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Bill to legalize marijuana front and center in Raleigh

READ MORE: Bill to legalize marijuana front and center in Raleigh

The debate over legalizing medical marijuana is not a new one, but it is going to be front and center in Raleigh Thursday. The House Health Committee will hold a public hearing on a bill that's been introduced to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. One Oak Island man is in full support of House Bill 1380, based on his own first-hand experience. "It's time we come out of the dark ages and look at marijuana as it is, a medicine, and not a hard core drug," said David Warren. David Warren is pushing for pot to be legalized in North Carolina, as an option for people suffering from debilitating medical conditions. It is already legal in 13 states. "Marijuana is not addictive. It's a drug that causes little side effects. I think people should have a choice in medicine," Warren said. Warren is in full support of House Bill 1380, which would protect seriously ill patients from getting arrested and going to jail for smoking marijuana if recommended by a doctor. Warren said, "Those who are sick don't belong in jail. They need to be treated with care, love, and respect." Warren uses his own experience to back up his case. He was arrested in 2005 for growing marijuana to smoke while being treated for Hepatitis C. He said he also suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and a seizure disorder. "I looked at the data, I looked at the studies, and I decided that rather than take narcotics, I would rather have something non-addictive." Warren said the law would tax those who grow marijuana for themselves or others, bringing those tax dollars into the Tar Heel state. He is happy to see the issue reach Raleigh, and said there is plenty of room for an open and fair debate. "I believe that God made the marijuana. I've never seen an Oxycodone bush," said Warren. The House Health Committee's public hearing is at noon Thursday in Raleigh.

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Seriously People

I cannot stand it when one weak person ruins things for everyone else. For the person who wrote the reply about their step son, so what. Marijuana does not make you steal. You yourself make that decision. Just because you know he smoked pot doesn't mean that that is why he did what he did. I have never wanted to go out and steal after smoking. That was his deal. Everyone in America that smokes pot doesn't turn out that way. You are taking one situation and trying to use it to take away from everything good that it does. Instead of seeing the benefits you look at your step son who is obviously an idiot, and right off everything good it does. I have severe anxiety and pot is the only medication that has every helped. So before you go writing off all of us that use it for the benefits, maybe you should relize that your step son made his mistakes all on his own. Aside from that, marijuana is known to mae you lazy. Lazy people don't want to move off the couch let alone commit a crime. Don't judge the drug, judge the person who screwed up!!

guy I hate to tell you!

as much as I hate to hear your story there is much more you are not saying... like who was watching out for him when he started acting out, and you say step son, I assume that his home life was not what he wanted (possibly due to re-marriage of his mother or a mother who worked all the time to support them or a step father who made him uncomfterble or not the center of his mothers life) SO he acted out and replaced one dysfunction with another. You are placing the blame on pot when it was the typical actions of an upset rebellious teen. therefore as his life took a turn for the worse and im sure you guys were not tickled pink from his trip to jail. His situation progressivly got worse resulting in his search to get f---ed up to blurr out life in general resulting in his present condition. He needs to find a shrink that he feels comfterable with and can trust (on his level) and sort thru everything. there are way to many people who are oblivious to the reality that each person is an INDIVIDUAL. Pot is a miricle drug for those who need it and respect that like all medications, it shouldnt be used for recreation. but compared to tobacco products and all forms of alcohol it is the safest thing around the carcenogens are expelled from the lungs 1500 times faster than that of cigarettes and ive never met a pot head that was violent when high! Alcohol is another story isnt it. BTW do you smoke, or drink a beer when you get home from work?

