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VOTE 2010: New Hanover Co. Commission candidate Brian Berger

READ MORE: Getting to know NHC Commission candidate Brian Berger

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- As Election Day nears, this week we're getting to know the candidates for New Hanover County Commission. So far we've met Rick Catlin and Deborah Butler.

Brian Berger has already had a tough race, having to face off with incumbent Bill Caster in a second primary. Berger says he's ready to bring change to New Hanover County.

For this profile we met Berger at French's Burgers on Carolina Beach Road. Berger says he chose to do the interview here because it represents his campaign.

"As a small business owner myself I'm a big believer in supporting our small businesses," Berger said.

Berger was born and raised in Rochester, NY. He's been in Wilmington for a decade and has his own marketing company called Strategic Communications Group. So why does he want to go into politics?

"We need change here in New Hanover County. We need to deal with problems of corruption and cronyism and high taxes," Berger said. "I've been committed to fighting those issues for a number of years, which separates me from the other candidates."

Berger says if elected he also wants to focus on public safety, especially the issues that have affected downtown Wilmington once the bars let out at night.

In his spare time Berger enjoys spending time with family and friends, which include his fiancee Heather. He also likes catching a game when he can

"Watching football this time of year is, of course, when I have time, I enjoy that as well," Berger said. "But I have a very wide range of hobbies and interests, and I wish I just had more time to pursue them."

With his hard fought victory over Caster in the Republican primary, Berger, who ran as a Libertarian for County Commission two years ago, says he's ready for what the campaign may bring in the coming weeks.

"Unfortunately that second primary was very ugly and negative, and there was a lot of misinformation about my background, but I'm very proud about my background," Berger said. A background he hopes will lead him to victory November 2.

We'll profile New Hanover Commission candidate Sid Causey Monday.

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Brian Berger has good heart...victim of dirty, vicious attacks

Brian Berger represents citizens from all walks of life with sincerity and integrity, the very best aspects of the Tea Party movement sadly missing from most politicians character, including the other candidates for NHC Commissioner. Even more important, Berger just has good common sense, judgment and ideas. He’s a nice guy who can be tough as nails, and is the latter when it comes to fighting for taxpayers, ethical and accountable government, and he has the right ideas for creating jobs and cutting spending and taxation – in short, Berger is the only County Commission candidate endorsed by conservative organizations, supported by environmentalists, liberty-loving Patriots, gun owners, dog owners…in other words, the average decent taxpayer and businessmen, because only Berger is committed to getting out-of-control government and the forces of corruption, locally, under control. Shame on those in our community, the crooked lawyers, realtors and cronies and the media who have lied and vilified this good man with a great heart and mind because he actually believes in liberty, limited government and government that serves the taxpayers.

Berger-character and leadership

Brian is a guy with character and class- a lot of us were afraid to challenge the good ole boys -he was not. During the primary, when they could not defend their corruption they resorted to inneuendo and distorted facts. As comment below suggests--they are desparate to preserve power=so they mislead, lie and distort background. They don't want to talk about their corruption, or Causey's spending or Catlin's dealings with County or Butler the realtor. Let's stick with issues and it is clear based on his positions that Berger is leader we need---that's why the corrupt establishment is running scared.
By the way, let's run the background check on others--ever forget to wear a seatbelt-park too long-go to fast? Look at facts and reject the corrupt and mean spirited cronies who want to perpetuate their grip on power. This year they won't succeed-voters are smarter after ABC< CFPUA abd other examples we all know.

Brian Berger=good change

I am distress by lack of new businesses and better jobs here in NHC. One of the reasons we have seen a decline much bigher here in home values is failure to byild our economy. Brian Berger will help buid a climate that will entice better and more jobs whioh we really need here.
Brian's stand against higher taxes and wasteful spending will overcome the omage of mediocrity and cronyism the County has whioh discourage growth, For these and many other reasons, brian would be a much better choice for our Commission

RE: Berger background, check

RE: Berger background, check out August 14th


4498 S 17th St - WPD
Berger, Brian Matthew (W M, 34) Cited on Charge of Child Restraint (2010029052), at 4498 S 17th St, Wilmington, NC, on 8/14/2010.

BTW the citation of child

BTW the citation of child restraint means a kid is not wearing a seat belt or in a booster seat.

right . . . and this doesn't

right . . . and this doesn't concern you? Demonstrates lack of good judgment.

