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ONLY ON 3: Middle school teacher suspended; Charged with cyberstalking student


BURGAW, NC (WWAY) -- A Burgaw Middle School teacher has been suspended. The Pender County Sheriff's Office says eighth grade teacher Megan Mantooth is charged with cyberstalking a student.

Mantooth was suspended with pay last week after the mother of one of her students came forward claiming Mantooth was trying to pick up her son.

Elizabeth Graham, the mother of the 13-year-old student, filed a report saying there were more than 200 inappropriate text messages sent to her son. Graham says the over-the-phone relationship between teacher and student began June 9.

The teen gave his phone to his parents. That's when they discovered the text messages.

One text Graham says is from Mantooth say, "When I do finally get to see you, I want you to wrap your arms around me and lift me up and spin me around...Will you do that?"

"She got to the point that she wanted to know... she said she couldn't go a day without seeing him and that she wanted to see him now. Her heart was beating five hundred times a minute. I think she was developing a relationship with him," Graham said.

Graham says other parents have also come forward about Mantooth having inappropriate conversations with their children.

The number that the text messages were sent from is the same number WWAY reached Mantooth on this afternoon.

Mantooth did answer and was offered a chance to give her side of the story. She said she would call back after talking with her husband, but she has not yet returned that call.

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Teacher (Adult) 13-year-old (child)

First of all, for those of you defending Ms. Mantooth, I am sure she can use all the support she can get. I too think very highly of this young woman as a teacher. I do think the situation is a shame and I too hope is just a big misunderstanding. However, I do not think anyone should slam this mother who was brave enough to be interviewed on TV, this mother did what EVERY parent in this situation SHOULD do and report these kind of situations immediately to authorities. This is a child and any good parent would do the same thing. This never should have happened to even become a misunderstanding. And yes, the truth will come out eventually, but obviously there is enough to charge her with what they have, and I am in total shock, and the tough part is as a parent, how do I explain this to my children, who Ms Mantooth has taught. Its sad situation for everyone involved. Hopefully Ms. Mantooth will get the help she needs and she will at least admit to what she has and to what she has not done, to bring closure to some of the mess, as they say The truth will set you free, and her family and real friends will still love and support her through that.

I too pray for Ms. Mantooth, that she will do the right thing, however, these are our innocent children involved here, and there is no excuse for that part, her job is to help protect our children. This child should never feel guilty or bad for what happened, and I truly hope he does not have to pay the price for that. Some of the messages shown were inappropriate and those messages need to be owned up to and instead of people saying the MOM should appologize, I think that part needs to come from Ms. Mantooth, imagine how this child must feel, how would you feel if this was your child???? and what would you do if you found these messages on your childs phone???

No Way

I find it hard to believe that this teacher would have suddenly decided to text this 13 year old and then go on to send 200 texts! Really! A husband and family and job and she's sending 200 texts? Think about it people. Who does this???? Teenagers send this amount of texts not adults. This is definetly spoofing or whatever its called. I really doubt LEO were getting text messages from her. They just thought it was her. People need to protect their cell phones, cell numbers just like they would their wallets. God bless this poor lady and her family...they are going through he## right now. Law Enforcement has their hands full keeping up with cyber and technical crimes......hope this gets resolved very soon.

Elizabeth Graham

I just watched the video featuring Elizabeth Graham. What a total disgrace. Elizabeth Graham seems to be enjoying the attention while exposing her MINOR 13 year old son to ridicule with his classmates and anyone else that knows him. I guess thinking ahead is not her strong suit.

Any GOOD Mother would do everything in her power to protect her child from this sort of attention, NOT going on video, NOT speaking to the press and NOT allowing her name to be disclosed in the article.

If these accusations are true against the teacher your son needs someone with some commonsense to help him understand and apparently it is not you.

SHAME on you Elizabeth Graham !! You have turned your sons life into a Jerry Springer show, are you proud?

One more thing, if this turns out to be some sort of set up against the teacher you better have a really good attorney.

