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ONLY ON 3: Middle school teacher suspended; Charged with cyberstalking student


BURGAW, NC (WWAY) -- A Burgaw Middle School teacher has been suspended. The Pender County Sheriff's Office says eighth grade teacher Megan Mantooth is charged with cyberstalking a student.

Mantooth was suspended with pay last week after the mother of one of her students came forward claiming Mantooth was trying to pick up her son.

Elizabeth Graham, the mother of the 13-year-old student, filed a report saying there were more than 200 inappropriate text messages sent to her son. Graham says the over-the-phone relationship between teacher and student began June 9.

The teen gave his phone to his parents. That's when they discovered the text messages.

One text Graham says is from Mantooth say, "When I do finally get to see you, I want you to wrap your arms around me and lift me up and spin me around...Will you do that?"

"She got to the point that she wanted to know... she said she couldn't go a day without seeing him and that she wanted to see him now. Her heart was beating five hundred times a minute. I think she was developing a relationship with him," Graham said.

Graham says other parents have also come forward about Mantooth having inappropriate conversations with their children.

The number that the text messages were sent from is the same number WWAY reached Mantooth on this afternoon.

Mantooth did answer and was offered a chance to give her side of the story. She said she would call back after talking with her husband, but she has not yet returned that call.

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that's because he's a minor.

that's because he's a minor. you can't post pictures of minors.


they didnt seem to mind showing pictures of Megan's baby now did they

She made those pictures

She made those pictures public when she posted them on Myspace and Facebook. Or have you paid no attention?


I am just amazed still at this situation. The girl did and she should be charged jsut as any other person would be. I am afraid that this will simmer away due to her husband and mother in law enforcement!! I really hope this feeling I have is not true!! I dont want to see anyone hurt or be punished for something they did not due. If miss perfect little megan did this she should be punished. Its sad that we are sending are children to school and cant trust them with there teachers. People need to be punished for there wrong doings so they learn and others as well.

how did students get her

how did students get her number to begin with?????????

ever heard of

CALLER ID , its on pretty much every phone out there , the number could have been gotten any number of ways, Example: a phone call to a parent of a student, then a kid gets the number off the phone and tells his friends he has the teacher's number , hey um there is also this wonderful thing called the internet that can help you find just about anything

this is for Jessica Smith

Jessica, one more time...Let me try to put this in wording that your feeble mind can understand. Even if you PROGRAM A NUMBER OR A NAME INTO YOUR PHONE SO IT LOOKS LIKE THE CALL/MESSAGING COMES FROM THAT PHONE....

the cellular. phone. company. can LOOK at the messaging records and SHOW the ORIGINAL phone number that the call is coming from--- it is NOT based on what is PROGRAMMED BY THE CUSTOMER INTO THE PHONE= so they can change names, save different phone numbers, whatever and there is STILL going to be a trail of different codes and numbers on INTERNAL PHONE RECORDS AND CELLULAR PHONE COMPANY systems that CANNOT be changed by the customer and WILL show up.

Do you understand, it is NOT as simple as changing things in the phone in the customer's possession?

You can't argue with stupid, people.

hey techsupport, chill with

hey techsupport, chill with the trash talk , you have no clue who your speaking too, calling someone feeble minded really, sounds like you need some help yourself or maybe some love or something you may have missed out on in your childhood, for someone that wants to appear to know it all and have all the answers like you do, you sure do show your weakness with the name calling, let me help you, just a tip , Even a fool appears smart when his mouth is shut. since your so into appearances and wanting to appear so smart


Techsupport I understand that phone companies have those records, however you seem so positive, along with some others that have posted, that law enforcemet checked those records. Just let me share that a good friend of mine was having problems with a neighbor that happened to be a single parent. This neighbor reported her to the authorities for being a pedifile and she was picked up and charged on only this woman's say so. It was thrown out of court for unsubstantiated evidence but in the meantime she almost had a breakdown because of the emotional stress.

None of us have all the facts to make a judgement about this woman. At the end of the day the only person we should judge is ourselves and I garantee you when I find myself ready to point a finger I try to remember to point it back to me! Please don't call people stupid. Not everyone has a technical background but there is something to be said for emotional intelligence.

Victims of Spoofing

Everyone please take time to read about spoofing and then draw your conclusions. I believe this child and the teacher were both victims of this. I'm sure Ms. Montooth has been told not to speak on this while the investigation is pending. This should be a wakeup call to everyone. Cell Phones are one of the most least secure devices you can own.