Has he answered for this?

Failing to properly restrain a child in a car seems to be a serious matter and coming from one who is campaigning on a platform of public safety, I would think many would like an explanation of this prior to casting their votes.

Oh boy, here we go...

Thanks Sid.



I don't think Brian is the

I don't think Brian is the right person. He is coming in when people are desperate for a change and something better. I believe he will be just like the ones we want out. He has switched his political views and made himself out to be something more than he is. A small business owner? He was laid off and now runs a marketing company from his home. And a citation involving a child restraint. That should be common sense. Things just don't add up.

catlin conflict and butler the landlord

IF WE Are focusing on wrong person--
Catlin will not answer questions on his business dealings with County and State--he plays along to get along serving his interest and not ours.
Butler is a realtor/landlord and as some of her tenants have said on this site she can not be trusted and her practices reflect serious issues with her veracity.Do we really need a Pelosi like Butler?
Causey was a wasteful spender which we can ill afford now-no new ideas just more of the same
No matter how you do arithmetic- we need a new direction and change--do we really want more of the old guard as they try to maintain their grip on power? ABC, CFPUA, higher taxes, few new jobs, excessive spending---these folks were part of problem==Berger isnt perfect but he is a much better option this year.

Brian Berger is Right

You said the same BS during the primary when Berger scorched your friend caster, you're the same exact crony using anonymity to repeat your same vicious smears.
Berger has been active publicly for years, check the record, and that sets him apart from the other candidates. Berger was fighting wasteful spending, the convention center, Titan incentives, CFPUA very publicly when Catlin and Butler were nowhere except buttering their own interests...doing nothing for taxpayers like Berger - who had nothing to gain except following his principles. With COURAGE AND CONVICTION. You clearly don't understand that since you make baseless allegations repeating the same garbage you spewed during the must have alot of time on your hands so why dont you get a job. Berger ever file for bankruptcy since you spend all day researching him trying to find anything, any dirt, and making up garbage to post anonymously. You are a coward and Berger has more character in his pinky than wonder you're unemployed Mr. "I'm a political consultant" Yeah, we remember you and your vicious attacks on Berger. GET A LIFE and stop attacking a good decent person, Brian Berger, you are neither decent nor are slime. Have some courage and tell us your name if you want to throw around ridiculous garbage...the worst you have on Berger is this???? Most people have done worse esp. YOU. Look in the mirror and please stay home on election day. YOU are a traitor to your country and a coward. An Obama fetishist with no honor. Berger has guts. BERGER HAS HONOR. He gets my vote.

Brian is the right person

We don"t know the circumstances and we don"t even know if facts are right- but if we ask Brian about why a kid wasn't wearing a seatbelt- let's ask Catlin about Catlin's DEALINGS WITH COUNTY AND CAUSEY ABOUT PAST SPENDING PRACTICES AND BUTLER ABOUT THE CONFLICTS WITH BEING A REALTOR and a Landlord. Also-have they ever received a parking or vehicle citation-like that matters-although Causey may be safe on this one the other two may not be-although ask Sid about his escapade in Tampa, Florida.
MY POINT IS- THE PEOPLE DO WANT A CHANGE AND BRIAN FOR MANY YEARS HAS BEEN CONSISTENT ON ISSUES- FIGHTING CFPUA and other battles long before this election. Like many others who have commented he would be a welcome change-not because people are desparate but because he is a better choice!

Berger for a Change

Brian was right about ABC and CFPUA. He has been against annexation and Titan--while other candidates sat on their hands. He has opposed incresaed sales and property taxes. Berger has said he wants better jobs so our local economy might get better-not sweeetheart deals for Titan. Under the staus quo and old guard- homevalues have declined more here than elsewhere. You have earned my vote! We need a change from the old guard==or we get more of same.

Berger was right

I did not vote for Brian 4 years ago-I will this time.
Brian Berger was right about cronyism at ABC and the CFPUA. The other candidates were no where to be seen. Brian was one of the first to call for better jobs --and opposed the sweetheart deal for Titan. For too long we have tolerated an old guard that has helped their own and the special interests --not the rest of us.
We need a better road map for a better future--Brian Berger will be my first choice vote on election day for County Commissioner.