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Man dead after shooting involving Brunswick deputy


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- A Brunswick County Sheriff's deputy is under investigation after investigators say he shot and killed an armed man Friday night.

According to a statement from the Sheriff's Office, about 7:30 p.m. Friday, deputies responded to 668 Bayshore Drive in Sunset Harbor, where a man was firing a gun in his garage. When the deputies arrived they were confronted by William Gordon Brown, 73, who investigators say pointed a loaded handgun at them. The deputies tried to use a Tazer, but it had no effect.

At that time, the Sheriff's Office says, Brown again pointed his handgun at the deputies. Dep. Joe Genda fired two shots striking Brown, who was pronounced dead at Brunswick Community Hospital.

Neighbor Chris Anselmo said he didn't know Brown well, but said he was always kind to his children.

"I've been here for ten years, and nothing like this has ever happened before," Anselmo said. "It doesn't make me feel like it's an unsafe neighborhood. It seems to have been obviously an isolated incident, so I'm not really worried about security or safety or anything like that, but I do feel bad that it's happened."

Sheriff John Ingram and Brunswick County District Attorney Jon David have requested the State Bureau of Investigation conduct an officer-involved shooting investigation.

Dep. Genda is on administrative leave with pay pending the outcome of the investigation.

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GOP...hey, Doofus..go back

GOP...hey, Doofus..go back and read the part about liability reasons.....


I'm going to need a little more info about the event before I'm ready to pat the officer on the back and be glad a man is dead, but that's just me.

This man was

This man was 72 years old, I don't know why tasering him didn't work but I think he could have been shot WITHOUT killing him.

That is not how it works

Tasers and sprays don't work on some people. Officers train to stop the threat, not shoot in the leg, arm, hand or foot. Center mass is the main target.

This man was

Shoot to wound is only done on television. Police are trained to eliminate the threat. There have been too many cases in the past where officers shot to wound only to be killed by the same person the wounded. And your are , you don't know why the tazer didn't work.... I'm sure the deputy doesn't know either, he had to react in a split second, not sitting watching the news..... Big difference uh!!!!! Believe me, the last thing he wanted to do was take a life.

Just trying to visualize the

Just trying to visualize the gentleman pointing his loaded weapon at the deputy and shooting him, but not killing him.Deputies are trained to stop the threat and thats just what this deputy did.!!!

FYI, getting shot by a 72

FYI, getting shot by a 72 year old will kill you the same as being shot by a 32 year old. If someone has a gun in a threating manner would you prefer they stop, or be maybe a little bit less threating but still a threat? There is no such thing as shot to wound except on TV. Good shoot.

he probably died up blood

he probably died up blood loss especially considering his age. Many older people are on blood thinners. Regardless, who would want to take someone's life had they not felt threatened of their own? Regardless of being a law enforcement officer or not, that is something you will forever remember but as with anyone else, it would most certainly be zsomeone else's life over your own. Tasers also do not work on everyone. I hate that a life was lost but the man should have put his weapons down and surrendered.

Cops around here are murderers

These cops around here are loose cannon cowboy losers who get their rocks off by perpetrating violence on anybody they think they can get away with bullying. They need to give every single deputy a psychological evaluation and I'd guarantee that not one of these losers would pass. All of them are psychopaths.

If they couldn't think of another way to subdue, disarm or talk down a 73 year old man they're either psychopaths or dumber than a box of rocks.

I live very near where this man was murdered by the cops and I can tell you that I'm not afraid of criminals, I'm afraid of the deputies that believe it's their job to murder innocent people.

It's also hilarious that a deputy tried to obstruct the view of the media, it just goes to show you that a cover-up is more important to the cops than the truth. People have a right to know the absolute ineptitude and irresponsibility the BCSO embodies.

Wow… I’d have to say

Wow… I’d have to say this is the most ignorant post I’ve seen yet. The interesting thing is many of these individuals that work at that office also, at one time or another, fought for your rights to be able to post ignorant rants like this.


Uh oh someone forgot to take there daily dose of Xanax.

You have lost your mind!

First, I am an officer and have taken the wonderful MMPI. And passed. I love what I do but when someone like you accuses the entire profession of being a "loose cannon", I have to say something. Who do you think you are to second guess a split second decision Deputy Genda made. He tried another way to subdue the 73 year old man. He tried to taze him. It didn't work. The first time that weapon was pointed at the deputy, he was well within his legal rights to shoot him. He didn't. He took a less lethal approach. The gun was pointed again. Then the deputy fired. According to one report, he fired two shots. He didn't unload the gun. He was still in control of his actions. I hate the fact that it happened for both families involved, but you are a complete moron.

As far as your other comment, it is not an officer's job to "murder" anyone. Our job is to protect you from the criminals so you have the freedom to sit there and judge. You're welcome. This man made a choice and pointed a gun at a deputy; twice. Would have rather added to the 69 officers killed so far this year and specifically the 31 killed by gunfire? How about the 158 last year with 59 killed by gunfire? We have a philosphy in our profession. We know people like you exist so "it's better to be judged by 12 than carried by six."

