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Second cyclist involved in Sunday's accident dies

READ MORE: Second cyclist involved in Sunday's accident dies

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The second cyclist involved in the Sunday morning accident died Monday night. 17-year-old Trey Doolittle was taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center after the accident in critical condition, and later succumbed to his injuries. His father was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash Sunday.

The Doolittle family has released the following statement: "The family would like to thank the community for their prayers and support. They appreciate the outpouring from New Hanover High School and all of Trey’s friends. They have made the decision to donate Trey's organs so other families can receive his lifesaving gift. They will share more information about services for Trey and his father David when they are available."

A candlelight vigil to honor Trey is scheduled for 8 p.m. Monday at New Hanover High School.

Thomas Grooms, the driver troopers say hit the Doolittles with his Buick sedan, has a list of charges ranging from felony death by motor vehicle to felony DWI and cocaine possession. Troopers have sent Grooms's blood to the SBI in order to test for all substances. They expect to have the results back to the DA's office soon.

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In response to Guest007, I'm

In response to Guest007, I'm in 100% agreement with you. On my post earlier today I had said a minimum of 30 days for the first offense but I like your ideas much better, 1 year first offense whether it be a doctor, lawyer construction worker, whoever, if you get caught for DWI, 1 year in the slammer without early release ....that might not solve the whole problem but at least we'll know where that drunk is for at least 365 days, all that sounds good but those in Raleigh are too weak-kneed to get serious about a serious problem that's killing and maiming citizen of this great state.

How about one strike instead

How about one strike instead of 3? Or start making cars that have a breathalyser built in. I would have no problem with that at all.

Crimes and North Carolina

My condolences to a family who deserves the upper hand of justice. I hope the DA makes an example out of this guy!

In RE: Three Strikes, NO, it needs to be more severe. Its a felony to steal pine straw but a misdemeanor to get a DUI charge in this state! Something must be done at the Raleigh level.

The assets of this scumbag won't even pay for the funeral expenses of one of the people lost in this tragedy. To me, this is no different then someone commiting murder in the first degree. The offender in this case, chose to consume alcohol, perhaps other substances and drive his vehicle carelessly and recklessly. That is enough malice and forethought to meet even the minumum requirements for murder.


Make no mistake, Thomas Grooms was wrong in his actions and deserves to be punished, but what do you know about him and his "assets"? You say "assets of this scumbag won't even pay for the funeral expenses of one of the people". From where do you gather this data? You call him a "scumbag", but do you know him? Do you know anything about him other than this tragic mistake? What makes you better?

Three Strikes???

So someone gets a second and third chance to kill someone? My husband's best friend was killed by a drunk driver in 2004. It was the driver's third offense, he was driving with a revoked license, under the influence of having been drinking since 9:00am that morning. If the punishment had been harsh enough the first time he was caught, he may not have been on the road at that moment to end the life of a husband, father, a brother, an uncle, a god-father, a friend. Our loved one is gone forever, but this guy only got 12 years. He will be out in 2016 and get to carry on with his life.

These chronic drunks should have GPS strapped to them 24/7 and should never be allowed to ever get behind the wheel of any car. This accident is no different that someone picking up a gun and pointing it at someone. When you knowingly get behind the wheel of a car, when you have been drinking and taking drugs, then you are loading the bullet into the gun. He should be charged with first degree murder since he knew he was drunk and high and he still got in that car.

My heart breaks for the family and friends of the Doolittles. Having been through this kind of loss, some advice...let yourself get angry, talk about it with someone, do not let it build up inside of you. And stay on Ben David's butt to see that this a**hole does not get a mere 12 years for what he has done. God bless...

I understand your anger....

...but you all realize that all of the laws, GPS monitors, alcohol interlocks, prison will do NO good to prevent someone from getting behind the wheel of a 5000 lb weapon when they shouldn't. Those are simply administrative controls and are easily and conveniently bypassed.

The easy solution is to cut both feet off on the first offense, leaving them with the ability to feed themselves. The second offense takes that privelege away by removing the hands.

Remember also, that 1st degree murder has the important component of a pre-meditated and intentional act of violence. As horrible as this accident was, I doubt the drunk driver actually set out with the intent of killing the cyclists. Very bad judgement at the very least, but not premeditated.

Keep in mind as well that these very same results could have easily occurred from someone "texting" while on River Rd. Things happen extremely fast when you don't pay attention at 55-70 mph!!! I see texting behavior every single day I get on the road.

They get a 50 dollar fine and kill people every day just like the drunks. Why is it that the penalties aren't the same?

No Record...

Actually, he has no record....shocking I know. But, it only takes one mistake to cause a tragedy. I hope he doesn't get off easy b/c it's his "first offense". California is a "3 strikes" and you're out state....I say NC should be a "One and Done" state!!! Call a cab people!!!

My heart goes out to this family

My thoughts and prayers go out to this family in a very tough time.

I'll reserve comment on what I think the POS that killed them should recieve.

Two charges

Can we give Grooms two counts of 1st degree murder? He planned on getting drunk, he planned on driving. The only thing he didn't plan was his victims. Nor does he care.

The DA needs to go for

The DA needs to go for 2nd-degree murder on this one. And whatever judge gets this case in his court needs to have the guts to impose a stiff sentence.

Some thug gets chased, and a police officer dies after losing control of his car on the way to provide backup, and they drop the hammer on the guy for 2nd degree murder.

So why did the judge let Jordan Whitley off the hook with a max of 39 months for 2nd degree murder when he got hopped up on smack and Xanax and ran over Phil Tidmarsh? And now Ben David won't even go for a murder charge against THIS waste of oxygen who killed two cyclists?

The DA and the judicial system need to drop the hammer on this guy. And HARD. Somehow, people need to get the message that it is NOT ok to drive when you're drunk or on drugs. The only message being delivered right now is that the life of a cyclist is way less valuable than anyone else's.