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ONLY ON 3: Middle school teacher suspended; Charged with cyberstalking student


BURGAW, NC (WWAY) -- A Burgaw Middle School teacher has been suspended. The Pender County Sheriff's Office says eighth grade teacher Megan Mantooth is charged with cyberstalking a student.

Mantooth was suspended with pay last week after the mother of one of her students came forward claiming Mantooth was trying to pick up her son.

Elizabeth Graham, the mother of the 13-year-old student, filed a report saying there were more than 200 inappropriate text messages sent to her son. Graham says the over-the-phone relationship between teacher and student began June 9.

The teen gave his phone to his parents. That's when they discovered the text messages.

One text Graham says is from Mantooth say, "When I do finally get to see you, I want you to wrap your arms around me and lift me up and spin me around...Will you do that?"

"She got to the point that she wanted to know... she said she couldn't go a day without seeing him and that she wanted to see him now. Her heart was beating five hundred times a minute. I think she was developing a relationship with him," Graham said.

Graham says other parents have also come forward about Mantooth having inappropriate conversations with their children.

The number that the text messages were sent from is the same number WWAY reached Mantooth on this afternoon.

Mantooth did answer and was offered a chance to give her side of the story. She said she would call back after talking with her husband, but she has not yet returned that call.

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Hold your horses WWAY!

These are simply allegations. Who knows if the mother's just causing a ruckus or not. Megan is a wonderful person and good mother, and I'm not sure this story is valid until proof is made available. Thanks to the media and this mother, whether this story is true or not, Mantooth's career was just ruined.

Lets get all the facts straight!

Lets start things off right.. I don't think that the police would have taken out these charges on her with out having enough to charge her. I also don't think that ANY mom in their right mind would want to bring that kind of attention to herself or her child. Good people do bad things! Teachers,preachers,cops,moms and dads! I know that teachers are smart people but this one just got caught doing something inapproiate. 1st~Pender county school employees are not to contact thru facebook, email or txt with students, PERIOD! Before everyone goes throwing this mom under the bus for just doing her job, go look at the police report, it's public record.Talk to Megan Mantooth, her phone number showed up on tv @ 5pm on the childs phone on the txt messages.Mrs.Mantooth created this, and the mom is finishing this thru the court. I hate that this happened for both families. Both will be in my prayers.

Why is this becoming such a common trend?

Why is this kind of stuff happening more and more often in the schools systems? What type of people are parents really sending their children off to spend the day with to "educate" them more? Why isn't the school system making sure people like this do NOT get a job teaching? Jobs are so hard to come by these days why on earth would you put yours on the line for the inappropriate attention of someone half your age? And for all of you who believe this is a hoax, and that the records haven't been could you be so ignorant? You really think the wife of a sheriff would be behind bars without some form of evidence? It clearly shows you highly lack any form of further education to think something of that to be true. It's not just this case but the number of cases of this nature that happen in the US annually clearly shows that this is a growing problem. These children are the future of this country, they are sent to school to be educated to keep this Nation running and to better it; not to be getting hit on by their teachers. How are these kids going to know respect if their teachers, their mentors, educators, coaches, have none for themselves?


Very well stated Erica. You have covered everything well. It's not that the public is trying to "get a teacher fired", it's just that we have to protect our children. That iswhy so many parents are home schooling their kids now. Thank you very much for your comment!

Put the shoe on the other foot

What if this was your innocent 13 year old son or daughter? Would you just pat the teacher on the back and say good job? Think about this... if it hadn't been turned over to the sheriffs department, what do you think would happen. This is the reason children don't tell their parents about abuse now... because people like some of you make them feel like criminals for doing what is right. How do you know that the Mother didn't save your child from going through this? Think about it!!!!!!

I will be really, REALLY shocked if this one is true

I'd suggest that everyone reserve judgment until the investigation concludes.


This got to be your best joke yet and I thought you wasn't funny. After the way you trash everybody on here now you think nobody should say anything about this. You must have some close ties to them or you know them somehow. If that's true, now you know what some of the people you trashed meant when they ask how you are going to feel if its someone you know.

Reading comprehension isn't your strong suit, is it?

Where did I state that people should say nothing about this?

I stated that *I* would be shocked if this is true, and suggested that people reserve judgment until more is known.

They can talk about it all they want to. What do I care?

As far as "trashing people," I'll have to ask for some examples of people I trashed who didn't have a criminal record or weren't totally worthless societal leeches....

...and please learn how to conjugate the verb "to be."


I'm a product of public school, I don't even know what conjugate means and I have no need to learn how to use it. I didn't feel like searching for the names of the people you trashed, but some wasn't like the people you say you only trash. I did notice you didn't deny knowing these people. There isn't too many things to comment about this that wouldn't be judgmental so my reading comprehension wasn't that far,if any, off. Feel free to correct my spelling and grammer.

Sweetie, I have never met Mrs. Mantooth in my life

Any time you have evidence of my trashing someone who isn't a convicted criminal, societal leech, or an enabler/advocate of societal leeches, you just let fly, okay?

