be grateful that this country is not a theocracy. Bottom line is, our country's government is influenced very much by religion, more specifically Christianity, and even more specifically a book called the Bible. And to be honest, I think it's a crying shame. People should have their beliefs, of course, but don't cast off the ideas and beliefs of others if they conflict with your own. Amen.

The separation of church and

The separation of church and state is to keep the government from establishing an official church and impressing upon us a specific belief. It is not meant to keep schools from teaching theories and cultural beliefs of other religions. Those are actually taught through social studies when the kids are introduced to different cultures around the world - of which religion plays an important part.

RE: are you kidding

It's creationism, not crationism. And I have had to live with the realization that my tax dollars are being spent to teach your children that they came from Apes and fish. How absolutely obsurd! Regardless of religion or lack of. Evolution or creationism is something that should be tought at home, not in a public school. Quit whining. Teach your children what you like at home. Let the schools teach academics. Also if you felt your state is one of the worst in education, your not doing your part as a parent to help your child. Again, quit whining!

hey mother

Guess what I don't have any kids yet so yes I think I have a right to say where my money should go. my problem is that it goes to help pay for your kids who already get a remedial education, and even if we increase the amount of funding that goes to the schools its highly doubtful that it will help out at all. Why you ask, simple because small minded folks like yourself can not grasp a basic law of nature. I'm going out on a limb and say you are one of those bible-thumpers that when backed into a corner brings out the faith card because the truth scares the hell out of you. If I have to pay for YOUR child or anyone's for that matter to go to school I would hope that they get the best education possible. that way I get a return on my investment and not another slacker on welfare. Also since my wife and I have already put enough money away for our child to go to a private school and any college they want, don't ever tell me I didn't do my part. Unlike you it seems I had enough brains to plan for a child that has not even been born yet. so go back to your hole, grab your bible and pray for things to get better. The rest of the educated world will be fine without you.

So, are you for the teaching

So, are you for the teaching of evolution then? I think that it should be up to the parents to teach their children creation, evolution or God, which ever the parents believe in. I believe in God, and that is what I will pass on to my children one day. Oh, by the way, "Besides our state is one of the worst in education already by adding crationism it would just make us look even dumber." You need to check your post before actually posting it. Especially when you are talking about looking "even dumber".

so sorry

I'm sorry, your right because of one typo my opinion isn't valid. If thats the best the jesus freaks can come up with than I guess I have nothing to worry about. Evolution will still be taught and creationism will fall to the wayside again. If any of you want more info on the EVOLUTION of man i encourage you to visit the museum of natural history in N.Y. I think you will be amazed at the fossil records and transformation from ape subspecies to modern man.

Why teach anything about the

Why teach anything about the origin of man? Nobody knows for sure how mankind came to be, but everyone has a belief and theory. Let everybody decide for themselves and forget about teaching creationism or evolution.

Do not teach Theory of Creationism in Brunswick County Schools

Brunswick County School Board: heed your public parents: DO NOT PUT CREATIONISM INTO OUR CLASSROOMS. We want and need our schools to prepare our children to enter the world of higher education and to learn to read, write, & think with more skill & imagination than ever to compete with young people around the world for a place in one of our nation's great colleges. We desperately need to equip them with the knowledge to land excellent scholarships to help pay for the ever increasing cost not only of college, but that of daily living in our CRAZY economy: who knows what will happen next? Let's please leave the theory of creationism in the home and or church. Keep them separate and put our energy into educating better our young people and ensuring our schools are equipped with the technology/arts/academics. teachers, infrastructure needs of the 21st century. Do you realize how many of our students do not own computers and all freshmen entering college are required not only to have one but know how to use one. How will Brunswick County ever keep up with the pace of the global world if they do not educate their children? Improve our schools PLEASE, but do not bring creationism into our classrooms.