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Veterinarian, wife die in plane crash near Raleigh airport

Authorities say they've found wreckage during a search for a small plane that disappeared near a busy North Carolina airport.

North Carolina airport: Radar contact lost with small plane

Radar contact was lost with a small plane approaching the Raleigh-Durham International Airport in North Carolina Sunday evening, and airport operations were temporarily interrupted while fire and rescue units rushed to the nearby area, authorities said.

NC man attacked in parking lot after Luke Bryan concert

Police are searching for the people who attacked a man in a parking lot of Coastal Credit Union Music Park after a Luke Bryan concert Saturday night.

Death penalty trial begins for NC inmate in prison attack

A death penalty trial has begun for the first of four North Carolina inmates accused of using scissors and hammers from a prison workshop to kill four workers and hurt eight others during a failed escape attempt.

NC teen cancer survivor uses haunted house to give back

A 14-year-old cancer survivor is giving back to other children with cancer, and he’s using a haunted house to do it. 

Cape Fear economy: Concerns includes pay growth and employment

Business leaders and experts gathered at UNCW Thursday morning to discuss the economic forecast and what's next.

‘Flash drought’ brings dust and dread to southern farmers

Across a vast expanse of the South stretching from Texas to Maryland, there are growing concerns for the cattle, cotton and corn amid a worsening drought fueled by this summer's record high temperatures.

NC man wins $100,000 lottery scratch off, vows to help hurricane victims

A Raleigh man plans to use his lottery winnings to help those devastated by Hurricane Dorian.

Group wants sheriff to allow registered sex offenders at NC State Fair

One group says banning registered sex offenders from the state fair is unconstitutional but the sheriff is holding firm to the law.

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