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TROUBLESHOOTERS: Neighbors tired of dog poop smell

READ MORE: TROUBLESHOOTERS: Neighbors tired of dog waste smell

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Living in a townhome means your neighbors are up close and personal. How they treat their property, often affects yours. That's a situation some residents are dealing with in Wilmington's Lauren Place when it comes to a neighbor's dog.

Virginia Conley bought her townhome in Lauren Place in 1997. A few years ago, Lindsey Hull moved next door. Conley says shortly after that, Hull got a dog.

"They let the dog poop on the cement and the little dirt area out that's out there," Conley said.

Conley and her neighbors say hull allows her dog to repeatedly use the bathroom on the patio before cleaning it up.

"The smell has been bad for the past six or seven years," Conley said. "They clean it up every once in a while, but most of the time you can look through the cracks and see the piles of crap over there."

We checked it out. You can smell the feces and see it lying on the patio.

Conley finally moved, but the smell is still affecting her.

"I've been moved out two years next month, but my tenant is over there, and she's threatened last summer a couple times she said she might have to move because of the smell," Conley said.

We tried to get in touch with Hull. We knocked on her door. She wasn't home. We also sent her a message on Facebook, but didn't get a response.

To find out what the homeowners association is doing, we contacted the property manager, Richard Collins. He says because of privacy concerns, he can't specifically talk about Hull, but he did tell us what typically happens in situations like these.

"Generally there's a letter, unless I have the ability to have direct contact, and then I would call the individual and tell them what the problem is and normally follow it up with a letter," Collins said.

Hull can also be fined.

We finally contacted New Hanover County Animal Control to see if they had any advice for residents. Animal Control told us this violates the public nuisance law. If homeowners complain to them, they can investigate and give Hull a citation, but that's about all they can do.

The HOA told us it would go back out there and investigate. Neighbors say the HOA has done that before, but the problem keeps happening. They also plan to contact Animal Control and complain. We'll keep you updated.

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Let's see how much is bleach at the dollar store? And how hard is it to be a neighbor and go help clean this up! Poop cleaning party in the land of HOA! Oh wait do you need permission to clean. LMAO!


I manage Twin Ponds in Nashua, NH. I've been using pet DNA for quite some time to catch violators with TREMENDOUS results.
The system is incredibly easy to use and the implentation for both getting the DNA and catching the violators is just as easy. My property has over 250 dogs and counting and our property is clean!!!! The program is extremely affordable for the dog owners. I can even show property owners how to use this system at no cost to them while keeping the fee
affordable for the renters. Email me at and I will glady provide your community with more information.


This situation would be funny if it weren't so pathetic for several reasons:

(1) The neighbors may be nosy and may be blowing it out of proportion, but they pay HOA to take care of these things and they should expect some help. Also, I lived near a situation like this many years ago while we were in the Air Force and it can be unpleasant,especially in warm weather, but fortunately when you are in base housing, they have strict rules and you will abide by them or you can lose your housing;

(2) I feel for the owner of the dog. Why? Evidently they are not responsible enough to have a pet because they don't seem to be taking very good care of it. Anyone that has a loved pet will keep its area clean and nice for it. Also, it makes you wonder what inside the house might look like - just saying!

(3) I feel for the pet for the above reasons. Doesn't sound like it has a responsible loving owner

(4) I can't believe the news channel can't find more important relevant issues to report on. There are children and adults that are being treated worse than this but do they investigate? Probably not.

(5) Even with all that is going on, those ladies have NO business looking through or over the fencing and bringing in total strangers to do so. I thought secret peeping or taking pictures without consent through fences was against the law!!!!!!!!!!


I'd love to know what actions the HOA has taken to remedy this situation. I’d also like to know what Animal Control response was when WWAY notified them. Let’s face it, HOA is powerless, animal control doesn’t want to and will not do anything (You'd think they actually cared about the dog). How about the Health Dept? It’s just nasty; if the neighbors’ patio wasn’t so close then it would be a big deal. But it is close. And it’s a large dog.
Even if you removed the dog from the picture, for example what if someone placed an open can of sardines on their patio twice a day, let it rot, then clean it up every few months. You'd still have the same issue.
I would stop paying HOA dues immediately, its obviously a waste of money.

