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Investigators looking for killer in Creekwood murder

READ MORE: Investigators looking for killer in Creekwood murder
Detectives are investigating the death of a 25-year-old man, whose body was found in the woods behind the Creekwood community in Wilmington. This is the second homicide in the city this year. Investigators say Delvin McIntyre may have been running away from someone when he was shot in the back. He was found dead Wednesday morning in this wooded area behind the Creekwood community. At 25 years old, his family and friends say he was too young to die. "The devil is out to steal, kill and destroy. And he is after our youth, if he can't get in through us, he'll get in through children,” said Sharon Jenkins, a family friend. Crowds gathered around the crime scene, sobbing and looking for answers. Neighbors say they heard a gunshot, but didn't see anything unusual. Now, his family is just beginning to mourn the loss of their youngest son while wanting the person, or persons involved to pay for what they did. "I just feel pain right now, to see the mother and father, say goodbye, they didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to their son, its just heartbreaking,” Jenkins said. McIntyre had a lengthy criminal record ranging from the possession of heroin and marijuana, to assault charges. McIntyre lived on Manley Road, right around the corner from the Creekwood community. His mother and father immediately left the crime scene after the coroner picked up his body. Over night, shots were fired right around the corner from Creekwood. A twenty-year-old man was shot in the leg on his front porch. Residents we spoke with believe the two incidents may be related. Detectives are looking for information on who may have killed Delvin McIntyre. Anyone who knows anything is asked to call Wilmington police at 343-3600. Anonymous tips can also be made via Text-a-Tip. Text “tip 708” and the message to crimes (274637).

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I agree with guesty

Sorry, I gotta agree with guesty that if you hear a gunshot and you see the usual response, nothing is out of place. Meaning in that hood, the folks scatter when a shot is taken. Situation normal. Shots happen all the time in creekwood so that in itself isn't unusual. Nor would it be unusual to see folks running.

No kidding? Thanks genius.

I guess you have comprehending issues. I'll try to use little words so you may understand my point. Yes, you hear with your ears. Crowds standing around at night, people getting killed there and all the other criminal activities that go on in there. All normal situations for that area. Try to get out in the sun a little more often.

Come on guesty, you are not

Come on guesty, you are not fooling anyone here when you try to convince them that you use "big words". For someone who does nothing all day but frequent news websites and post absurd comments all day, we all know "big words" are above you. Lets go back to your original comment, because I can see you are very confused already. It's hard for you to stay on topic, isnt it? You said, "They didn't see anything unusual because it is normal to hear gunshots in that neighborhood." I'll let you ponder for a bit. I know it will take some time for you to wrap your tiny mind around how ridiculous that statement is.

I've tried

I've been trying to answer you but the wway censors are not putting up my post. I'll try again. A shot rings out in the hood. The people all duck for cover, some may scream. That is not unusual for the hood. Now do you understand? Don’t be such a fool 39393.

OHHHH, now I got it

You keep digging that hole deeper and deeper. So now the people HEAR the shot, and duck for cover, BUT should SEE what is going on as they duck. I would bet you have no idea what goes on in Creekwood, because you have never set foot in Creekwood. Did you ever think that the people asked about the gunshots were inside at the time, and when they heard the gushots and looked outside, they did not see anything unusual? Your butt is for sitting on, not for keeping your head warm.

Waste of your time Guesty

I wouldn't waste your time with guest39393. He/she is lacking real world experience since he/she doesn't know how people react to gunfire. Guesty, keep this quote with you: "Don’t argue with idiots. They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience." :)

Just for you

I've run out of patience trying to explain simple items to you. You have proven you just don't get it. Seek help soon and take off the tin foil hat.

I don't really know Dell

I don't really know Dell that well but I will say that no one should have went through what he had to go through. Now his family & friends are both hurting. I hate that when someones dies the first thing they do is throw dirt on there name. His past was his past and to type his past charges is just wrong. His family is in my prayers. Whoever did this needs to be places under the jail for life! R.I.P Dell

It wasn't his past

It wasn't his past, it is the way he decided to live. He had court coming up on the 12th for some felony charges. Here is a copy from the screen.
Arraigned Offenses for Case Number: 2009059434 CR Arraigned Defendant Name: MCINTYRE,DELVIN,ANTOINE County: NEW_HANOVER Court Date: 11/12/2009 Session: AM Court Room: 0302 Offense Code Description Statute 3544 Felony PWISD MARIJUANA 90-95(A) 3522 Felony FELONY POSSESSION SCH I CS 90-95(A)(3) 3401 Misdemeanor POSSESS DRUG PARAPHERNALIA 90-113.22
Here is the link to look up pending court cases. Select New Hanover, both courts and put in his name.
North Carolina Court System

Throwing dirt

No one is throwing dirt on his name, he did that to himself when lived a life of crime. Kind of like how this incident was probably brough on by his illegal actions. If you live like a thug you either do time like one or die like one. It's time to make better choices with your life.

thats sad

i'm sorry for the mother and father who lost their son and i will for his family in there time of need.its sad how people is killing people for no reason a young man is gone all because of a gun. I WILL PRAY FOR YA''LL.WHOEVA DID IT I HPE THEY GET WHAT IS COMMING FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Gun Killed him?

How can a gun, alone, kill some one? You cannont blame a gun for some ones death, a gun needs a hand to hold it, and a finger to pull the trigger. Blame the one with that hand.

Bad neighborhoods

The city of Wilmington has a serious crime issue within the inner city, whether elected officials would like to acknowledge it or not! Our news headlines confirm this observation.I am a locomotive engineer for CSX Railroad and our train traverses through some of the worst neighborhoods in the city late at night, enroute to the State Port Authority. We have seen shots fired into the air over the years , we were showered with beer bottles and rocks this past Saturday night, and we witness young men loitering along the street corners at 3 and 4 o'clock in the morning. You know they are not productive members of society. Anyone else would be in the bed or working at the time! Three weeks ago, some of Wilmington's finest citizens tampered with our train while we were trying to gain entry into the port. We called for police presence , while we coupled our train back together. We are grown men and we have concerns about our safety when events like this happen. I bet you NO elected official in the city would walk down these streets after dark ! I have a front row seat in witnessing these thugs roam our streets at night !

2 murders in over 10 months

2 murders in over 10 months is a serious crime issue? The crime in this city is SEVEARLY overrated. What inner city in America isn't rough? Go live in Baltimore for 2 weeks, and if your car hasn't been stolen then come back to Wilmington and tell me how bad our crime is.

Your argument implies that

Your argument implies that murder is the only crime being committed.

It also implies that we have

It also implies that we have had ONLY 2 murders in the entire year. Compare that with other cities are size, and lets see where we rank... Drugs are sold in every city and every neighborhood in America. The lower the poverty level in that neighborhood, the more drugs that will be sold. In a poor economy, people do what THEY FEEL they need to do. This isn't and exclusive-to-Wilmington problem, This is LIFE.


You said it all "thugs running the streets at night". Let them keep on killing each other. Maybe sooner or later there want be any left.