Legalize Marijuana in NC

you can't blame everyone for your step son's mistakes...take responsibility for his own mistakes and stop blaming it on one made him take weed or any other drug for that cant sit here and make it seem like all of his mistakes where from the so called "not so hardcore drug" opiates made him do that not the marijuana..which your doctors prescribed him...not the "not so HARDCORE Marijuana"I have never in my life seen someone get addicted to marijuana and go out and rob steal and kill for there next hit of marijuana and or overdose on marijuana,but guess what i have heard of people stealing and killing for opiates and robbing pharmacies because there so hooked on opiates.I'm not saying people haven't killed for marijuana,what I am saying is people don't get hooked on marijuana like an's not even in the same category and your trying to make it seem like it is so terrible like it tore your family apart.If they did a study on two lab rats and injected one with an opiate and one with THC,what do you think is going to be the outcome?one is gonna get fat from eating to many carrots and the other is gonna get skinny and sick and get the shivers and fiend and go crazy for the next ask your self was it really the marijuana..oh it's a gateway drug BS tobacco is the gateway drug and far more worse effect on teenagers and people on the long 2 cents...take it for what it's worth...

Marijuana is to 'gateway

Marijuana is to 'gateway drug' as birth is to Serial Killer, because EVERYONE who was EVER a serial killer was born first.


Marijuana is to 'gateway drug' as milk is to alcoholic, because everyone who ever became an alcoholic first drank milk.

There has never once been an in-depth study to the 'gateway drug' theory. It is thought, though, that less than 2% of people who have ever smoked marijuana have gone on to even try anything harder, and less than .06% actually became addicted to harder drugs. Some gateway, huh?

I just wanted to add to the

I just wanted to add to the "Gateway" theory. In the 80’s the government tried to convince people, or at least kids like myself, that Marijuana was a gateway drug and that if you smoked pot you would ultimately end up taking heroin or something of the like and then end up dead or messed up. In some regards I would agree with this, not because you become addicted and then need something harder (I smoked pot for years and never tried anything harder and no longer smoke pot now, by my own choice). The reason that it becomes a gateway drug (in my opinion) is because Marijuana IS ILLEGAL. You have to go to a DRUG DEALER in order to buy or receive pot. What do drug dealers do…? THEY SELL DRUGS OF COURSE and most of them don’t just sell pot. I can’t count how many times I was offered harder drugs by drug dealers while buying pot. As has been said before legal or not people are going to buy and smoke pot that much is obvious I would think just by the amount of people in jail or with messed up lives for breaking the law. We spend billions of dollars a year to police and incarcerate “drug users” or pot smokers, why? Because it’s a “gateway” drug; if Marijuana were legal how many of those pot smokers would even be introduced to harder drugs. Never mind the money and jobs we could make as a nation by legalizing Marijuana just removing the criminal aspect of buying Marihuana would go a long way to keeping people from the harder drugs.

Your Step son Had more problems than marijuana.

As a person who has served his time for crimes not done by himself, I can tell you right now that the "drug" in quetion is the only reason I was able to fight the bouts of depression and suicidal moments. Due to the local governments Anti Marijuana Laws. I was doing anythiong I could find because I thought my Life was over for the crimes of others, but Then I got High on a potent indica strand and my mind actually went to happier thoughts for the first time in three Years , & I realized I am young & can turn this whole situation around & I have with positive thinking & Pure High Quality Marijuana I am now a success in all the peoples eyes that I used to lie to & hurt with my Drug addited way of life. I am 24, Happily married & father to the greatest Son I could ask for. Thank You for your time & I hope you will try to open up your Mind>

Proud Of You

I am so proud of you my brother. I might not know you but in my heart(no lie) I am feeling all happy inside for you. Keep up the positive thinking and it will pay out in the end for you and your family. Raise your Son in the way of what you've learned and he to shall be estatic with what life has given him. A GREAT FATHER

i have the same problems he

i have the same problems he does but i have a couple more and i totally no where he s coming from id rather smoke then take 12 pills a night

Its going to happen anyway so Legalize it already!

Lead the way, and stop being followers its inevitable like the lottery, why wait. I mean its not going away, so legalize it already!


I say get rid of alcohol and legalize pot and this country would be out of debt within a month and the restrants would be booming with busness everyone would be happy!

Then we would all be like you....

...writing incomprehensible sentences with pitiful spelling and punctuation.

