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Whiteville High band director fired


WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) -- A high school band director is playing a sad song. Chance Bryant was fired Friday from his job at Whiteville High School.

Administrators will not say why Bryant was let go, but Whiteville City Schools Superintendent Tom Hager said rumors around town about the dismissal are false.

"You ask whether or not it involves inappropriate behavior with a student? It does not," Hager said. "There is a process that is in place right now. It has not been completed, and until it's totally completed, there's not a lot that can be said about it."

Hager said he believes the high school administration took the right action to keep the students safe. They hope to have the situation cleared up soon.

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AYE LEGO ! all whiteville

AYE LEGO ! all whiteville has is the band and sports ! yall gona take that away ?


First of all Bryant was the best band teacher to the people that new him for the years they been there. Not everyone in the band knows Butler and right now we don't think he is the best because we never had him as a band teacher. Yes, he was the best band director when he was one, but the students now believe that Bryant is the best and we will miss him and even though Butler didn't have anything to do with it, since he is our band teacher for now we will be angry and some of us will take our anger out on him. Second, someone needs to tell the band something since we are or were his students. We are confused and there are questions that we need answers to and there isn't a soul telling us anything and that is what makes it very disappointing. All i have to say is this is my opinion and i'm going to stick to it until i hear something i agree with.

Can you say "what?"

Come on guys! I loved Mr. Bryant and sorry to see him go. But this story was pointless. It wasn't even a story. People get fired all the time and it doesn't hit the news. WWAY was hoping to get a juicy story like that other band director. We all know who set Mr. Bryant up. Shame on her! We should be mad at her not the administration. Good thing we won't have to put up with her next year!

I think that we need to stop

I think that we need to stop with this pettiness people seem to enjoy in this little "blame game" we have going. No one is to blame but the Whiteville administration. From what I've come to grasp, they were waiting for some rumor to pop up and give the reason to fire Mr. Bryant. Maybe because he, unlike so many other teachers, actually cared about the students' well-being. He was outspoken, kind, and unafraid to do what he felt was best for the band. He would've never jeopardized such an outstanding program. Throwing stones gets us nowhere.


I went to Whiteville High School and was in band under the direction of Mr. Bryant. Not once in my four years there was there evidence to suggest he was anything other than I wonderful teacher. He taught me more than any teach at WHS. He cared about his students but not in an inappropriate way. He was always there for them no matter what it was. He will be truly missed. It is unfair that the people at Whiteville City Schools have taken the best thing about WHS.

If the rumors and

If the rumors and accusations are "false" then why is there a need for Mr. Bryant to be fired!? Br. Bryant is THE best teacher at WHS and he has put so much of his time into the band. It is because of Mr. Bryant that the Whiteville High School Band has came as far as it has. They had so many great things coming for them in the next few years and this action that the administration has taken is going to jeopardize it all! In the last couple of years, WHS has had so many things happen to bring the school down, and the band was the one thing that the high school still had that was going strong. Without Mr. Bryant, the band will suffer. Most of the students will more than likely quit band, and for most of them band is a huge part of their life. The students in the band are like a family to Mr. Bryant. So tell me how this action is keeping the students SAFE when everyone knows that he would not do ANYTHING to hurt any one of his students. I was once a member of the band at WHS and when I think back on my high school memories, they are all from times spent with the band and Mr. Bryant. I can't imagine band without Mr. Bryant, and I really hate it for the students who are in band now to have to find out what it will be like without him. Now when I think back on all of my GOOD high school memories, they are going to be replaced with SADNESS because of the way that Mr. Bryant has been treated.

This has all started out because of some stupid rumor that shouldn't have been thought true in the first place! Whoever decided to start this cruel rumor should be punished, but don't make Mr. Bryant suffer for something that isn't even true.

In my opinion I think Mr.

In my opinion I think Mr. Bryant should not have gotten fired! Why would it matter if he did anything, he was always there for the band when we needed him. He was an awesome band director and no one will be able to take his place. Band isn't the same without him. Whs is losing a great staff member. Our band was great with him there, he made band funn not boring!

