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Ron Hewett resigns as Brunswick County Sheriff

READ MORE: Ron Hewett resigns as Brunswick County Sheriff

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- Ron Hewett is no longer Brunswick County's sheriff. He resigned Tuesday. Hewett had been suspended but was still technically sheriff pending the outcome of a May removal hearing. Now he's out, and still faces two criminal investigations. Some say this was expected -- it was just a matter of when. Regardless, suspended Brunswick County Sheriff Ron Hewett had his attorneys turn in a resignation letter late this morning. It's effective immediately. The letter was quite short. Hewett wrote: "I hereby resign my position as the sheriff of Brunswick County effectively immediately."

more on the hewett story here...

After receiving the letter District Attorney Rex Gore withdrew the petition to remove Hewett from office. According to County Attorney Huey Marshall, everything associated with the petition goes away. Coroner Greg White continues as interim sheriff. There are still four state criminal indictments against Ron Hewett. Despite Tuesday's resignation letter those indictments remain. Hewett also remains the target of an ongoing federal grand jury investigation. A call to the US attorneys office yielded a "no comment" today.

What's next for Hewett

Despite today's resignation, Ron Hewett's legal problems are far from over. White will continue as acting sheriff. The county commissioners sent a letter Tuesday to the local Democratic Party, requesting the group nominate a replacement. They have 30 days to do so. Then it's back in the commissioners hands to approve the nominee.

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God have Mercy on us

Because I know some of the deputies who signed the Complaint against Ron Hewett, you can bet your puppies, the whole litter of 'em, I'd rather have Ronald Hewett drunk, on Ambien, or any other condition, than them. What a sorry lot to be judged by! God have mercy on us!

I also know many of the

I also know many of the people who signed the complaint. As a matter of fact I went to school with several of them, and at lest one of them is family. I think they are brave and deserve some respect for what they did. No person should have to go thru what they did, and I think you are sorry for judging them. God have mercy on you!

I.C. Throughit regarding Sheriff Hewett

Dear I.C. Throughit, I.m glad you would rather have a drunk man running our Sheriff's office, because now you can have him all to yourself. No one has said that the men and women who turned him in were perfect, but they nor anyone else should have to put up with the mess that hewett was dishing out, no one!! You judge those who took Hewett out to be a sorry lot? what do you judge Hewett to be? Did you listen to the tapes? Did you read that he mimicked a black women in front of the entire staff? imagine for one minute how she must have felt? If he did not repect the black men and women who worked for him, how do you imagine that he felt about the black community at large? What about his remarks about the women who worked for him? do you think he felt any different about the women of our community? What about the children who where sexually assaulted and he would not even defend the smallest and weakest of our community, you still think this is good? By your writings I can only assume that you share the gene pool with Hewett, but for those of us who do not share that gene pool (and some that do) we are disgusted and appalled at his behavior and do not want someone who feels that way running our Sheriff's department.


From your writings I assume you have all the information necessary to make a judgement. Maybe you can save some taxdollars by issuing a verdict and foregoing a trial since you seem to know it all. From your post I'm guessing you share a bed or a gene with some of the deputies or Mr. Ramsey. Which is it?

poor Ronny. Hope you got

poor Ronny. Hope you got some good life lines out there to send you money in jail to buy stamps and honeybuns.

Ronald Hewett

Yes tonight I am thinking of you Ronald. I am thinking of all the times you have been asked about the drugs in our county and were told "we are waiting for the big man" even when everyone knew where the crack houses were you did nothing but bust small time dealers [if there is such a thing] I think of all lives that have been taken from us the mothers that cry for their children, the kids that have lost their parents, the loss of good people that will never be able to be what they could be. You always said call me I did, Your advise was "we are waiting for the big man" Well guess what? I think my waiting is over.

Thinking of you Ronald

I agree. I've told them where my son was getting drugs from years ago. They told me they knew the drug dealers and I'm like why in the hell don't yall do something about it.My son told me he asked one of the drug dealers, why did'nt they ever get busted with all the vehicles going in and out of there. They said, "Ronald has already been paid that month".I guess that's why. Maybe we will seen a change before other lives are ruined. I hope they lock his a@@ up for a long time. He'll have plenty of time to think about what he's done. Good bye


JUST REMEMBER WE NEED A SEQUEAL TO THE RONALD HEWETT MOVIE JUSTICE ON THE BIG SCREEN> Sorry for the damage to your family by a man that was paid to protect it. Do a NC victim case with the State of NC see if you can get damages against him.

