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School mourns students killed in crash

READ MORE: School mourns students killed in crash

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A community is in mourning after the car crash yesterday in Brunswick County that killed a family of four. Two of the victims were a six-year-old boy and his nine-year-old brother. Both boys were students at Waccamaw School in Ash. The school lost another student just a few weeks ago.

Students at Waccamaw School made their way to class this morning, but many say students' minds were on everything but class.

"The kids, though, I don't know if they can keep handling all this grief," parent Dorothy Warren said.

Waccamaw School students lowered their flags to half staff Wednesday morning to remember yet another loss. Kindergartener Gavin Williams and fourth grader Joshua Williams were killed along with their parents in a car accident involving a school bus Tuesday night.

Their deaths come two weeks since another Waccmaw student, eighth grader David Purifoy, died in a hunting accident. The school district says it is doing the best it can to help the students to cope.

"It's a very sad day, as everyone would expect," Brunswick County Schools spokeswoman Jessica Swencki said. "Principal Beverly Marlow certainly wishes to relay that even though these are tough times to Waccamaw School, as a family, they will get through this."

Swencki said the school had a crisis team in place to help students.

"Through perseverance and really working to do what we can to support the students and the staff here, we feel confident that we'll take this one day at a time and do what we need to do to make sure people's needs are met," Swencki said.

Warren has three kids at Waccamaw School. They ride the bus that was involved in the accident. She says incidents like this really make her stop and think.

Warren says she made sure to let her daughter know how much she loved her before she dropped her off at school Wednesday.

"I just made sure sure I said, 'Come here, baby. I wanna hug you again,' because you know... just can't really express how terrible it really, truly is," Warren said.

The school says when it comes to a memorial, they are allowing the students that were in the class of with the boys who died decide how they would like to celebrate their friends' lives.

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please keep the bus driver

please keep the bus driver in you're prayers and thoughts. she is a victim in this also.

As I have prayed for my

As I have prayed for my family that lost four, I have continued to pray for the bus driver and student. My heart hurts for them as well, because I know this is very difficult to understand. We must all just keep our faith and allow it to carry us through.

Car accident

I am sadden to hear about the tragedy of the family who was killed in Supply, NC. My heart just breaks for their loved ones.