Chip Douglas

Lauren Place

These seniors didn't advocate very well for their community. I understand frustration with neighbors and their pets but that is a problem in almost every neighborhood in the country. Property values are in a nosedive so bringing a negative focus to Lauren Place could have an adverse affect on homes for sale or rent. I'm also troubled about "peeking and filming" through a privacy fence. Not sure but this homeowner may have some legal rights on privacy laws.

Wow What A Story!

All these pansy reporters covering terrorism and combat and this reporter takes her life in her hands by going into the poop zone! She doesn't even have a hazmat suit on! Really is this newsworthy journalism? At least Wect and Star News set the bar somewhat higher....come on WWAY you guys are really becoming more of a tabloid than a true news outlet.

I'm going to give my full confession here because by god if I don't I may see my name mentioned on one of your awesome breaking news articles. Ok here it is - A few years ago I was keeping a Lab dog for a friend and took him for a walk, and yes he was on a leash. Now not being a responsible dog owner I really didn't go prepared and Mr. Bowwow (for privacy purposes I am not going to use the dog's real name you understand I'm sure) proceeded to take a MASSIVE CRAP right on the corner of someone's front yard. Well I didn't know what to do so I must confess I just kept on walking Mr. Bowwow. But you know what? Are you ready for this WWAY.........

*****************POOP HAPPENS*****************************


Yes poop happens what if that had been the corner of your front yard that Mr.Bow Wow pooped in and you steeped in it or fell on it poop happens then also. Poop Happens

Wow What A Post!

Why don't you stick to reading Star News and WECT?

Had it not been for this "tabloid", you may have not been able to cleanse your soul.


Ain't that some S**T!!!!!

What this article failed to

What this article failed to mention is what a public nuisance Ms. Conley is. She and the other blu-hairs in that community have NOTHING better to do than cause drama. I am sick of it! I mean taking time out of your day to spy on somebody's PRIVATE patio. Get a life.

I must also give kudos to the news for posting another lame story!


I don't know who you are and neither do you know me. I am not a public nuisance. . You seem to have a problem thinking that I have nothing to do, I work every day and when I lived in Lauren Place I did what I could to help keep that place looking nice and smelling nice, but that is a NUISANCE? Get a life who ever you are. I don't have to syp on that patio to know what is over there, why don't you come out and smell for yourself. Maybe one day you will have a neighbor just like mine, good luck. If you are sick of it what do you think I am, putting up with this for years, I pay my dues and I expect to be able to enjoy my townhouse and who ever lives in it and not smelling that dog poop.Don't put WWAY down, they are trying to help and do there JOB.

Must be the dogs owner that left that comment

Blu hair? why do you pull the hair card?
Just clean up after your dog! Remember you have a tiny 50sq ft patio, not a huge yard that poo can decompose naturally in.

guest_ilm is not Hull and

guest_ilm is not Hull and not the dog's owner.


hahahahahaha guest_ilm.... is HULL :-)

Dog Poop

HOA won't do anything about the poop,however if you don't cut your grass in a timely manner they come running.Everyone next to them should not cut their grass for a while and if the HOA comes around asking why,tell them you can't be outside because of the dog smell....worth a shot


I feel for these people. We don't have a urine/poop problem but we have neighbors that have 3-4 dogs that bark constantly and no one will do anything about it (they are left caged in their back yard 24-7). We cannot even enjoy our back yard without the dogs barking constantly. We contacted Animal Control and they couldn't do anything about it. We are all taxpayers - we should be able to enjoy our properties without putting up with people who could care less about others around us. I am a dog owner - pick up after your pets and care about your neighbors! No one wants to smell or hear your pets all day and night long! These people shouldn't be allowed to have the pleasure of owning pets.

Easy fix

Google Bark breaker and purchase one of the products you see.