Guestwtmom, you better get

Guestwtmom, you better get those knees of yours down on the ground and ask for forgiveness when this is over. You should be ashamed of yourself! I would love to see what you would do if you would've been in Elizabeth's place. Like I said "WHAT COMES AROUND, GOES AROUND". I'd watch out if I were you!!! You need to put yourself in the other persons shoes before you start ranting and raving. I do know a lot more about what is going on about this situation that you do....and you don't know what you're talking about. But as society is they talk too much!!! You don't know what this family did or considered before going to the authorities about this. You don't even know how it came to light. You don't know anything but what you've read. So you don't know the facts and most likely you never back off!!! PUT YOURSELF IN THE OTHER PERSONS SHOES AND PRAY TO GOD THAT IT NEVER HAPPENS TO YOU!!!! No one is right about everything, but I'm right about this one....and you can take that to the bank!!! It's going to be a messy situation because she has family in the Sheriff's Dept., but if it's not handled in the lifetime on earth, I'm sure she will have to answer to the good Master someday. So either way, I'm not concerned...except for Ms. Mantooth's kids and this 13 yrs. old boy, which both are in the middle of this and shouldn't be. She's grown..they aren't. But I do hope that some day this will all be forgotten and everyone can act civilized again. And no, I'm not trying to be mean...I'm just tired of people like you running off at the mouth, when you obviously don't know what you're talking about. So I am nicely asking all you folks to leave it's getting really old, really quick!!!

umff truth speaks

You are assuming the poster believes in the sky fairy.

All I have to say to you is

All I have to say to you is I will keep you in my prayers. I don't believe in fairies...


One of the most condescending things a Christian can do to an atheist is to make a point of announcing that they'll be praying for them. What would be the point of you praying for me? It's totally laughable.

You'd be amazed! :)

You'd be amazed! :)


I think this is totally immoral and ridiculus to be accusing Megan of this crap.....its uncalled for!! Bring out solid 100 percent proof of evidence befor trashing such a nice person!! Why is it that the messages on the video are showing FWD?? It should be showing a number if it was directly sent from Meagan or so thats how it is normally!!


Why don't you people burn her at the stake. My God......Let things take their course first. When someone is accused of something, people immediately assume guilt. And most of the time it is the hippocrates that are sitting in the church pew on Sunday. This could be a hack. I know of two people right now who's facebook accounts and cell phones have been hacked by the same person using spy software he installed while they were sleeping and he is saying all sorts of things to other people using their accounts. They have a FBI investigation going on and he will soon be arrested. Not saying that's what is going on here. If these allegations are true, then the truth will come out. So calm down you bunch of red necks. Go on back to the relationship with your cousin and Mrs. Mantooth will get what is coming to her if deservatively so.


$100 says without "expensive software as the post below states" and in under 10 minutes I can spoof a number to my phone...
The only sure fire way to provr it is for the teacher and hubby to look at the phone bill where it wilkl have a record of the 200 texts... IF they ever even really happened...
If they did, she needs to do the right thing.. Stay away from kids, resign and get some (fast) professional help.. If not.. She should hire an atty. for libel and slander and she can retire and won't have to worry about theantics that come out of Bruns middle...

I so agree

Ditto Innocent - I don't believe it one bit -


Everyone needs to look at yourself before judging! Cell phones and kids are very smart that would be the reason they call them smart phones you can change your number to anyones number.


Its called number spoofing and it costs money to do it. Who is going to pay to send hundreds of messages from the teachers # ?

not all

Not all spoofing costs money. One person also commented that a kid could change a name in the phone and make it look as if it were coming from someone named Megan. Yes, you can, but the text records will show the actual number in most cases that the text originates from. Tech reps can also see information such as what mobile switching center processes the data and other limited info. All text or call record info has to be requested via law enforcement or attorney... and the telecom legal department will more than likely ask for a subpoena for that information. Or a search warrant/court order.

changing number

Is this an app? What is it called? How is this done?

