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FIRST ON 3: Charges coming for Whiteville girlfight

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: Charges coming for Whiteville girlfight

WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) -- One week since it happened, Whiteville is still abuzz with gossip about the fight between two teenage girls in a parking lot.

With media attention and more comments on Facebook, investigators say charges may follow shortly.

Whiteville Police and the district attorney say charges are pending against the two girls involved in last week's throwdown and the mother who allegedly drove her 15-year-old daughter to the scene.

South Columbus High School students Shelby Cartret and Alex Anne Fipps admitted on their Facebook pages they are the two girls in this video fighting in a parking lot at Whiteville Plaza.

A police report says the two were fighting over something that had been posted on Facebook. Now a week later, the discussion on the popular social media site continues. Based on the comments, the two may be considering a rematch.

One Whiteville teen does not doubt it, saying fights among young people are common in the area.

"Usually it's the guys, but I don't really hear too much about the girls fighting," said 19-year-old Christopher Reeves, who says the fighting usually does not lead to much legal trouble.

"It depends if you stay around," he said. "I've gotten into a fight with a guy and hurried up and got gone, but I haven't ever heard of anybody getting in too much trouble."

Investigators say that could change in this case. The prosecutor in charge of the case, though, could not give us specifics, because the investigation continues. He did say that video of the fight could play a big part in the trial.

We spoke with Alex Anne Fipps's mother Crystal Fipps today. She told us the two girls were friends before the fight.

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True, but fighting in a

True, but fighting in a public place makes it disorderly conduct which I believe is a crime. If your going to fight, don't do it in a paking lot. Geez, no wonder they call the youth of today stupid.


Teenagers are going to be teenagers, let them work things out how they want. Rather people want to believe it or not sometimes things just have to come down to fighting.

Whiteville brawl

They need some entertainment in Whiteville. I fall asleep just riding by on Highway 74.

Michael Vick

If Michael Vick can go to prison for lining up two dogs to fight, then the mother that lined this up should go to prison for lining up a human fight. What a joke.... WWAY, you are blowing this out of proportion. Leave these girls alone and take a look at your projects when I enter and leave your town. The entrance to your town is a ghetto and so is your downtown area. In your downtown they kill each other. Here we fist it out and walk away. Clean up your backyard with your ghetto TV station. And clean up your embezzling politicians also. Wilmington is a ghetto joke taking advantage of taxpayers...It won't be long before WWAY employee's children grow up and we can read about them in the news. We are all going to be sure and smear them on Facebook. What comes around goes around.

Vick you say?

Well Vick was African American and that's why he was charged. This lady looks to be white and that will make a huge difference. Her lawyer I have heard is advising her to sue the school board and he has called the DSS and 'watered down' the issue. While a African American lady was fired for stealing from South Columbus and she was not guilty, this lady had issues her whole time on the job. But remember she is white so she will have privilage and while it will look like a big deal cause the girls she harmed are white it will be swept under a rug and go away. Someone will ask that a trial if one even comes be put off, say 2 years or more, then the judge will be approached in some backroom or on a golf course. Maybe the lawyer that worked with him in a law practice wil simply call him up. Either way by the time this gets to trial, it will be plead down and this white lady will get her 14th prayer for judgment or something like that. She was telling some at South that her family knew people the last time this happened. She claimed that she was a beaten woman but now we see all her violence shown on TV i.e.the 7 pages of criminal record. She's big and mean looking and has scary eyes so whos going to harm her. She should be in church and she should thank God for having 3 kids that are healthy. Probably she wont even be charged thanks to her friends at DSS.

That's not racial sweetie.

That's not racial sweetie. It's called the real world.

Girls fighting

This would make a good episode on the Fox news channel "Cops."