I've seen this property,

I've seen this property, It's no normal dog poo smell. Its the smell of months and months of sitting dog poo, Sitting dog poo on a hot, concrete 8x6 patio left by a 70lb pitbull.
If animal control had any respect, they'd be out ther ethe day after the story aired. Of course the HMO cant do anything, thats just one reason I'd NEVER NEVER live somwhere wher HMO membership is required.
In this specific instance, just visulize a meat eater in a small area that never has poop cleaned up. How much energy does it take to pick up poo once or twice a week? have seen have seen the property, yet you don't live out there. Hmmm... Interesting. By the way I think you are speaking of HOA's (Home Owners Associations) not HMO's (Healthcare Managment Organizations. Your welcome.

As a resident of this

As a resident of this community do you make it a habit of peeping through everyone's fences? If so, doesn't that make you a peeping Tom? And if you aren't a resident of this community do you have nothing better to do with your time then drive out to look at this property? Second what does the fact it is a Pitbull have anything to do with the story; and lastly what is an HMO?

If you are going to have an opinion about something please educate yourself enough about the subject to not sound like a pervert or an uneducated moron. I hope the next time someone looks through that fence there is a video camera and all of you go to jail for voyeurism, trespassing, and what ever else they can find. Get a life people!

Its a typo. And? so the

Its a typo. And? so the acronym is incorrect. the point is still there. I never said that I didnt live out HERE. I guarentee you'd be peeking 5inches from your patio if you smelled decaying feccess. - I probably mispelled thta, so be sure and bring that out. Get off the couch moron.

And I quote "thats just one

And I quote "thats just one reason I'd NEVER NEVER live somwhere wher HMO membership is required." So that means you do not live out there. So again my point is still there; why are you driving out there to spy in to someone's backyard. And for the record there are too many misspellings in your reply to even take the time to correct them all- yet I am the moron, okay!

Please change the title

Earlier today the title of this article was not so crass. I realize that the young reporters today have been force fed gross-out movies and TV shows for years and their standards have been defined down. But please, this is lazy journalism. "Waste" looked much better on the front page of this on line news site.

And to the poster who posted about the HOAs...."Nazis" is the plural of Nazi and plurals do NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT need apostrophes.

I don't think the title of

I don't think the title of the article is offensive at all...I would hate to see what you have said if they had titled it sh*t. Seriously, it's no big deal.

Ruffled feathers?

MAYBE MAYBE MAYBE MAYBE if you pull that stick out, it won't BE BE BE so HARD HARD HARD HARD HARD HARD HARD to walk. WWAY only threw in a bit of dry humor for the readers, so get over it and chuckle a bit! Thank you for the English lesson, BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT it appears that you could use a FEW FEW FEW FEW FEW FEW hefty tips yourself. The term nazi doesn't deserve capitalization, nor the full caps used in your inappropriate multiple use of the word "not". And YOU consider yourself worthy to criticize journalism?

They have effective treatments for speech AND writing impediments these days.

Perhaps the HOA nazi's can...

...fine the poopie perpetrators $100,000.00 and foreclose on the poopie pied condo, fill it with concrete, fill the cracks in the fence to thwart the poopie peepers and force all animals to sport a poopie chute so they won't shoot their poopies.

This is THE perfect assignment for an active and zealous HOA!

Maybe these seniors have had

Maybe these seniors have had a tiff and this is simply payback? I have a dog in a kennel with a concrete floor. I assure you, that there is no odor unless you get close to it while cleaning the area. I hardly think they can smell it next door. If you don't like the smell (if there is any) or sight of poop, quit peeping through the fence.


There is also young people that live in Lauren Place that have smelled it and you may come out and smell for yourself, if they haven't cleaned up. Do you think I would be on TV telling this if it wasn't true, not hardly, I have better things to do, thank you very much.

If you are so worried about

If you are so worried about telling the truth Ms. Conley why didn't you tell that very nice news reporter about all the complaints you called in to Animal Control and how each time (all FIVE times) they found nothing wrong? Or about how there have been no complaints filed with the HOA in at least 6 months? Or how there is a professional company that comes out to clean it? The property manager has the invoices on file.

And if you are so worried about the truth why don't you tell people how you went around spreading rumors about your neighbors. Or tell them that your current tenants have a dog too....


You just gave yourself away a professional company has to come out and clean up poop off the patio for you, so the invoices will tell what the professional crew cleanned up hummm contact the manager, post the invoices WWay3