I was a victim of this thru my e-mail. One day I looked at my "sent" file and all these e-mails were going out from me to everyone in my address book. The message had a link that took them to a Viagra site......embarassing to say the least. Lucky for me I didn't have anyone younger than 18 in my address book! I had to disable the e-mail account....change passwords, etc.

I would love to see WWAY do some reporting on this issue so folks can be educated on how to protect themselves.

I love some of these

I love some of these comments about how easy spoofing is, how easy it would be to fake, etc. Spoofing is becoming more common, there are free ways to spoof... but some of the assumptions here are completely incorrect from a technical side of things. If you guys had any idea of how a mobile network actually works- the tune would change severely. Literally, when you use your mobile phone, certain teams within your phone company can break down the records to show EVERY detail of that call or message- from the content to the time it was sent, the serial number of the device or mobile ip that the request came from (data), the phone number, the type of device, the time, the towers it came from if it's a call, etc. if it IS a spoof, that can be traced as well (even though there is not much a company can do for spoofing).

Whether or not the messages were sent from her can be proven to a pretty certain degree. I doubt the sheriff's department would arrest without either probable cause or some sort of evidence that could be taken to trial that they believe is pretty much solid.


So ten years ago, teachers weren't doing this in my school. What's in the water in Burgaw?
Why would she want to have any interest in a 8th grader unless she wasn't getting the attention from her home life.
I would hate to be in her shoes.

Good Ole Burgaw

In a place where the sidewalks roll up at 7:30 p.m., the flow of traffic is almost nil, and the gossip mills run wild like a junkie in LA, you knew it was going to happen. You gotta look at it like this: There is absolutely nothing going on at any given time, so when something big happens, the people act like Florida drivers in a snowstorm. Their mouths run rampant with a bad case of diarrhea, see the post where the person said Mantooth had applied to go back to high school, and everyone is acting like a dancing chicken. Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending her at all. I am, however, pointing out that those in glass houses are the ones throwing the stones. Putting her kids (who can't defend themselves), and her husband (whose job as a Deputy really doesn't matter), in this makes as much sense as a 10 year old in diapers. It's wrong, and it's mind boggling. Burgaw has always been a place where people love to talk, and always will be. I can say that because I know first hand. Good people make bad decisions, and sometimes idiotic ones. And no, good folks that are reading this, I am not calling her an idiot. I'm saying she made a bone head decision. Is it possible someone hacked her phone and sent it to the kid? Why sure it is; just as it's possible that we are all perfect.

yeah, blah blah blah... she

yeah, blah blah blah... she is too nice.. couldnt have done that, etc etc. Sure she may be nice and no one would think she would do that.. did you think she would make it public knowing it was wrong and tell everyone she was doing it on a loudspeaker! Of course not, everyone has secrets to hide and this may have been hers.
Yes, indeed innocent till proven guilty. But remember folks that goes both ways. Stop claiming she is innocent when she has not proven to be innocent yet, or guilty for that matter. The facts will come out in court next month on the 21st and may be delayed from there. Innocent? Guilty? No one is to say but if she is guilty its disgusting and she deserves some jail time and never to be around kids that age. Anyone looks good on the outside, its their dark secrets that they hide and hope never get exposed. Sometimes they slip up, which may be the case here.

this can be faked for free in less than a minute

so you want proof it can be faked , check this out everyone take a stroll on over to the verizon wireless web page , then go to messaging and click send a text message , on that page you can send a text from any number to any number, even if they are not verizon numbers, and the person will receive it in seconds and it will come up on your phone as a text sent from whatever number you put into the "from" box . there you have it a fake text sent for free in less than a minute, SO EASY A 13 YEAR OLD COULD DO IT! Leave Megan alone!!! my guess is, this is an infatuated boy that wanted to act like the pretty young teacher liked him , in an effort to show off to his friends in order to feel special

Matthew, with the site in

Matthew, with the site in question you can send it from the number on the site, however, in the actual text records that the phone company has- it will show that this message originated from the website versus an actual phone... you would be able to tell by a code in the mobile reporting records- so even though you can show any number... the records actually prove where the text originates from by mobile switching centers and other data that is only available to tech/legal/network.


ya i know the details of how this stuff works , i used to process legal request for phone records from sheriff departments all the time while working for a large telecom company ,its also the reason with 100% certainty that I know these things can be faked very easily , the phone records will come out in court , but i doubt the sheriffs office got them that quickly as this is a legel process even for them to secure that kind of information, so mr tech support try not to act like you know it all , especially when you have no idea who your speaking to and about , how about everybody commenting negatively against megan and her family, try getting a life and keeping your mean hateful comments to yourself


Really? Tell me then, how do you fake phone records? Use some sense man. Do you really think that all it took to obtain an order for arrest was for a deputy to look at the kid's phone and see her number? I can assure you that the records from her phone company were subpoenaed.

