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More cell phone limits in car debated by NC House


RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - The latest effort to limit distracted
drivers mashing down cell phone buttons or checking smartphone
screens may split the top leaders in the North Carolina

A House judiciary committee scheduled debate Wednesday on a
measure that would make using a cell phone while driving illegal in
North Carolina unless the motorist used a hands-free device. Fines
would be $100 or more. State law currently prohibits texting while
driving for everyone. Those under 18 and driving aren't supposed to
use the phone at all.

House Speaker Thom Tillis of Cornelius said this week he's open
to further restrictions because there's compelling data about
distracting driving, combined with the injuries it can cause.
Senate leader Phil Berger of Eden said he's generally opposed
additional restrictions on cell phones while driving.

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New laws without proper penalties are useless

It is a proven fact that someone texting at the wheel is just as deadly as a drunk driver. That being the case, they should have the very same penalties, $1000.00 fine, 1 yr loss of drivers license, hi-risk insurance rates for three years and of fees and community service! Subsequent offenses should also be parallel with habitual DWI penalties.

The "driving texters" laugh and ignore the current 50 dollar fine, yet they endanger my life and my family's life due to their irresponsible habit that can easily maim and kill people. I see at least 3 texters on the road every single day.

A $50 fine for that kind of driving behavior? Right...


Please pass this into law. Most drivers are absolutely clueless even when their full attention is on driving.

I believe we do need to move

I believe we do need to move towards a hands-free cell phone state. I use a cell phone while driving everyday, and most of the time while driving. I use a bluetooth ear piece with voice activation dialing. I seen to many people with the phone up to their ear while driving, all over the road, dragging away, looking around them, or something else stupid. Those people are very dangerous. A fine of hundred $100 will not stop people from doing this. It needs to be some points on their license like speeding through a road construction zone, or passing a school bus points. Also really they should go after people trying to "light up cigarettes and throwing their butts out the window". Its dangerous and more trash for the environment. Those are my thoughts on this matter.


"compelling data about distracting driving" GET OUT OF MY FRAKING LIFE!!! WHAT PART OF THAT DID YOU GUYS NOT UNDERSTAND!!!??? You going to make it illegal to have my children in the car...they are a HUGE distraction...going to take my CD player or iPod out of my vehicle...HUGE distraction!!....OMG LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

If people could talk and

If people could talk and drive, or do anything else and drive, it wouldn't be a problem. But the can't. I can't tell you how many times I've been run off the road or almost had someone hit me in the rear because they are paying more attention to their phone than driving

i agree

The problem is that yankees moved down here trying to force there laws they had up north on us, so go back 95n never closes. The north is the baby you states where you are treated like a baby I guess that's why all the northers move here and force their laws on us and cry to lower speed limits. Go home saffo.

: )

Drive better and you will be left alone.