To Thinking of you Ronald Hewett

To who ever you are, God bless you. That was very well said. What Hewett took away from this county cannot be measured in dollars and cents, only in heartache. So who ever you are, again God Bless you.

Hewett has been the best

Hewett has been the best Sheriff BC has had in 30 years. If the Sheriff's Office promotes from within a new Sheriff, you guys will be in BIG TROUBLE

Wilm man...about hewett

Do you not think we are already in big trouble?

not sad

How do you think those officers felt that took an oath to uphold the law then found themself laying rock in his driveway, and digging stumps, and clearing land. What about we the taxpayers who payed them to do his work. We were paying him 100.000 + plus a year. what about how do you feel about having to pay for his son's truck and gas to go to school. Should we not do this also for all county employees? I think they all took advantage of the hard working taxpayers.Don't you think his wife and son and the rest of the family knew what was going on. Don't you think she knew he was in no condition to drive drunk. Why did they not do something about it? No I don't feel sorry for any of them. I'm just glad that they have been stopped!

Children's Gas and School Supplies

Let me just note here again if I may that there is more one than one way to steal from the county. I'm sure many have observed as I have BCSO employees who do not appear to be overworked. They have time and energy to party together on Friday nights when I sure as heck don't. At least Ron had them working! As for Justin...I'm as okay with my tax dollars paying for his gas, car and school supplies when he is going to Law Enforcement Basic Training school as I am with my tax dollars paying for school supplies for other students. I have bought and donated school supplies each year and continue to do so. Let me just add here that I'm much happier paying for Justin's school supplies than for some kid's diapers or daycare who will grow up to be another reason for this country's downfall. You all could use some of his work ethic. He's still a boy. With a little time and patience he'll be a better man than any of those who are blabbing now about all the bad stuff he "done". If those who would have him indicted weren't such jealous zealots, they could have just told him he was wrong. Instead they try to get him indicted. What a bunch of role models! Not!

I agree about them working

I agree about them working for him while they were on duty; it's a shame. They should be able to sit on their backsides and do nothing! They could work for our State DOT;those shovels get uncomfortable when you have to lean on them and how much do they get paid. Oh, how about all those jailed and in prison? How about catered meals and pillowtop mattresses for them ?

Brunswick County is not my home.

I am so glad my family and I moved from Brunswick County. If this is how citizens treat a dedicated public servant like Ronald Hewett, I no longer want to say I'm from Brunswick County. I know that, no matter what Ronald is charged with, he has never acted with criminal intent. He, Julie and his family have sacrificed over the years in order to cater to the citizens of Brunswick County. I have known Julie all my life and went to school with Ronald. Throughout the years neither have lost their morality, Christianity or humanity. I"m sorry to say that the Brunswick County government and employees of the sheriff's department have. Just remember, you reap what you sow. It will come home to you . . . hopefully sooner than later.

Why Bring God Into It?

When someone does now have an argument, they bring God and Christianity in as a crutch! Man did all of this, in FACT one man Mr. Ronald Hewett did.

Several men I bet

I believe this was the act of several men...but only one got caught. We will see a lot more come of this from the Federal investigation and don't be surprised if you find out that several deputies holding different capacities within the department are found guilty of something

reaping what you sow

I guess Ronald is reaping what he sowed?????

I agree

I agree with the statement that you reap what you sow... that is why he is gone. It came back to him. They sacrificed alright, to the tune of over 100,000 dollars a year. By the way we are glad you moved 2. Stay put. Don't come back.

Reap what you sow?

[quote] he has never acted with criminal intent. [/quote] Do you pull your head out of your a$$ on odd or even days? Yea he's fixin' to reap alright...

To Still my home..Ronald Hewett

Dear Still my home, We are glad you moved also. We do not need people who think the behavior of Ronald is good. So good luck to you in your new home.

OK.. Hewett is gone. now

OK.. Hewett is gone. now let's move on to something else !


Why resign unless you guilty of something..I mean if your innocent then dont you all think he would fight the allegations against him tooth and nail...Yea Ronnie has got some ghosts in the closet alright...What else has he been up to..And as far as his retirement goes..He should not get a dime if he was found guilty of crimes while Sheriff..I hope Brunswick County is smarter than that...!!!