All I Got To Say Is Somebody

All I Got To Say Is Somebody Lying ! Mr. Bryant Is The Best Teacher Whiteville High Had And You Fire Him?? Because Of Rumors? All His Students Love Him And We're Going To Miss Him So Much. I Want Mr. Bryant Back !

Whiteville High Is Falling Apart

All the rumors and accusations mean absolutely nothing to the band students at whiteville high. As long as we had Mr. Bryant and we was doing what we needed to do to represent our school we didn't care about the rumors.It's wasn't exactly fair to the band for the school board to make Mr. Bryant leave right when the new semester started, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SCHOOL YEAR. The investigation could have waited until the end of the year. Keep the students safe??? Whiteville High School students have a mind of their own. Mr. Bryant will always be the BEST BAND DIRECTOR IN COLUMBUS COUNTY. #Hear.Us.Out

How About Try This On For Size?

NO ONE NEEDED PROTECTING. The whole case was brought forth on the unsubstancial evidence of SLANDER. Probably started by a jealous teenager who started something that they didn't think would get so rediculously blown out of proportion. Chance didn't do anything wrong, and the only reason why he's "playing a sad song" as you've most delightfully said, is the fact the the beaurocracy of the Whiteville City School board decided to save face and go along with popular belief before making their own asertations and deductions on the matter. Chance Bryant was a parental figure in the eyes of most of his students, and his class a getaway during the school day. It was the one class you could gurantee any student would look forward to. Of course, he had individuals, collegues, who disliked this fact and the fact that he was not afraid to speak his mind or stand up for himself and his students. He was a phenominal teacher, and an even more amazing band director, and to throw away that amount of progress over something that was started by word of mouth, is an inscrutible injustice that reflects the shallow-mindedness of administration, and most teenagers in general.

so, you think he's guilty?

You know what? There were many teachers at Whiteville High School who disliked Chance. It could have been his blatant student following, the fact the students had to put a massive amount of effort and time into the program, or the fact that he wasn't afraid to speak his mind or stand up for a student who really deserved it. From personally knowing him, he was a smart enough man to keep his conductor's baton in his pocket. As for his "sad song", it must have been a rueful melody indeed, considering the fact that the entire investigation was based on rumors and probably the imature jealousy of some teenager. It is rediculous that he would be the only teacher investigated, especially when there are other male teachers present at the school. Of you're going to check the activities of one male, why not the rest with the same mind and appendages? This is just another, everyday Whitevile occurance. Someone starts a roumor, and in order to save face, the higher ups in the beurocracy decide to go with the popular explination, rather than tinking for themselves and trusting the relationships and intricacies of people they've know for over a decade. But of course, it's Whiteville, and things will never change.

band director

Alot of students have been interviewed about the situation with Bryant. I noticed all the comments about how unfair it is for Bryant to be blamed, but this is coming from those that evidently were clueless or maybe even involved in the situation. He was a great band director, but not the best. He was unable to get the slackers to step up, perform and behave. Butler was the best band director WHS ever had. He knows how to make them behave. The ones that quit the band now are probably the ones that played around and needed to be out of the band to begin with. Hopefully we can get the students that really care about the band to stick together and have a GREAT band again. I am sorry it came down to this, however our teachers have to be great roll models. They are not there to be the students' best friends; they are there to teach. This situation has hurt our band temporarily, but hopefully the Marching Wolfpack Band will overcome this and be better than ever before. If students want to quit band because of this then they were not in the band for the right reasons in the first place.


How did this turn into a competition between Butler and Bryant? I'm afraid that, in your eagerness to speak, you forgot to think and remember what the central issue is. Butler and Bryant are two very different people with different teaching styles and personalities. To compare them is ridiculous.

