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Police: $1.5 million worth of marijuana seized in NC

Authorities in North Carolina say they've intercepted $1.5 million worth of marijuana that was passing through the state along an East Coast drug route.

As hemp industry grows – advocates call for uniform regulation

In North Carolina, the Department of Agriculture sees hemp as the next big cash crop.

VIDEO: Man lights joint in front of judge during court

A contempt of court charge landed a man in a Tennessee jail for 10 days.  

Michigan town ‘stinks;’ Council buys marijuana odor device

A small town in Michigan's western Upper Peninsula is buying an odor-detection device and drafting an ordinance to crack down on the unpleasant smell of blooming marijuana plants.

Police: Marijuana Christmas gifts sniffed out at airport

A man who may have been dreaming of a “green” Christmas found himself inside the gray walls of a Tennessee jail.

Willie Nelson has given up smoking, but he’s still using pot

Willie Nelson may have given up smoking, but he hasn't stopped using marijuana.

Marijuana vaping busts on rise; over 500K seized in 2 years

As health officials scrutinize marijuana vaping, it’s increasingly on law enforcement’s radar, too.

Heroin ring leader sentenced to federal prison

A Clarkton man and a woman from Raleigh will spend years in a federal prison for their role in trafficking heroin.

Feds seek to keep more than $300K in suspected drug money

Federal prosecutors are seeking to keep $173,000 that was seized from a driver in Kansas as he headed to Colorado to buy marijuana.

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