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Bill to legalize marijuana front and center in Raleigh

READ MORE: Bill to legalize marijuana front and center in Raleigh

The debate over legalizing medical marijuana is not a new one, but it is going to be front and center in Raleigh Thursday. The House Health Committee will hold a public hearing on a bill that's been introduced to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. One Oak Island man is in full support of House Bill 1380, based on his own first-hand experience. "It's time we come out of the dark ages and look at marijuana as it is, a medicine, and not a hard core drug," said David Warren. David Warren is pushing for pot to be legalized in North Carolina, as an option for people suffering from debilitating medical conditions. It is already legal in 13 states. "Marijuana is not addictive. It's a drug that causes little side effects. I think people should have a choice in medicine," Warren said. Warren is in full support of House Bill 1380, which would protect seriously ill patients from getting arrested and going to jail for smoking marijuana if recommended by a doctor. Warren said, "Those who are sick don't belong in jail. They need to be treated with care, love, and respect." Warren uses his own experience to back up his case. He was arrested in 2005 for growing marijuana to smoke while being treated for Hepatitis C. He said he also suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and a seizure disorder. "I looked at the data, I looked at the studies, and I decided that rather than take narcotics, I would rather have something non-addictive." Warren said the law would tax those who grow marijuana for themselves or others, bringing those tax dollars into the Tar Heel state. He is happy to see the issue reach Raleigh, and said there is plenty of room for an open and fair debate. "I believe that God made the marijuana. I've never seen an Oxycodone bush," said Warren. The House Health Committee's public hearing is at noon Thursday in Raleigh.

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are you serious? this isnt a

are you serious? this isnt a way to get people high. this is a way to keep seriously sick people from getting prosecuted. They dont want to be on drugs that can possible cause more harm to an already sick body. They want a natural substance that has absolutely no bad side effects. Grow up and realize that our government has been lying to us for 72 years.

PASS IT!!! then exhale

First of all this guy is nuts. Mary Jane has had many years and years of testing through government means, and military means, they both have deemed it non addicting, and basically harmless. For medical reasons it has been proven over and over again to help with many many diffrent ailments from cancer, to katarax, glacoma to hernia, bi-polar to epilepsy. The government and military did YEARS of tests and trials on people, and now the government grows it, well it can't be that bad! Not to mention all the jails with people in there for petty marijuina charges, costing us millions of tax dollars for them being in there. This is just the start, they can market it just like cigarettes, tax it just like beer, and I still believe the death rate on the highways will still decrease, b/c some people will choose that over beer, and Not wreck their car. It was once leagal and some day it will be again. It is too popular for them to ignore, an untapped resource. A CASH CROP!!! As for marketing it someone said "it's too easy to grow so they can't regulate it." Somewhat true. Almost antone with a green thumb can grow it with knowledge, but the gov. has been doing it for years in Seattle and they know how to make the good kind! so on that note, would you rather have some leafy homegrown, or some government greatness??? The choice is yours! VOTE YES!!!! NRG


do you even REALIZE the amount of tax dollars WASTED on a drug war that will NEVER be won? I mean...SERIOUSLY you are going to throw someone in jail for having a joint on them...yet allow people to still get drunk and smoke their lungs to pudding...LEGALIZE it and stop wasting tax dollars trying to stop it. Marijuana REALLY isn't that big of a deal..I know people from ALL walks of life that do it from DOCTORS AND LAWYERS to teachers...HECK we had a president that did it. ALL OF THIS coming from someone who hasn't even smoked pot!

Awake Washingtin and Smell the Bud......

With each state that passes medical marijuana laws is one step closer too getting marijuana legalized. However, if everyone that posts a comment on these news articles would send a email to president Obama, and our elected officials in congress, and anyone else that they can think of, maybe the people in Washington would relize that legalizing, regulating and taxing marijuana is the right thing to do. Also, it is our responsibility too, investigate who we vote for. We as Americans have the right to put anyone we choose in office and we also have the right too fire our representives. So, what we need to do is get our act together and join forces and investigate who we vote for, and get those who oppose marijuana legalization out of office and put those who are in favor of it! The United States Government is out of control, they think they can run our day to day lives and impose the will of the few on the many....I don't know about you people but I see our country turning into another Russia! We need to stop this before its too late, our rights and freedon are in jeapordy!

Legalize Marijuana!!!

I absolutley agree with legalizing marijuana.I have HepC and a Hematoma in my right groin area that hurts constantly.I also suffer from being Bi-Polar.Marijuana helps with the pain and my mood swings tremendously!!!I think that it should be legalized everywhere though,to those of the LEGAL AGE!!How many stoned people do you see picking fights with others,murdering people,going out and causing a 5 car pile-up on the highway??!! Not many!! Just legalize it already so that we can live in a more harmonious society together!!

I am all for the

I am all for the legalization i have constant lower back pain due to an out of line spine. It helps amazingly to the pain.


