Cosby to serve sentence at Philly-area prison

By MARYCLAIRE DALE and MICHAEL R. SISAK, Associated Press Bill Cosby spent his first night in prison alone, in a single cell near the infirmary,...

Trump backs 2-state solution for Mideast, raises peace hopes

President Donald Trump waded into thorny Middle East politics while at the United Nations on Wednesday, endorsing the two-state solution to bring an end the decades-long conflict between Israel and the Palestinians while poised to denounce the dangers posed by Iran.

Police: Woman hid mother’s body, wanted to see it decompose

Police have accused a North Carolina woman of keeping her mother's body at home for months, saying she wanted to see the stages of death.

Florence flooding slowly envelops South Carolina homes

A week ago, firefighters in Conway went to a neighborhood and told surprised residents their houses would flood from Hurricane Florence even though they had never had water in them before.

Official: Red Springs Police chief’s rental units held drugs, firearms

A Robeson County District Attorney's Office release says Red Springs Police Chief Ronnie Patterson's units were auctioned off for nonpayment and found to also have a file detailing a sexual harassment allegation against him.

SEARCH FOR MADDOX: Mom of missing boy says ‘I just want my baby home’

More than two dozen agencies including the FBI are searching for a missing 6-year-old boy in North Carolina.

Vet gets surprise after large donation to Florence victims

A Virginia veteran who spent his disability check on supplies for victims of Hurricane Florence got his own special delivery on Saturday.

4-year-old girl named Florence inspired to help victims of Hurricane Florence

A 4-year-old Chicago girl named Florence has been hearing her name a lot lately — but not in a good way.
American Airlines

American expands inflight food options on domestic routes

American Airlines is expanding its inflight food options with the addition of a light and healthy Mediterranean menu.

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