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ONLY ON 3: HOA threatens to fine military mom for tribute to troops

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: HOA threatens to fine military mom for tribute to troops

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The mother of a US soldier serving overseas says her homeowners association has threatened to fine her for her tribute to the troops.

Kelly Hill lives in the Willoughby Park subdivision off of Carolina Beach Road. Her son, Sgt. Zakary Faircloth, is in his second tour of duty in Afghanistan in three years.

To support her son and all of the troops, she hung a decorative flag from her door, but her homeowners association said no, even on Memorial Day.

"It's something you can't explain, the feeling that you have for your child being over there in danger and wondering why people can't support that," Hill said.

Hill and other neighbors are not happy about the situation.

"I'm disappointed," neighbor Dawn Schuffle said. "It's disturbing to me that they would ask someone to take something like that down."

Hill took down the flag, but still has her home as patriotic as the homeowners association will allow.

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To those who say "you moved there, deal with it"

This country, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, was FOUNDED on citizens fighting back against tyranny and unjust laws. Military Mom and others DO NOT have to stand for unjust laws, and have every right as Americans to fight them.

American citizens have fought back and protested unjust laws since the Revolution. Patriotic Americans forced the Supreme Court to overturn its own unjust "separate but equal" laws that divided water fountains into "white" and "colored." Clearly, even democratic societies can have tyrannical laws -- so how dare anyone say Military Mom doesn't have the right to fight tyranny like any other American?

Let's go over this again...

If she was suddenly told out of the blue, that she couldn't hang her banner because an HOA had formed unilaterally and was now imposing itself on her will, she would be correct in "fighting back."

She volunteered for this tyranny, however. She didn't HAVE to live in that housing development, she CHOSE to. She could have gone elsewhere.

So she has a right to protest an "unjust law," but it's pretty silly when she said, "I accept that unjust law as a condition of living here." totally totally honest now, before you moved into your snoot nosed "community", did you read every by-law and restriction they had in their 200+ page book? Did I? Heck no! I skimmed over very closely, but word for Did I miss a little? Sure! Does my POA change the rules anytime they darn well please? OH HECK YES!!! Do they always send out copies of the admenments to all owners? That's a BIG NO. If they see something that doesn't sit well with any of them, or suit them, they change the rules in mid-game and keep it their dirty little secret. This happens often, in our community, to the residents who don't join the "Club", those of us who get our tans doing physical labor instead of the golf course, or socialize by playing Mahjong at the center. Do you feel the displaying of this banner, which is in support of the military WHO ARE FIGHTING FOR YOUR RIGHT TO BE A SNOOT IF YOU CHOOSE, is trashing your fine community? What are your personal feelings about the banner? Not-with-standing the POA regulations? Does it bother you to see it? Maybe you should move back up north, or better yet, to one of the countries where OUR fine troops are putting their lives on the line?

CAMS (Centralized anti-American Militant Sector)

I too am a tenant of the Wilhoughby Park. I cannot understand how ANTI-American CAMS is; they claim they want harmony amongst their communitiy but they send their spies out with camaras to police the area, not against thives and/or troublemakers, but of unsuspecting tenants who they constantly harass. CAMS, from now on will mean the Centralized anti-American Militant Sector as thier Gestapo tectics are meant to make tenants' lives misarable. To pick on somebody who has a flag out because thier son is deployed is simply UN-American. They are dictators plain and simple and I feel every service-person who is planning on buying from CAMS, find some place else where Americans are appreciated!

To the spies to Wiloughny Park, GET A LIFE and let others live in peace.

I so agree with everything

I so agree with everything you said! I thought my community was the only one like this, but it must be becoming the norm in the south...didn't used to be like this. I just can't imagine what changed all of our southern friendliness and traditions... (I'm being facitious in this last line.)

This is so sad

As I am sitting here reading all of these posts, I cant help feel how sad these people truly are to complain, deny someone from supporting our troops. To the person that complained ask yourself this.. how would you feel if a terrorist killed your own family? How would you feel if a bomb went off while you were in a public place? I would think you would feel different about these men and women who place their own life in danger for YOU EVERYDAY... protecting that bomb or killing from happening... Firemans, Law Officers, Military put their own life to save YOU... and you have enough nerve and hatred in your heart to not support this cause. I am a PROUD mother of an Army Soldier and another son who is on his way in joining the Marines... and whats sad is they dont discreminate putting their own life on the line for people like you.. They chose to serve and protect everyone, even someone as hateful as you.... I wonder if it was your life in danger and military and police saved you, would you have a different opinion.. guess what.. it is YOU, they are protecting YOU everyday.... How can you call yourself an American and live in America and not support the military or lawmen and women? It is because of them we sleep safe everynight... THANK YOU too all the military and law officers of this great country. Shame on you HOA's board members for allowing this to happen to this family... I do live in a HOA community and I actually have two flags posted at my home and proud of it...


