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The No. 1 way to prevent coronavirus isn’t wearing a face mask

As fears over the coronavirus outbreak spread, thousands of Americans are clamoring to buy face masks in an effort to protect themselves, sending prices soaring and leading manufacturers like 3M to ramp up production.

Jimmy John’s linked to new E. coli outbreak

Federal health officials are warning consumers who have eaten sprouts on sandwiches from restaurant chain Jimmy John's to be on the lookout for E. coli symptoms, with a new outbreak striking more than a dozen people in five states.
Flu Deaths

Flu deaths in NC rise to 115 for the season

The NC Department of Health and Human Services reports 15 flu deaths in the past week.

South Carolina girl dies one minute into tonsil surgery, parents say

Parents of a 7-year-old South Carolina girl said she died one minute into a surgery to have her tonsils removed.

Americans are warned coronavirus spread is not a matter of if, but when

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday it expects coronavirus to spread in the United States and asked Americans to prepare. 

White House requesting $1.25B as part of $2.5B plan to fight coronavirus

The White House is requesting $1.25 billion in emergency funding from Congress as part of a total commitment of $2.5 billion to fight the novel coronavirus, according to a congressional official.

Dozens of HIV-positive S. African women forcibly sterilized

A scathing new report reveals that dozens of HIV-positive women were forced or coerced into sterilization after giving birth at public hospitals in South Africa.

North Carolina health officials report 15 new flu deaths

North Carolina health officials say 11 more people died of complications from the flu last week, including a victim between the ages of 5 and 17 years old.

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