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More information in the shooting at Senator RC Soles home


A lone Columbus County Sheriff's deputy blocked the private road leading to RC Soles's home outside Tabor City Sunday night. A quarter-mile or so up the private road other deputies and SBI agents looked into a shooting at the senator's home. Sources tell WWAY Soles shot 22-year-old Thomas Kyle Blackburn in the leg when Blackburn and BJ Wright allegedly tried to break down the senator's door around 5:20 Sunday afternoon. Both Blackburn and Wright, we are told, are legal clients of the senator. Investigators finally left the scene around 10:30 Sunday night without saying anything to the media except to tell us that if we tried to go up this private drive that leads to the senator's house, we could face trespassing charges. Blackburn was taken to Loris Hospital in South Carolina for treatment. Law enforcement sources tell WWAY, the decision on whether to charge Soles with a crime will be left up to district attorney Rex Gore. As of Sunday night, Blackburn was listed in fair condition, but the hospital would not release any information on him as of Monday morning. He got out of jail in June after serving a year and seven months for felony breaking and entering. BJ Wright, as we reported a couple of weeks ago, received $8,000 from Senator Soles while serving time in prison, according to prison documents we obtained. We will continue to follow this story Monday and bring you any new developments.

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He isn't dumb

All these boys have shady records and appear to be uneducated country boys. When the truth finally sees the daylight, prosecutors will have a credibility issue on their hands. That doesn't even take into account the loyalty that these boys have to him because of money that has changed hands. You don't bite the hand that feeds you. What a mess..

breaking in?

Who in their right mind would break in a house at 5:00 on a Sunday afternoon? Although, I don't think anyones involved in this entire mess is in their "right" mind.


This just gets better and better.

Another "incident?"

Please go to the DOC website and do a search on Billie J Wright. Take a look at this guy's record. Note that he was just released from prison on the 10th of this month. Make sure you scan down and see all his stellar activity. Then ask yourself why we have a state senator who sends a man of this caliber money while he's in prison. Why do we have a state senator who buys another young man a house and a Corvette? Why do we have a state senator who consistently, time after time, has to have police respond to his home because young male clients are causing him problems. How many other lawyers have problems like this? Are we to believe that Senator Soles is simply trying to "help" these boys? For those of you who want to play one of the three monkeys (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil) do you truly believe that every one of these incidents has been caused by ungrateful young men who suddenly, without warming, turn to bite the hand that has been feeding them? The truth will out. Until it does, just remember that old saying about, "When you smell a rat...."

Don't assume the person that

Don't assume the person that was shot is the victim. Mr Soles could have been defending himself, therfore he is the victim.

Don't assume!!!!

I am not assuming the fact that all of the incidents involve young men!! That is a red flag there! Buying gifts and giving money to a person in jail is another red flag. I do not think anyone needs to ASSUME where this is leading. Pull your head out of the sand!!

Of course he has a right to defend himself...

...but you have wonder why he's so involved with these type of individuals. Why is he giving them money? Methinks R.C. Soles misfortunes are of his own making.

Here's what happened.....

Blackburn jumped the fence at his house and tried to kick in Mr. Soles door. Mr. Soles shot him in the thigh. Period,

RC Soles

You are not from around here are you Guest11111? There is no period in this story YET. When the period comes hopefully we will hear the click of handcuffs. This story did not start in July with the fire of Strickland's home as many seem to think. This story started many years ago. Now as clear headed thinking adults you have to know that when both parties (RC and the boys) keep waltzing back and forth from friend to foe, something is admist. Put your thinking caps on how many situations could cause this "I'm on your side".......... "I'm not on your side" mentality. Translation is "I'm going to talk"........."I'm going to pay". The million dollar question is what am I going to talk about and what am I going to pay you to not talk about??? That is the one and only question that will take this story to a period.

Apparently you haven't

Apparently you haven't listened to the news. You are trying to create your own story which is completely incorrect. Listen instead typing..

Here's what happened

So you think you know what happened huh???? what were you there to view it.. I think know the truth before you say things like that..

rc soles

If you believe that you must have been there. Soles needs to be put out of office.

what happened..

No big deal pardner. I shoot people jumping my fence every day. Heck, thats normal around these parts. "Rootin Tootin RC", the shootin' Senator from Tabor city.

RC Soles

There will be a BIG OMG at the end to this story. I believe this will be something that will truely blow our minds. Possibly more shocking than anything we have ever seen in these parts. This has become more entertaining than America Idol.

What a surprise

And who is surprised by these recent events?


Sen. Soles is now embarassing his constituients and Tabor City.

Perfect Example of a Hypocrite

Soles is anti gun and yet he used one. WHAT A HYPOCRITE! It should come as no surprise that a democrat wants to take away your constitutional right to keep and bear arms but keeps his. In defense of him shooting someone trying to break down his door...WAY TO GO SOLES! Now maybe you'll keep this in mind the next time you try to take away your constituents right to do the same should they or their family need to protect themselves from an intruder.


wow, this is hysterical. i live in PA and heard about the shooting. i have to agree with the people of Tabor City. this senator needs to go. Something is very fishy about this guy. I hope the media WWAY stays on this guy and he gets what he deserves. I think the country is at its end with these, "better than though" democrats.