App for Smartphones

I think WWAY should run a story solely on this APP alone and how many lives it has ruined. It DOES NOT cost, it's free and lots of kids/adults use it. A close friend of mine was charged with stalking and communicating threats, was locked in jail for an entire week and denied bail because he was considered dangerous and subsequently lost his government job....until it was proven in a court of law that he did not actually send the messages...someone used his number!

Mrs. Mantooth is a wonderful

Mrs. Mantooth is a wonderful person and teacher, period! She is simply not guilty! I don't know what this mother and young man did to make a soul believe that she could do this but I hope they learn a lesson about making false statements. WWAY should also have PROOF before running a story like this. That family will owe the Mantooth's an apology and I pray that her reputation will be restored.


Her reputation will get worse. Other kids and parents are coming forward with other disturbing information. She does not seem like someone I would want my children around. I hope her hubby runs away and takes her kids with him. Sounds like a serious child predator!


Ignorance "carl" seriously, look it up! It might do you some good! you dont even know her! For all we know could be the "child predator!" which proves the fact of dont judge someone until you know all the facts!....And another thing, Her INNOCENT children have nothing to do with this situation, if that was the case, maybe your wife/ husband should run away and take your kids with her/him for you being ignorant and judgemental!.....yea dont feel to good does it!! I have an idea.......maybe you should think about other people's feelings and family before you BASH them on the internet! .....Oh and coming from someone who works in the law field....All of you who are slandering her on the internet before a legally binding judgement has been made, for your sake better hope that she is not found innocent, because if she is.....I know Megan she's my cousin, and I will personally see that chrages are made!....A little bit of knowledge for everyone here....Mind what you do and say to others, because it will come back to you times 10!

You're going to see that

You're going to see that charges are made? If you worked in law enforcement you'd understand how stupid you sound.

You in the law field.....

To Ignorance, you can not be any type of professional in the "law field" just by reading that, I can tell the only thing you are doing is maybe mopping the floors at a law firm, but that is about it. Sorry, nice try though! I did get a good laugh out of that, thank you!

Slander? Really? You may

Slander? Really? You may want to double check with your "law field"


I think she really means she mows the law office field.

sounds like u need to keep

sounds like u need to keep ur comments to yourself...u r saying other people are coming forward because thats what the news u really believe everything the news tells should seriously think before u speak because a serious child predator is someone who does this kind of thing for a living and takes pictures of them and has sex with them...back off and get facts before you speak your mind n the same goes for everyone else who thinks their 2 cents is worth shit!! if you dont know her dont day anything about her...Golden Rule please!!

Oh, I do know.....

Let me just tell u I do know alot, and it is not from the news and that is all I can say! I am sorry if u know her too and you feel foolish for thinking she was someone she is not. I am sure you are in shock. You need to prepare yourself, this girl has real issues. She is a sick girl. I wouldn't comment if I didn't KNOW what I was talking about, OK!

I totally agree! Sounds

I totally agree! Sounds serious to me also. I am a mother of a son and I could not imagine what that childs parent is going through. The sad part is her poor Husband and children....... I hope he takes those babies and runs far from her!!!! I hope that our justice system gives her what she deserves and that is no slap on the wrist!! she is a sick individual and needs to stay the hell away from children!!!!!!!!


Wow Crystal11....sounds like maybe your the one who might have some problems. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK Crystal....especially on the internet, where everything you do or say is forever there! I work in the law field, and the comment you made is known as slander, which is a civil crime, I would give you the definition, but I am sure you are big girl and can do on your own. ( and I would advise that you do) it might help you to think before you post irrelavent and incriminating posts.


Again, Slander? Really? Did you double check with your "law field" This
This kinda thing can be done to easily these days. this is just one of the hundreds of sites out there where fake text and phone calls can be made. Hopefully the whole (TRUE)story will come out in the end, i dont think we are hearing everything...
Shame on you WWAY for putting up pictures of her Family/kids they are innocent no matter what. This is just immoral.!!!