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Man suspected of killing mom, stepdad could face death penalty

The man charged with murdering his mother and her husband in their Ogden home may face the death penalty. Gerard Altman was taken into custody at a Wilmington Apartment complex Thursday, where he had been staying with friends. Altman appeared in a New Hanover County court Friday, and was denied bond. He's been charged with murdering his mother, Laura Gallagher and her husband James in their Ogden home. Preliminary autopsies indicate Mr. & Mrs. Gallagher died from blunt force trauma. Detectives anticipate more information from the autopsy to be released next week. Prosecutors say a committee will meet within the next few weeks to decide whether to pursue the death penalty. Altman's next court appearance is February 26th.

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It's a 100% deterrent

That executed cockroach will never again kill anyone. I don't particularly CARE if it deters others or not, though the argument that it's not a deterrent is another one of those self-fulfilling prophecies that death penalty foes have caused themselves, by making capital punishment so uncertain and variable in its application. The simple fact is, however, that a victim's family should not have to pay to house, feed, and clothe the person that killed their loved one....and society should not have to pay a lifetime of support for someone who poses a threat and will produce absolutely nothing in his life. Why blow money to keep a convicted murderer alive? So he can escape? So he can kill someone else in prison? What possible value does it serve? Limit the appeals process, make it once again affordable and start ridding society of the vermin.

Life is a much worse punishment and cheaper too

Death is much easier. John Wayne Gacy and Mother Teresa are in the same place - DEAD

Who has been dead

I know of no one who has died, for any lenght of time and came back to tell how death was, I will keep believing in Heaven and Hell, till I know. I will hope this guy is one of the ones to go to Hell.


You are dead before you are born

Before you are born...

you are dead?! Gee...I wonder what I was hearing then when my children were in womb? It was their heartbeats...hence, they were very much ALIVE!


I should have said before conception. My apologies.

I don't mind.

I don't mind.