Look DOPE...someone still has to run this country! We can't all be running around smiley, pie-eyed and chunking down the chips.

I thought you would already

I thought you would already know that many successful buisness owners smoke pot, and of the politicians how has 14 states legalized it thus far. or do you really buy the politicions story of "I have never smoked pot but some one anonymusly placed a box on my door step for my wife who was suffering and we danced in the living room"; "pot gave me my wife back" google up millionaire pot heads or go burn one with a cancer patient


okay so you said that no one has died from it, but statistically people have died while high from it so i say they died from it


Go back to sleep ya dam pot heads.........just keep sneaking around smokin yer weed, it will never pass, not in your lifetime. Just get drunk like everyone else, you dont need anymore bad habits.



dude that s**t is so true

dude that s**t is so true alcohol i hate im prescribed marinol but can not afford it so i smoke it... i have bipolar and it works wonders for that i also have ADD ADHD and when I am using what you call pot I can pay attention 100% better i can get along wtih people much better without mood swings and thats like 3 medicines in 1 it is great they should just legalize it

for everyone who dosent know

for everyone who dosent know Marinol the legal pot pill is $900 for a one month supply and is not covered by any insurance to my knowledge...

Just a question. I have

Just a question. I have kidney disease and I am not allowed to drink, what would you suggest that I do? I feel that the legalization of marijuana would not only benefit the people who need it for medicinal purposes, but the state of North Carolina it's self.

yeah that is a real smart

yeah that is a real smart comment "Just get drunk like everyone else" how many people have you ever hear of dying from smoking weed. but your answer is to get drunk that kills countless every year.

The More You Know.

Some people prefer non-addictive methods of relaxation and stress relief. While you try to claim 'everyone else' drinks, you are grossly uninformed, ignorant, and think with a generational ideology that is quickly dying. Lots of people drink for social purposes; going out and having a few drinks is a great way to spend the evening. However, often times, these same people find a strong dependancy to this substance, which only ever results in problems.
Alcohol kills people. Thousands a year. Drinking and driving can affect innocent people, and it is a far cry from the victimless crime of enjoying marijuana. I can safely say that it's not too often you see people go home, get stoned, and then beat their wife.
This argument could continue on forever; the examples are endless. However, one thing remains true. There are two different types of people- Those that smoke or have smoked (enough), and those that have not. I find great success in my everyday life, and I smoke pot throughout my day. The majority of the people that I encounter, including those aware enough to notice, don't think twice about it. I go to college, so I get away with it, but I confront teachers, class groups, and have done presentations, all 'high'. Again, I can't emphasize my success enough- every semester on the Dean's List at one of our state universities. I find myself actually somewhat discouraged sometimes when I excel high, in an environment of mostly 'sober' peers. If I can be under the influence of marijuana, and do better than some 'unhigh' people, what does that say? I think that it says a lot, including the simple fact that a pot smoker is A) not dumb or otherwise incapable of making general, life decisions, B) and amazed at how outrageous it is that people like the person who commented above, are so out of touch that they don't know a pothead when they are staring them in the face. Finally, the part where you say, "get drunk like everyone else, you dont need anymore bad habits," you are assuming that people that smoke pot already drink. What you should know that there are successful, intelligent people that prefer the introspective, thought-provoking effect of smoking pot over the loss of control, slurred words, and miserable hangovers offered by the literal poison, that is alcohol. Alcohol, along with your dated, and narrow-minded perspective, will slowly lose precedence to marijuana as we grow into a more informed, connected, and progressive era of human change.


Its a seed bearing herb that god put on earth for people to use. If legalized the tax revenue with generate so much money the state could use to build new infrastructure and help in education needs. Its not a gateway drug, how can a plant be even considered a drug? Yes it might be mind altering but its a naturally growing plant. I've smoked alot of marijuana and it has never had any long term effects on me or anyone else i know that does smoke it.

I see your response is...