I have been at whiteville

I have been at whiteville high school for 4 years and Mr.Bryant was the BEST teacher i had came across and i would trade anything to have him back...yea mr. butler is a good band teacher but is just too serious about certain LITTLE things and that is very petty of him. And as for the students who quite, they didn't quite because of Mr.Butler is the teacher now they had other classes to have to help them past high school and some of those students were the BEST players in band and DID NOT slack off. And for the right reasons i hope Mr.Butler doesn't be here very long.

to reply to your post, if

to reply to your post, if you are even a student you would understand that Mr. Bryant was a role model. And as I can recall students apart of the Whiteville High Marching Band were no longer allowed to be removed from band because if that was the case, with me being a VERY talented clarinet player i will take the first out, and show me a teacher at Whiteville that's been a TRUE role model and i'll prove you wrong! Everyone makes mistakes but when you can't find any facts on the situation... now that's just stupid! leave it to Whiteville to disappoint their student yet again.... CONGRATS!!!!

For the two that commented

For the two that commented on my post above. I am not a high school student. I am an adult and parent to a couple of past band students and I stand by what I posted. Suck it up. If you are good in band and love it then don't let anything get in your way. One day when you all grow up and have children in school you will look at things totally different. This behavior has been going on for a number of years now. Not all of the students are aware of the goings on.

Can you say "fallacy?"

In my mind, this entire situation is a bundle of stupidity and fallaciousness. Dr. Hager believes he was keeping the students "safe?" Safe from what? Achieveing a level of dignity and excellence that Whiteville High School hasn't seen in years? That would undoubtedly be dangerous to the Whiteville High School student body. And you know what? It IS a sad song. Not for Mr. Bryant, but for the WHS administration. They must be gluttons for punishment. Failure to successfully improve unsatisfactory test scores? Firing their best teachers? Sure sounds like it to me. If they don't know how to manage the school properly without utterly digressing from the trail of growth and prosperity, why aren't THEY being replaced? They've ruined the ONLY thing in the school that wasn't already completely desecrated by poor administration. I thank you dearly for everything you've done to demolish our high school experience.


Even Though They Fired Mr. Bryant That Won't Stop The Band Students From Protesting Or Stating Their Opinions. Mr. Bryant Was The Best Band Director Out Here And Nothing Will Change That. We Will Miss Him Dearly But The Matter Of The Fact Is He Was Fired Over False Accusation/Rumors That People Started, If This Is The Case Then It Will Be A Matter Of Time Before All The Male Teachers Be Fired. Try Putting That In Consideration.

Another one bites the

Another one bites the dust!!!!!!!!!

If the rumors are false then

If the rumors are false then what is the school administration protecting the students from?

ummmmm, sad song?? i'm sure

ummmmm, sad song?? i'm sure that isn't a fact. and Mr. Bryant was and IS THE best band director Whiteville has ever seen. Because of him the band as a whole were going places, and would have put hopeless Whiteville on the map. He was like a father to the band, now what dad in his right mind would have relations with their own children? Question of The Day. This is unfair, if they wanted any proof instead of rumors they could have asked all 100 of his band students. i'm sure you would have gotten the information you needed.


I don't think it is right

I don't think it is right that Mr. Bryant got fired. If you want to get one teacher for indecent liberty, should get them all ! No one has proof of anything ! You shouldn't assume things !!!!!! Well it is not going to be the same with out him here !! Everybody is quitting the band !!

When The Whole Investagation

When The Whole Investagation Was Going On, Not One Time Did They Question The Girls That Were Also Involved. They Based His Career On Rumors And I Don't Think That's Right. They Should Have Interviewed Mr.Bryant And The Girls All Together To See If They Would Still Have The Same Story. Mr. Bryant Was A Great Band Teacher And Whiteville High School Band Won't Be The Same Without Him.

They did question the girls.

They did question the girls. Not to say he wasn't a good teacher! :)


I don't understand why they fired Mr. Bryant. Honestly, if inappropriate behavior with a student is in question, why aren't they going for the people who are actually guilty? If they believe that Mr. Bryant has had any indecencies with a student then their entire investigation is shallow.