Maybe someone there altered the records and framed her! This is, after all, one big conspiracy. Oh the drama...

ok people lets clear this

ok people lets clear this up, Pre Court Charges are simply accusations, and anyone can bring charges against anyone for numerous reasons , She has not been found guilty , and is not in jail , just to set the record straight. Also she is on leave from her job with pay, now if there was rock solid proof of guilt do you really beleive her job would still be paying her while on leave , lets use our brains folks , at least just a little , could we , please

This is such a sad situation.

This is such a sad situation.

I can't help but notice how

I can't help but notice how many people are saying that there's no way this woman could have done what she's accused of. Typically, the crowd on here completely bashes the "low-lifes" and "thugs" that have been arrested, and screams for them to be locked up and for the key to be thrown away. Is it because she's a pretty young white girl? I usually can't stand it when someone plays the race-card, especially as an excuse for bad behaviour, but I just have to wonder why there is such an outpouring of support in this case when the norm of this website is swift condemnation of the accused. Surely these posters can't all be personal friends with this woman to know her well enough to make an informed decision as to her character. Just remember, no matter how nice and pleasant someone seems, you never really know what lies underneath. Almost every time a serial killer is arrested, their neighbors talk about how nice and pleasant people they were. I am personally going to wait and see how this unfolds before I make my decision about her...

How can you draw the race card on THIS one?

I thought I had seen the race card thrown at nearly every situation. That is, until I read your rediculous post! The "low-lifes" and "thugs" you reference usually are identifiable due to their extensive criminal records, the types of crimes they commit, their demeanor and their appearance. They also come in black white, yellow and red. The outpouring of support for this young lady is attributable to several factors. One is her LACK of a criminal history. TWO is her outstanding performance as a child educator. THREE, she is a family person with children of her own. FOUR, cellphones are absolutely the most unsecure method of communication available and EASILY altered by hackers to do the very same thing this woman is accused of. I am not even allowed to have a cell phone in my possession at work due to thier inherent security risks and the corporate information I have access to.
So, do you now understand the difference between "thugs" and "pretty young white girls" as you so term them? Oh...and to mention one other tidbit, nobody gives a hooie about what YOUR decision is about her! It isn't worth a plug nickel...

I don't lean either way on her guilt or innocence, but I do hope some serious investigation will bring out the truth. I think the entire scenario looks might fishy. I also hope you can find it within yourself to get that big, fat chip off of your shoulder! It will help you live longer and happier to rid youself of that acid in your soul.


You said it all.

Chill out - I'm not playing

Chill out - I'm not playing the race card. I was simply asking a question, wondering if she had so much support because of the way she looks. I'm a white guy raised in the suburbs who
get fed-up when minorities use race as an excuse as to why they're being arrested, unemployed, etc. I was just posing the question as to why she has so much support when she is an accused stalker, and possibly a pedophile. This type of crime, the victimization of children, is about as bad as you can get. I also don't have a chip on my shoulder. I just think it's curious as to why everyone thinks she couldn't have done it.

Criminal history has nothing to do with guilt or innocence. I don't think Ted Bundy had a criminal history before becomeing a mass-murderer. And people loved him. You mentioned appearance, Bundy dressed like he came from the country club. The Duke LAX boys (also white) were condemned by the DA, the press, and the general public, but they turned out to be innocent. You just never know until the truth comes out in the end.

I was curious as to why people who have never even heard of this girl are so quick to say she's innocent without waiting for the facts to come out, but usually completely trash others as soon as the story of the arrest is printed.

Re-read my post, you still appear confused.

I explained to you why she has so much support. I explained the difference between "thugs and low-lifes" vs. upstanding citizens that contribute positively to our society. I did NOT explain why some serial killers slither through society hiding themselves in sheeps clothing as that was NOT on topic. I'm sorry, but to see a dreadlock encrusted thug that has a 10 page felony laced rap sheet get arrested for armed robbery would lend one to believe, "He probably did it!". It isn't about color, it is about lifestyle and history.