I see your response is lacking a bit. Lets start this information session off with coherent sentences. I imagine you meant "will generate" not "with generate" in your response to the article. I guess that marijuana slows the reaction time.

It is not a gateway drug. Lets take that one apart for you. The way I see it is that after the high of marijuana, the more weak minded people who want to get higher move on to other drugs, therefore it can be a gateway drug. Just because it was not a gateway drug for you, does not mean it has not or will not be a gateway drug for others.

Next, how can a plant be considered a drug?
Cocaine is a derivative of a plant, as a matter of fact. It is derived from the Coca plant (Erythroxylum coca). In its raw leafy form, is known to be a poor mans drug in latin american and south american countries. When chewed, coca acts as a mild stimulant and suppresses hunger, thirst, pain, and fatigue.
The drug we call cocaine is the drug found in the plant.

Does that not count either? The drug found in the marijuana plant is the issue, THC. It slows reactions and responses. See the next bit of this for slowing reactions and responses.

The most laughable part of your solution about marijuana not causing long term effects already showed itself. It took you how long to come up with that lame excuse. This story is 9 months old.

in weeds defense

ok i completely agree with the potential gateway drug theory you have because i have seen friends TRY different drugs but only try. they were to attracted to the mellow feeling that pot gave them. and with the cocaine thing..... it is total bull crap. yes it COMES from the coco plant it isn't the actual plant. did you know that DMT comes from all living organisms and is massively produced when you sleep. this is what makes you dream, however when smoked in its powder form it is an intense high that makes you feel one with the earth and complete ego loss. this goes to show you that just because something comes from a plant doesn't make it right, but weed is the plant it isn't man altered or extract or concentrate it is picked and dried simple as that. so if you have a problem with smoking it than go down a fifth of alcohol and see how fast u get alcohol poisoning. the count of americans who die from alcohol every year is 25,000.... EVERY YEAR. the count for weed is 0... thats not even including drunk driving. so think what you want im pretty convinced that it should be legal.

I have one question, how

I have one question, how many times have you walked in to a rite aid or any store like that in your life for medicine? you probably called it a "drug store" right? well what makes it right for those to be legal when they have worse side effects then marijuana

Alright hotshot

Your comment has totally changed the minds of Americans, and the war on drugs has ended!!! Congratulations, your fantasy land has bloomed. Now lets talk about reality.

First, marijuana slows your reaction time. Um, lets see about that. I work as a line cook making food for ignorant pricks like you, and rarely ever mess up a dish to the point where it becomes severely late. Oh, I usually smoke a joint or two RIGHT before work. Incase you have never worked in a kitchen, it's an extremely fast paced envioment where one little slipup can cause the whole kitchen to collapse. Reaction time huh?

Long term effects...totally took him 9 months. People have lives and dont live on the internet, posting less-than-sensible replies to a topic that will eventually become LEGALIZED completely. It's a matter of time before you right-winged crackjobs are finally out of office and OUR generation will fix what YOU fucked up. It seriously irritates me that you are so intolerent.

Calamus root is a plant that stimulates a relaxed state of mind and can inspire "meditative" states. Should THAT be illegal? Ginger root has properties, when chewed, to calm and bring the user to a state of relaxation. Should GINGER, a product I'm POSITIVE you eat if you eat any kind of oriental food, be illegal?

So sit back and sip on your alcohol (which kills over 500,000 people YEARLY without considering car accidents, beatings, ect) and I'll continue to smoke my joints. When you wreck your car, bleeding out your coronary artery, I'll stand by and watch smoking a joint, laughing. By the way, I had lesions in my throat that where pre-cancerous at the age of 16, and now that I am 19, smoking for 3 years, my lesions are gone. Thank marijuana for saving my life!

(by the way, if any of my grammar or spelling is off, it is because I do not particularly enjoy being totally literate. I know enough to get by and be sucessful, so don't call it "marijuana making me dumb")

So sad...

