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Former ABC administrator appears in court


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Former New Hanover County ABC administrator Billy Williams made his first appearance in New Hanover County court Tuesday morning, pleading not guilty to felony charges that he paid for private construction on his property with public money.

A grand jury indicted Williams Monday for charges of obtaining property under false pretenses. The indictment came shortly after private contractor Lee Cowper pleaded guilty to mail charge in federal court in Raleigh for his part in the scheme.

A superior court judge said Williams could serve up to 30 months in jail if convicted and set an unsecured bond for $43,860. That's the exact amount of public money that Williams is accused have paid Cowper for to build a garage on his property.

A prosecutor said he planned to seek aggravated factors in the case.

As Williams and his lawyer Buddy Allard left the courtroom, Allard said it would be inappropriate for Williams to comment at this time. Allard also said a not guilty plea is common in cases like Williams's.

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I hope

I hope the average hard working American realizes that this is the type of crime you are more likely to be affected by. While most have 2 or 3 locks on their front door to keep the "riff-raff" out, there are folks stealing right from under your nose.

This is the problem with our justice system.

We just had a man (Cowper) to admit what he had done, how he did it and who he did it with (Slick Billie). Well, at least he told the part with which he got caught. Yet Slick Billie is going to senslessly spend even MORE of the taxpayers money by forcing the DA to prosecute him? Cowper dropped the dime on him fair and square, the same cowardice most crooks use when caught red-handed. What sort of defense could Slick Billie possibly have with that kind of testimony directly against him?

Okay Slick...go ahead and fight it. Proclaim your innocence and lie some more. This will only add to the penalties you will pay, extend your time and make the feds dig even deeper into your illicit deals!

I'm still trying to figure out how and why you tore down a perfectly good ABC store in Carolina beach to build a new one in the parking lot that was slightly larger with marble floors at a cost of what???...2 million dollars? Now THAT was one Helluva way to spend the taxpayers money when we had major budget shortfalls and people losing jobs. It's a nice liquor store, but the other one had shelves that worked just as well and were NEVER empty. Gotta love that Fat!!!

This man is a theif!!!

He STOLE money from taxpayers. What a cowardly act. I hope he pays for his crime.