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TROUBLESHOOTERS: Neighbors tired of dog poop smell

READ MORE: TROUBLESHOOTERS: Neighbors tired of dog waste smell

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Living in a townhome means your neighbors are up close and personal. How they treat their property, often affects yours. That's a situation some residents are dealing with in Wilmington's Lauren Place when it comes to a neighbor's dog.

Virginia Conley bought her townhome in Lauren Place in 1997. A few years ago, Lindsey Hull moved next door. Conley says shortly after that, Hull got a dog.

"They let the dog poop on the cement and the little dirt area out that's out there," Conley said.

Conley and her neighbors say hull allows her dog to repeatedly use the bathroom on the patio before cleaning it up.

"The smell has been bad for the past six or seven years," Conley said. "They clean it up every once in a while, but most of the time you can look through the cracks and see the piles of crap over there."

We checked it out. You can smell the feces and see it lying on the patio.

Conley finally moved, but the smell is still affecting her.

"I've been moved out two years next month, but my tenant is over there, and she's threatened last summer a couple times she said she might have to move because of the smell," Conley said.

We tried to get in touch with Hull. We knocked on her door. She wasn't home. We also sent her a message on Facebook, but didn't get a response.

To find out what the homeowners association is doing, we contacted the property manager, Richard Collins. He says because of privacy concerns, he can't specifically talk about Hull, but he did tell us what typically happens in situations like these.

"Generally there's a letter, unless I have the ability to have direct contact, and then I would call the individual and tell them what the problem is and normally follow it up with a letter," Collins said.

Hull can also be fined.

We finally contacted New Hanover County Animal Control to see if they had any advice for residents. Animal Control told us this violates the public nuisance law. If homeowners complain to them, they can investigate and give Hull a citation, but that's about all they can do.

The HOA told us it would go back out there and investigate. Neighbors say the HOA has done that before, but the problem keeps happening. They also plan to contact Animal Control and complain. We'll keep you updated.

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Your Secrets Out

If her current tenant has a dog its not a "PITTbull" that never sees sunlight,until he has to poop on the patio!! Whats the difference between a Yorkie and a Pitt? Also the topic wasn't about dogs it was about the Poop smell thats taking over thats caused by your dog Ms.Verizon!! Do they know that someone that works for them can be so shady?? Wway should have been there instead Topic "Bull**** representative.

I am sorry but what secret

I am sorry but what secret is out? I have never had any secret to keep. And I am not sure what my profession has to do with anything. Does it make the story any juicier for everyone to know that I am also educated with a Master's degree?

Also I think you need to get a little better at your "surveillance." You would know that the dog goes to the dogpark, doggy daycare some days during the week, oh and we walk every night. So I think you should mind your own business. If you have any other problems or concerns why don't you just walk a few doors down the sidewalk and ask me.

If Animal Control had any

If Animal Control had any backbone then the repeated complaints woul.dnt have been necessary. The complaints will continue until situation is remedied


Do I understand your comparison? You do not notice a smell in your backyard because you clean it. Therefore, these people shouldn't smell anything because their neighbors leave piles of poop basking in the heat.

Fences are not impenetrable shields. Not seeing the poop ("quit peeping through the fence") is hardly a remedy for its odor.


Well, poop.

Crappy Neighbor Indeed

This story is the reason we built our site. Nothing says crappy neighbor like abundant piles of dog doo.

neighbor's dog too close for comfort

Same thing happened here at my complex. I live on the 2nd story of 3 levels. My neighbors upstairs deck is directly above mine. More than once uh three four times that I know/smell of their dog has crapped and pissed on their deck and it trickles/pours down on my deck, furniture, and plants. The neighbors on the first floor get more of the trickle down effect and have put plastic jackets on all their furniture. We contacted HOA they didn't care at all never even returned calls or emails (thats what the $250/mo HOA fees get me). I then confronted the neighbor myself she was very care free about results. Animal control couldn't do anything says it was safe living quarters. My only choice now is taking the owner to small claims court and maybe getting my worth of the damage done.


I have heard of that happening. A friend of mine went through the same situation and bought several backs of manure and covered the other owners car with it with a nice little note written out in crap on the window. Seemed to take care of the problem, though I wouldn't call them friends :)

Have you thought

about electrifying the area above your patio or deck? A couple hundred volts, charging through Fido's paws and behind, might have an impact.

Or get a weapon with silencer and fire a few rounds into the upper level patio or deck.

Then pull out the racist card when you are accused of taking action.

nasty dog owner

What kind of nasty person leaves dog poop all over their patio?? Thats disgusting and unsanitary. People who live in apartments shouldnt have a pet if they cant bag the poop and trash it !!! Wouldnt be surprised if the dog is huge and stuck in a tiny house all day alone too. I hate to see big dogs cooped up its cruel.

its crazy that the news has

its crazy that the news has nothing better to do except talking poop. i mean really .. yeah its gross but the hoa takes care of it .. to actually make the local news is entirly lame .. i mean how many other people have to clean up dog poop in there yard .. maybe you guys can have a section like crime stoppers and call it poop patrol .. i am not a pet owner nor do my neighbors smell like poop.. just a person stating my opinion about this story..


not enough doom and gloom in the news for you today? Yes, it is terrible that there are not 5 murders and 3 rapes to report today.


sounds like the HOA isn't doing their JOBS!!!...its called obnoxious and a nuisance....I'm sure there are restrictions against that.

Obnoxious and a nuisance?

Obnoxious and a nuisance? Oh you mean like the trampoline my neighbor has right up against the fence that I have to look at every time I walk outside? The same trampoline that allows his kids and friends to see over the 6' fence into my back yard?

"Deal with it" is what MY HOA said. This busybody can go ahead and move if shoe doesn't like it.

What are you doing in your backyard that's so secret?

Orgies? Sacrificing goats to Satan? Burying bodies? Stoking the still? Growing marijuana?

Who could possibly care if kids are bouncing high enough IN THEIR YARD to peer into your yard? You shouldn't be doing anything in your yard that you wouldn't want to be public knowledge, anyway.

Calm down, Mister Wilson!


are you SERIOUSLY comparing POOP to kids jumping on a trampoline??? LOL...your WAY to uptight...HEY...think of it this way...if its a day she will be 18 and sunning in the backyard with her friends in their teenie weenie bikini's....get yourself a trampoline and have some fun!