Because of pressure

I can't say if Ron is guilty of these accusations or not. It's not my place. I can tell you that a person in his position, facing the charges he faces is up against a tremendous amout of pressure. Ever heard of the , "You can either resign, or we will fire you. How would you like your record to reflect?" Look at the resignation letter, It is one fundamental sentence, "I resign...". You get the government on your back and your enemies pointing the finger at you, you'll realize very quickly how deep things are and how helpless you may be to make sure the truth comes out. I read a lot of deep seated resentment against Ron Hewett with some really mean and malicious comments being recorded. I really doubt that 5% of you have ever even met the man. You use these posts to hide and beat a man with a baseball bat that you don't even know. I personally don't know him but have great sympathy for his situation. Sometimes I think the "Scarlet Letter" lives on in our modern, yet incompassionate society. "The voice has changed, but the breath still smells the same!!!"


How very sad that everyone is so happy to see this man go through hell. THIS is what is wrong with society today. This man has a wife and children and their hearts are breaking. Does anyone know what a stressful job being a police officer is - giving yourself to public service, not being there through storms when your family needs you, being first responders at the World Trade Center tragedy - I think not. I am ashamed to being living in a county with so many heartless people. The only one that we have to answer to and be judged by is GOD. I don't think any of you are scoring points with him right now. I want to wait and see what the evidence is, what great people his so called friends were for taping him - that is not brave - it is cowardly. So sad.

If the allegations are true

If the allegations are true it is cowardly to bully employees and threaten them with their jobs, it is cowardly and wrong to interefere in investigations for political reasons, and it is shameful that a Sheriff would betray the trust of the people who elected him. Being happy with the Sheriff for leaving is not what's wrong, it's the Sheriff's ACTIONS, if proven true, that are wrong, the feeling that he is above the law. He isn't, no one is. I think his friends and co workers were honest and very brave to have done what they did to bring this issue to light. If you expose corruption how is that wrong? And, one more thing, this man put himself through hell, no one else did.


AMEN, I AGREE 100% The Bible says: Judge and you shall be judged. I have and will continue to pray until I die for all the people of N. C. I love you.

Wouldn't those "tapes" be

Wouldn't those "tapes" be the evidence??? And about his families hearts breaking, what about the hearts of the families that he has ruined with all of his "dirty work"? Do they not matter? I agree with you on one thing, it is very sad.

not sad

How do you think those officers felt that took an oath of office to up hold the law and then they were laying rocks in his driveway, or digging stumps, or clearing land. How do you think the people of Brunswick County feel about paying for this work. We were paying him 100.000 plus a year. Also the rest of us work to buy our childrens cars, and gas, and send them to school. Why should we pay for his childs car or gas. yes I'm sorry this happen to him and his family, but it sounds like they all took advantage of our tax dollars. Should we do this for the all county employees?

Guest 5000 and Hewett

Dear Guest 5000, Looking at what you said, let’s clear up a few things. First and foremost, Ronald Hewett put himself in the position he is in, he has no one to blame but himself. However you are right about one thing, “this is what is wrong with society”, people like Hewett, Gause, Gore and a whole mess of others in this county who think they can do as they please. You stated “this man has a wife and children”, what you forgot to write is they were on the take too. If Mr. Hewett had been, like so many other men in Brunswick county a stand up man, his wife and children would not be in this situation. Yes, many of us to “know how stressful” being a police officer is, we have family and friends in law enforcement and no one in law enforcement needs the added stress of a drunk boss who makes sexual comments to them and degrades the black community. Please do not ever compare or use Ronald Hewett in the same sentence as the brave men and women who ran into the Twin Towers, he is a coward, they were hero’s. If you are ashamed to live in this County, then move. Brunswick County is a good county who cares about their law enforcement and will not sit back and watch them be abused this man. You are right about “the only one we have to worry about being judged by is God” and he is not a happy camper with Mr. Hewett’s behavior right now and I am sure that plays greatly only Hewett’s mind. I truly wish for your sake any of us give a darn that “we are not scoring points with Hewett” finally it is safe to say that in our county. The evidence has been posted on the net for weeks. I suggest that you start reading and listening to what is going on and wake the hell up. He is a criminal, he is going to jail (or at this point he has made a heck of a good deal) but the bottom line is his “power” is gone, thanks be to God (and the good folks who stepped forward to prompt an investigation)