Since you some spare time late at night, research suicide by cop. It is a real and growing problem. This may or may not have been, but since you seem to think we want to shoot everyone, maybe you should educate yourself.

The lights are not used as a cover-up. It ensures the facts can be located before the media starts trying the case. I can assure you the SBI will do a fair and complete investigation. They don't play favorites with anyone.

Ignorance of some people

You know it really aggrivates me when people comment on things when they know nothing about the situation. I'm in law enforecement, and granted some officers, deputies, etc. do make mistakes big and small just like everyone else....its called being human. God didnt make us perfect. No we are not loose cannons, we just do what we have to do to be able to go home at night to our families. Any officer would have done the same thing. Yes it is unfortunate the fate of this man but he was lucky the first time he pointed the gun that he didnt get shot then. As for psych evaluations, every law enforcement agent gets one before getting hired. Law enforcement officers do not think its their job to kill someone, actually every officer prays not to have to take the life of another human being because we know it just doesnt affect us and our families, it also affects the person getting shot's families. We dont try to cover anything up we just try to keep info out of the public until we get all the information so when we tell it to the public, its the truth instead of what is believed to have happened as well as to keep the victims name out of the public until their family is notified in person rather than to hear it in the news. I understand you have your own opinion but I ask you to try and step in our shoes a while and see what we have to deal with everyday. Its now always us just riding in cars and having "fun"

Yo! Tough guy!

Ever read the "American Rifleman?"

There are two news reports in it this month's edition, one about a sixty-something man in Michigan and another guy from New Mexico who was seventy.

They were both home when they were surprised by burglars, and both of them killed the burglar with handguns.

I have no idea how infirmed and debilitated you think the average seventy-three year-old is, but I wouldn't suggest dismissing one pointing a firearm at you lightly.

Next time you need help

Next time you need help don't call 911, call a crackhead.

That my friend is against

That my friend is against the law. Officer can NOT shoot someone to maim them for life. Then the officer will be sued for cause the person pain and suffering for the rest of there life. As bad as it sounds Law Officer are trained to shot to kill. If you don't like that then contact the government and have then change the law to allow officer to start shooting people in the arm or leg.

Do you know anything about the legal aspects.....

...of applying deadly force?

The ONLY justification for the use of deadly force is that you were in fear of death or grievous bodily injury to yourself or a third party. When you shoot to wound, you immediately call into question exactly how much "in fear" you truly were. You can be indicted if you shoot to wound and you get a DA who argues you must not have been all that scared.

There are several reasons why a taser application may fail, anything from missing the suspect to only hitting him with one dart, to thick clothing to equipment malfunction. There are also people who, whether due to alcohol, drugs, or simple adenaline, can shake off a taser as if it were a bean shooter.

What's important to remember is that the deputies were under no obligation to even try tasers. The minute this guy pointed a firearm at them they were totally justified in shooting him on the spot.

Sorry buddy but there really

Sorry buddy but there really is no such thing as shooting to wound. You shoot to kill. You are taught to aim at the largest target area which is the chest and that's it. Even then in a stressful situation you just hope you can still hit what you are aiming at.

You my friend are a moron.

You my friend are a moron. The intent of anyone pointing a handgun at you is to kill you. To say "shoot to wound" is one of the most stupidest things anyone can say. Yes, it is sad that this man is dead, but to point a gun at these officers was clearly an attempt to commit "suicide by cop". The only thing this officer has done wrong is that he should have shot him with a firearm, not a tazer the first time the man pointed the gun. And by the way, the tazer is not the all solving tool you may think it to be. There is a percentage of people out there that it will not work on. And there are times when a full contact does not allow the tazer to function. that Ive chastized you enough...go back to watching your TV with the tin foil for antennas and drink another PBR....Cheers.

As an officer I am going

As an officer I am going home everynight. If it comes down to a situation where guns are being pointed.... im doing what i need to to make sure i go home to my family. Waiting to see if someone shoots or not is to late for the officer. Further more if you shoot someone to " disarm" what if they still have the gun or are able to shoot? back to my point of I am going home everynight. period! GREAT JOB DEPUTY GENDA AND ALL THE BCSO!

This man

Okay let me get this correct. You feel that while this man was pointing a firearm at the BCSD they should continue to use non lethal devices until either he stopped or he killed them?
Have you ever had a gun pointed at you? These officers put themselfes in harms way everyday to provide us with a level of safety.
Also they die doing there jobs, when they don't react quick enough.
I do not know any of the parties involved, however I doubt this law enforcement agency was happy about taking someones life.

I never understood why you

I never understood why you would have to drop a gun on your own property right away because law enforcement tells you to. And of course he pointd the gun and was tased before he was shot dead; there is no other side to the story with him being dead.


I think you watch to much tv. Do you think maybe they didn't have time to pick and choose? Maybe they just had to shoot or be shot. You're just another back seat driver with no clue.