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NC woman who nearly died from flu complications encourages others to get flu shot

An Alamance County woman is making it her mission to warn others to get the flu shot.

Death doulas provide emotional support, education during the process of dying

Expecting mothers often enlist the help of birth doula to provide emotional support and education throughout their pregnancy. Now, end of life doulas are becoming popular for people whose loved ones are nearing death.

NC reports 11 new flu-related deaths; 33 for season

A total of 11 new flu-related deaths were reported by North Carolina health officials this week.

Doctor: 2020 flu vaccine not a match for main strain

The main strain of flu that is circulating does not exactly match what is in this year’s flu shot, according to Doctor Anthony Fauci.

Flu leaves a 4-year-old girl blind in Iowa

An Iowa family says their 4-year-old daughter is recovering from a life-threatening case of the flu that left her blind.

Women with transplanted uterus gives birth to ‘miracle’ baby

A Pennsylvania woman who gave birth to a boy she carried inside a transplanted womb says the experimental procedure delivered a “miracle.”

PPD takes another step toward going public

Privately owned PPD took another step toward becoming a publicly traded company Thursday when it filed with the federal Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to make an initial public offering of stock.

First child flu death reported in North Carolina of 2019-20 season

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is reporting the first flu-related child death for the 2019–2020 flu season. 

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