The teacher does not have a criminal record, she is an upstanding child educator, has a pleasant appearance and demeanor and is accused of a crime that COULD easily be perpetrated by a hacker. "NECKO" on the other hand, has a head full of black snakes, a tattoo on side of his neck, has multple felony drug convictions, has a punk-a$$ed demeanor and will now serve 35 years in the clinker for dealing drugs. Do these facts do anything to satisfy your curiosity?

Now, I can guarantee you that the investigators will get to the end of this in short order. I can also guarantee you that IF it is found and proven that she actually commited these offenses herself, NOBODY will continue to support her, including myself.

While a lot of people posting here would like to see 5 gallons of gaoline poured over this teachers head and ignited without trial, I tend to think the whole scenario just doesn't add up and smells mighty fishy! I can't wait to see the FACTS!

Remember, this woman is not a convicted serial murderer like Bundy or Dahmer as you tend to compare. She is accused of "allegedly" sending inappropriate text messages to a student. There's a weeeee bit a gap there, don't you think?

you crazy locals!

You local folks are pure comedy right out of Mayberry. You WANT to believe she is not capable of acting this way. "She was my teacher, she gave me good grades", "She is too nice", "She is a good christian". Take of your rose colored glasses people, no one wants you to see their bad side. Of course you think she is nice. But what does that have to do with anything that happened? The 13yr old boy must think she is nice too right? Maybe she is a good cook also, and probably knits well judging by looking the picture here. So what! Does not pertain to the charges at hand so quit it already with all the she is nice comments. The ones with all the nice sweet things to say are just locals, friends or students. And also shows how your not very nice yourself by not considering the victims which are the family of the boy. Now the boy he could be a saint, and a christian and a nice person also... or he could be a royal jerk. But again that is irrelevant to the charges.
Case in point: Hitler was LOVED by his people, they thought he was nice and a good cook also. But the rest of the world saw him differently considering what he was doing.

1.This ladies husband is an officer or detective for the Pender County Sheriff. Her mom also holds some title there, sorry not sure what but its more than a secretary. Dont you think the charges were seriously looked at with more than a reasonable doubt before they charged her? The proof has to be there plain as day for her to be charged considering this. If you get a chance to watch the video of this story, slow down or pause when they show the cellphone. Read some more of the messages they did not mention. The messages she sent are very sexual and leading up to a meet, she was obviously waiting for the right moment and really working up the sexual tension between them. If that does not make your stomach turn, then your not human.

2. But if all that is not enough for you, and the hero which is still innocent in your minds needs saving. Then relax, considering the husbands position at the Pender County Sherrif the "good Ole boy" system will pull thru for her. This will all magically disappear soon enough and evidence will be intentionally with-held at her court appearance that could possibly incriminate her.


I have know both Megan and her husband since we were all fairly young. I have never seen any action on her part to suggest she would do anything like this. In fact both of them are upstanding citizens as far as I'm concerned. I'm extremely disappointed that her husband and his job have been dragged into this as well as their children. The media should have bit more tact than that. Though judging by this board perhaps that's something we're all lacking. While her purported actions are offensive to me I still want to hear proof that goes beyond the electronic messages that are so easily modified. I for one will wait until her day in court to see what her actions really were.

As some have stated Pender County does not look very good in the public light at the moment. Three seperate cases including this one have been on the front page of the local news involving local officials or county employees. While this does upset me I would like to point out that all of the other local counties have had issues with public figures recently and that someone who would commment disparagingly of another county's residents might want to clean up their own backyard before borrowing trouble from their neighbors.

Amen! I've dealt with the

Amen! I've dealt with the court system itself, dealing with something totally different, and it can be a circus! I do not trust the court system, after what I was put through. I believe that the positions that Ms. Mantooth's family holds in the Sheriff's Department could really hurt the victim's case. It's wrong, as wrong can be. But we do live in a crooked society. But I pray that justice is served. I know the truth and my God does too. If justice is not served here on this earth, there will come a point and time that it will be. And I surely would hate to be the one to answer to that. And I am a strong believer in "What comes around, goes around".

i can tell you right now

i can tell you right now that megan would never n a million years do somethen like this... shes my family and i love her to death. this is redicuals and i dont believe it one bit. The good lords gonna handle this and some of you ppl will be put to shame for what you have accused her of doing. always have to assume that someone is guilty b4 anyone even has there facts right. REDUCLAS!!!!

For future reference

It's *ridiculous