But Rush Limbaugh said drug users should be arrested and deported from the country. Is the great Rush wrong??? How could that be?

legal drugs

Would that be the same Rush Limbaugh who went through rehab for addiction to drugs?


I see no problem with the legalization of marajuana.Of my friends, I would say that 1 in 3 are using it anyway. Most people are. There is nothing to say that it is addictive or that it leads to other drugs. And it is true that it comes from a plant,naturally,nothing added. What's the big deal....


I am slightly right of center....and even I agree that marijuana should be legalized for medicinal use. HECK LEGALIZE IT AND TAX THE LIVING TAR out of it! The excuses that marijuana is some entry drug into other things...the SAME things can be said from drinking and tobacco use...they are used and taxed for revenue. I would MUCH MUCH rather meet a stoned person driving the opposite direction than a drunk person.

Reason it is not Legalize

I have never used it, but I have always felt the reason it is not legalize is the fact that it is to easy to grow and cure and they can not figure a way to tax it..

Yet anyone can make

Yet anyone can make moonshine and grow their own tobacco... But how many people actually invest the time into doing so?


doesn't seem to be a problem with tobacco...which is a drug.

Think outside the box

Actually, tobacco right out of the curing shed is almost unsmokeable. Phillip-Morris and other cigarette manufacturers add about 400 different chemicals to their processed tobacco to make it taste the way it does. Cannabis buds fresh off of the plant can be used in cooking and after a bit of curing, can be turned into vapor that contains no carcinogens but all of the cannabinoids one would get from burning it. Also, there is a prescription product available in Canada called Sativex. According to MPP, "Sativex is a natural marijuana extract developed by a British company, GW Pharmaceuticals. It is a liquid that is sprayed into the mouth. Made from marijuana plants bred for specific levels of various active components, called cannabinoids, Sativex is similar to marijuana-based extracts and tinctures that were legally available in the United States until 1937. (Such products were manufactured by major drug companies and sold through pharmacies until the federal government banned marijuana in 1937.)" So you call spray it, eat it, and inhale it as a vapor without suffering from any of the harmful effects from smoking it. An entire industry built around making products based on those healthy means of ingestion could be regulated and would contribute millions to the economy. I doubt it will be too much longer before these states that are so deeply in debt consider legalizing, regulating, and taxing cannabis as a means to stay solvent.

Marijuana , just legalize it already!!!

Just decriminilize it altogether. People don't realize the money that could be generated from the controlled sale of marijuana. If citizens were permitted to grow their own marijuana they would have plenty of money to stimulate the economy. How about we take it out of the hands of the dealers. The dealers would be forced to go get real jobs. I struggle with this debate all the time. MORE PEOPLE SMOKE MARIJUANA THAN ANYONE WANTS TO ADMIT. If everyone who smoked came forward to support the cause it would be shocking.

Fully support...

I fully support this bill, though I feel that the State should consider treating marijuana similarly to tobacco and alcohol - have it available to all "of-age" citizen's. There are many, many people who use marijuana behind closed doors, so-to-speak, even those one would not think was a "user". The legalization of this plant could mean big bucks for the State of North Carolina. Legalizing marijuana, and taxing it, would decrease the State's budget deficit. Legalize it, and I will advertise it...

They are trying to legalize MEDICAL marijuana...

Congratulations on your state taking the reins and stepping up to the citizens’ right. Any human with a heart and knowledge of pain should be in favor of this bill, because one never knows if you will be the one who needs medicinal marijuana. The legislators and doctors in most states still view marijuana as a taboo and fear loss of job over support of marijuana in any way; even after the voters decide that they are willing to accept its therapeutic/medicinal value in society. What more do these politicians and leaders of the U.S. DEA need to point out the fact that marijuana IS valuable in terms of medical benefits? It has been proven over and over that it is beneficial (first the DEA needs to absolutely remove marijuana’s absurd “Schedule 1 Substance”). Iowa’s Board of Pharmacy recently neglected to even consider using marijuana for its medicinal properties (sounds like some people want to gain the money from insurance companies from pills rather than someone growing their own medicine). I am an American citizen who has used marijuana before, but do not on a regularly basis in any means. I am also an American citizen who sees that neglecting the freedoms our country is supposed to stand for is unconstitutional. If the voters vote and say yes, respect their choices and listen to them legislators. My state’s legislators, majority of them are democrats, still kill marijuana bills and are too afraid to even hear them once in committee. Good luck and God bless!

Legalize Medical Marijana

It never ceases to amaze me that something that has little to no side affects and has been proven to help people in pain, is still looked upon as a bad thing. A doctor can prescribe you morphine or oxycontin, which both have serious side effects but they cannot prescribe something that is natural with little known side affect. What sense does that make? Given the choice I would rather take something that is not going to damage my liver, kidneys or other major organs.