I suggest everyone watch The Union (movie/documentary). You cannot make an informed argument about this issue without knowing the truth from both sides. Do not rely on what you were indocrinated with as a child. If Marijuana is so evil, why did pharmecutical companies spend millions of dollars creating a sinthetic THC that costs roughly $900 for a months supply. The drug is called Marinol. Follow the money...

Legalize it

Smoked marijuana for 10+ years and still managed a 3.6 in Computer Science at University. I no longer smoke, but I definitely support legalizing it for medical purposes. From my own testing, I have found it most certainly didn't make me any less intelligent and was never addictive. I quit cold turkey easily. We need to come together and stop regulating what people should be allowed to do to their own bodies. If they want to smoke, why stop them? We allow alcohol consumption on mass scales and it has been proven to be far worse than cannabis could ever be.

So wake up residents of NC and help this bill get passed so we can make some tax dollars to help fund State Infrastructure and Education projects.

Just a man wanting the freedom of choice.

In my opinion North Carolina

In my opinion North Carolina should legalize the use of Marijuana. If not fully then at least for medicinal purposes. People need to realize that it is not just going to hop up and go away. We need to stop wasting precious tax dollars on fighting something thats not going to go away. It has been shown through research that marijuana is not addictive and has medicinal benefits. So why not tax it and get a piece of it. Obviously marijuana has been here for ages and there has yet to be any reports of anyone dieing strictly from using marijuana. Although you hear more and more each day of people dieing from cigarettes or alcohol. People need to wake up and realize that there is a huge market for this. And with a market what do you get? Jobs=more money for the economy=more tax dollars=being able to put money into places where we need it such as schools, police force, fire department, etc. The list goes on and on with benefits that come along with marijuana. All I'm saying is that there are a lot of things our state/country needs to focus on rather than focusing on making sure there is no more "pot" in our cities. I just hope that our representatives realize that the pros outweigh the cons and legalize this simple plant so we can help get our nation back on track. Thank you for taking the time to read my opinion.

medical use?

Why is everyone making such a big deal about "weed"? It is not bad i have had friends that have done it and they were just fine after the fact!!! But my question is why is everyone just trying to make it legal with a lisence? Why not make it just legal? north carolina could be the new amsterdam! Im a student and i think that people blow it out of proportion when they accuse teenagers of using marijuana then getting in a car and driving! I have seen some people that can get in a car and be "blazed" out of their minds and drive better than i do! I think that "mary-jane" "pot" "weed" whatever the hell you want to call it should be legalized and not just medically legalized but just legalized PERIOD!!!! I also think that all of these rich high class people that look down on people because they want "weed" legalized should reconsider the facts and understand that the facts are correct! Also people dont get out here and smoke a "joint" and get behind the wheel of a car and kill some damn body! If everyone is blowing "weed" out of proportion then why the hell is alcohol legal?? I mean damn there are drunk drivers that kill themselves or other people! Have you ever heard about "pot heads" killing people because they are "high"? thanks for taking the time to read my opinion!

my theory is that it should

my theory is that it should be legalized!! i think that it is up to the person to decide if it will help them with their problems. not every person suffers the same symptoms, and what is good for one person may not be the right solution for another. doctors are now realizing the benefits of marijuana!! our government says it is ok for someone with AIDS to have this outlet to make them more comfortable. i agree that people with AIDS should be comfortable. but, it is very bias of our government to think that other diseases should not be "comforted", that is just wrong. there are many other diseases that there is no cure for, it is just not fair that those people can not be comfortable as well. we all need to take another look at this issue!! IF IT WAS YOU OR A MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY OR EVEN A CLOSE FRIEND--YOU WOULD FEEL COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!!! i wish for one moment in EVERY person's life they should have to take a look at what their lives would be living in chronic pain 24/7!!! we need to stand up for what's right and make the government change their outlook!!!! they will never change if we the people do not make them realize they are WRONG!!!! anyone that does not have to deal with pain/sickness themselves or have a person close to them going through it, do not think that the pain is UNBEARABLE!!! LET'S MAKE A CHANGE NOW!!!!