I know Kelly and can't support her enough on this subject. What is the USA coming to, when we have Memorial Day and can't even express it with a symbolic flag that shows support for your troups, which one of those is her son. Way to go Kelly, I am proud of you. Shame on the HOA, that is ridiculous. Sure, rules are set forth, but this one makes no sense and the homeowners should vote these incompetent people out. How patriotic of a person are you if you disagree?

Only in America...

...only in America do we fight, sometimes at the expense of human life, to protect our right to live in a free country...only to choose to live under a Socialist (re: HOA) regime.

It is the land of the FREE, BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE!!

Before making any RUDE or INSENSITIVE comments on here, keep in mind the soldiers have access to computers in order to have contact their families and can see the comments that are made on here about this issue, and it is nothing but a slap in their face. When ZAK does come home, I INVITE YOU TO COME TO MY HOME AND MAKE THESE NEGATIVE RUDE AND HATEFUL COMMENTS TO HIS FACE. I'm pretty sure none of you will have the audacity to do that because it is easy for you to sit behind your computer annonymously and make hateful comments, like the woman interviewed on the news tonight who wanted her face blocked out! Coward. Yes, it may have been a "cheesy, decorative flag", but regardless, it wasn't distasteful. It had been displayed a month before a disgruntled neighbor made the complaint and that is where all of this started. Who by the way is in Violation of the HOA rules for displaying For Rent signs in her windows!!!! She has 3!!!

HOA Rules

I do live in this neighborhood and am disgusted (along with many of my neighbors) about this issue. As for the "you signed, deal with it" people you ought to be ashamed. My husband along with Ms. Hill's son are both fighting for the freedoms that protect you with the right to say those things and give the HOA the right to be such pricklers. I will be bringing a petition around that will allow banners, flags and the such to be displayed on special occasions. These people should understand what it means to have pride in the what you do and your military service even if they've never served. It is an outrage that they would even make an issue out of it in the first place. I am so proud of the actions of the local VFW and the American Legion getting involved to stand behind Ms. Hill. Maybe the people in the HOA should look at other issues in our neighborhood to attack instead of an innocent mother who is proud of her son and willing to stand behind him. I would more than happily pay the fines for her and will proudly pay any fines imposed on me when I hang my WELCOME HOME DADDY banner at my house in July!

I am not ashamed at all

I'm a retired Marine but I still respect CONTRACT LAW.

If you were dopey enough to agree to give these Nazi bast**ds control over your life, then you live with that decision. If you don't like the rules, GET OUT - don't whine to get a special exemption from the rules.

Trust the voice of experience, they don't CARE about your sacrifices.

Hang a real American flag. It's better than all the banners in the world and they can't tell you to take it down as long as it's a reasonable size and in a reasonable location.


Your comment brought tears to my eyes, AGAIN. I am really overwhelmed at the reactions and responses to this issue. I have not heard anything about the VFW or the American Legion's involvement, however, I am truly humbled and appreciative of the support of the Soldier's and my son. I will have my "WELCOME HOME ZAK" banner up when he also returns home in July! I never in a million years thought that this would ever turn into something so unbelievably outrageous!


The following was on the CNN webpage today:

Can anyone stop me from displaying the flag?

In 2006 the Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005 officially became law. This law basically says that no condo board, housing co-op, or residential real estate management group can restrict a person's right to display the American flag on their own residential property as long as the display jibes with federal law and is reasonable.

PUT THE FLAG BACK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It was not an OFFICIAL American Flag. It was a decorative flag that had a large yellow ribbon on it and across the top it stated "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS". I placed this flag up when the Bin Laden story emerged and because of the upcoming Memorial holiday.We are not allowed to install flag brackets, so I just taped it up onto the door. Last Thursday my Rental Management Company called me and told me that there had been a complaint about the flag and I needed to take it down or be fined. Why all of a sudden, after a month of it being up, was I being asked to take it down now, was a mystery to me. So as to not endanger my rental status, I removed it. I was watching the news and they had a ad on there about calling the RANT line to vent any issues you may have. I did that not thinking in a million years anything would come of it, then the news station contacted me and this is where all of this has gone! I had no idea this would go this crazy!

That's not a flag

People really do need to read the flag manual. The flag stands on its own. It doesn't need a yellow ribbon or sentiment to make it "better."

People who modify the flag or make it into a vest, bathing suit, bandana or scarf are not showing proper respect to the flag. That's all in the federal Flag Manual.

Perhaps if this woman had hung A FLAG the HOA Nazis wouldn't have had the intestinal fortitude to tell her to take it down?


That is not a flag you displayed. The rules are for your protection also. not just for you. You have neighbors who need protection from your unlawful action,also. Play by the rules or get out. Quit bitching.


Ms.brendlee99 or Ms Steward:

Still cant over your other attempt of prying into business that you have no right to,You lost there and you 4 sure will loose here, perhaps there is a job 4 u in some nazie based association, O yeah that's right, as a woman you wont be able to open up ur stinking mouth over there. God Bless This Land, cuz here we have choices, even for the most stupidiest of people!!!!!

I can't believe that you had

I can't believe that you had the nerve to use the word "protection",
did it ever occur to you that our military risks their lives trying to "protect" the USA. How would you like it if someone told you to get out of our country because you did not follow a "STUPID" rule.
Oh wait that's not such a bad idea, why don't you move from her neighborhood since you have issues. Don't come to mine, because we don't have an HOA, so you wouldn't be able to throw your weight around.You would just have to learn to get along,just like they teach you when your kids.
Leave your neighbor alone,she's not hurting you or your HOA.Actually
why don't you go apologize, and while your at it thank her for her sons service to your country.

Never Mind...

Sorry, I didn't re-read the article today because I saw it last night. However, I just noticed that WWAY has a picture of the tasteful display of affection for our men and women at war for us.

My familes DOES INDEED support our troops!
We support your neighbors son!
God Bless him for loving you enough to fight for your right to tell his mom to LEAVE her own neighborhood.

Man! What a lotta nerve!

One last thought about insane RULES is that little girls and womens hands are routinely run over by trucks in Iran as sadistic men hold them down for stealing a piece of fruit. Do you think you would make a good IRANIAN. I do!

In perspective now, how big of a battle are you waging and WHY? Why? Oh WHY???

Why Keep up Guessing?


What was it? Why are you so clandestine? Why Please, Do Tell! IT MUST have been HORRIBLE, ATROTIOUS, and Gadawful???

And...There you go, telling someone to "GET OUT"!!! All she did was Break A Rule, albeit stupid rule, but .... so what?!? Fine her or tell her she needs to cease and decist, but don't lower yourself to name calling and pushing your weight around by telling someone to LEAVE!!! Quite possibly, this Wonderful Patriot, you know, the breaker of HOA rules, may have made a mistake and forgot you had your panties in a knot.

Read my post about having a logical argument and NOT resorting to immediately telling people that they should leave just because YOU do not agree with them...

What makes you really sure that YOU should stay???

How patriotic are you?

Are you patriotic enough to put the time and effort in to get the rule changed, or just patriotic enough to complain on the internet?

HOAs in NC have too much

HOAs in NC have too much power. We need new legislation on this. NC is making money of the whole HOA system. You can not build a new neighborhood in NC without establishing an HOA. If it's my property and my home that I am paying for I should be able to do what ever I want with it. Someone needs to make a change. It seems that the HOA now causes more harm than good.


As an Military Mom, I find this to be utterly disgraceful. This is a direct smack in the face to the finest Men and Women of our Nation. My son, who is only 22 years of age, is a United States Solider and more of a man than most. Especially more than the person who is hiding behind the HOA. Who complains about the act of supporting American Heroes? Maybe this individual should reside outside of the United States? Thank God for our military! HOOAH!

You commoners don't appreciate HOAs

I did not move down here to view unpleasant things in my neighborhood or anywhere else. Where my domicile is located, if the Board decides that we don't desire bushes of certain varieties, grass above a certain height or pick up trucks where we have to view them, then it shall be. In a perfect world, HOAs should enforce beautification efforts for all neighborhoods. It is ghastly to view things that are not aesthetically pleasing as I drive. I do not wish to see a house with mismatched shutters, a front door painted a tacky color, boats or kids toys in the front yard! It is not fair that I should have to be subjected to such things.

booboo you poor lost soul...

Sounds like you need to move to Landfall! Honestly, kids toys in the front yard bother you? And I have a pickup truck too, so I resent that comment! How about just paying attention to the road and not looking at your neighbors houses when you drive by!
Sounds like you need to move back to where ever you came from, adios.

Let the lady keep her flag up, I think it looks rather pleasant and a great tribute!

I have to view unpleasant

I have to view unpleasant looking humansd everyday. Let's get rid of them too.

Oh, I understand HOAs All

Oh, I understand HOAs All too well...I think the original HOA was the NAZI PARTY!! If you don't like viewing unpleasant things like the AMERICAN FLAG or CHILDREN'S TOYS, then move to FRANCE!! WE DON'T WANT YOU IN NORTH CAROLINA OR IN OUR UNITED STATES, FOR THAT MATTER!! I didn't give 6 years of my life for YOUR freedom, just everyone else's!


nananabooboo? y'all really think they are using words like "domicile" and "aesthetically", but then referring to themselves with "nananabooboo" in the name? It's hard to judge sarcasm without facial expressions, huh?


whats so tacky about the american flag in the first place? I mean really you live here in the United States are you really so arrogant as to say that it is tacky (no you didn't say it but you did write this ungodly response to an article about someone displaying a flag...)
In response to the rest of it.. WOW.. you really should be proud of yourself... better than the rest of us.. then packing your bags and go live in china, cuba or any of the other communist nations.. I'm sure they'd be glad to have your aesthetically unhappy self.

What a snob!

With all the things wrong in the world, you are worried about grass above a certain height, mismatched shutters, and toys in the front yard??? You must live in Landfall (or wish you were).

Think about the folks who just went through all the tornadoes and now don't even have a home! Some don't even have a life...or a family! You need a serious attitude adjustment. What a snob!