I hated when you are correct

already said it in the subject line... I cant find much flavor in this story.

Whether this is a great

Whether this is a great woman or not/she is innocent or not, at least the Starnews witheld the mothers name to protect the identity of the student. No matter how this turns out the first day next year will be really awkward for him now to say the very least.

This Mother is protecting her 13 year old as I would hope you do

If you want to see the phone records the detective has them. They were acquied prior to her arrest. She has written a letter of confession to the Pender County Sheriffs Department as well as a letter of apology to the teenagers family.

PCSH has the phone records,

Thanks for saying it...I was going to but I figured that I had said enough, but everyone will see in a month when court is over. There are alot of people who are either stupid or who just can't read... or are really not friends with Megan. I know I have wriiten on here what has happened several times now, and if they were her friends, she would have the guts to tell the truth. Enough is Enough. I know that ALOT of parents today let their kids run their homes and do as they please, as well as cuss and smoke and do drugs, but NOT the mother of the child involved in this.OH FOR THE RECORD~ THIS CHILD DID NOT FAIL HIS GRADE EITHER~ So for all you people who think that this mother is one of " those" types of mom's so get over yourself. I know that everyone has this concept of Megan being this wonderful person and in someways I am sure she is but let me tell you now, she has her own demons to fight and this is one of them. As far as keeping this private and keeping it between the 2 families~ in your dreams~ she deserves to be prosecuted! What the public knows so far is only the tip of the iceburg!

Middle schoolers

I was a middle school teacher, ALWAYS afraid of being accused of something, though I never did the first inappropriate thing. I knew it could have absolutely devastating consequences, which we are seeing right here on the news. Damage done. News media and obviously the police have released her name. Most wouldn't believe the things kids say to gain control over teachers, always hinting that the result will be to get them fired., Good-looking teachers are targets. Kids turn into something else when they get to school, not the compliant innocents their parents claim they are. I don't even think they know. That said, if the teacher was texting students with cutesy remarks, she shouldn't have, but she's young and that's how this generation communicates.


Where there is smoke there is usually fire. There is a lot of it in Pender County these days.

It really makes me sick that

It really makes me sick that the media would post this knowing that this is going to hurt the teacher in the long run. i cant wait for the phone records to prove that this was false and i hope that the mother who "came forward" does the right thing and publicly apologizes for the mess that she has cause for this woman and her family and friends@!!!


First of all let me start by saying that the the "Mother" of this child would just start something like this if there was not proof! She will NOT be the one who need to be the one apologizing for anything. The media is the one who was seeking her out, she did not seek them out, she was keeping this qiuet for the sake of her child. The sherriff's office has the PHONE RECORDS and it's all public record so before everyone goes throwing the mom under the bus for protecting her child, go to the sherriff's office and read the report in full. If you watched CLOSELY to the news cast like I did @ 5pm... on the cell phone the mother was holding, it had MANTOOTHS phone number at the top of the text messages. THERE's your proof!

do you know how to use a cell phone?

Ok so if I text one of my friends back and forth and say things like “I want to spin you around” and then I go and edit the contact in the phone to “megans” phone number. Instead of saving “megan” in the phone I save her number and not her name. then it would appear that megan was the one that sent the text messages. So how are we to know that the contact was not saved as her phone number but the text message was actually sent from another phone number?!!?!? Seriously?! Kids know how to manipulate their phones!!!! It personally looks like this young woman has been framed! I would like to see some real phone records for proof! This story has zero truth because you can manipulate text messages and who they were sent from so easily. I just did it on my phone. it only takes a second. i can make all my text messages look like they came from that phone number and so can you honey! so the real question would be why does this woman and her son have a problem with this teacher?

You need to educate yourself, Jessica.

Jessica, read my posts. We know how to use cell phones (some of us work as technical support and look at thousands of call and message records every day, as well as network tickets regarding spoofing and have in depth knowledge of.....SHOCK.......... how the technology actually works!!)

You can fake pretty much anything programmed into the phone, but when it gets down to the truth... it is very, very unlikely that actual records have been altered. There is a digital fingerprint to EVERY move that is made on or with a cell phone.... some that can't be altered- even by the phone company. So your argument that it could be faked or made to look "like it came from the phone number" ... that can be destroyed in seconds. HONEY.

Considering that the phone

Considering that the phone number was called and the teacher answered, I don't think the number was changed here. She had no business texting a student. It raises alot of unneeded questions. And since there have been other parents saying the same thing, she is gonna have a hard time with this one.

and i guess you were

and i guess you were standing right there when the reporter used his phone to dial her number??? i doubt they even called from his phone? i mean really? would she really answer his phone calls at this point? hello? lol.

Sweetie don't be naive. I'm

Sweetie don't be naive. I'm sure the news station called from their phone not hios. You must be on eof her studentsw. what did she promise you to defend her? An A+?

it really makes me sick that

it really makes me sick that they would show a picture of her family...especially her 2 year old daughter. thats WAY too personal. the world doesnt need to know what her family/kids look like no matter what happend.

Are you going to apologize

Are you going to apologize once the records come out that she was texting this teen and possibly others? No? I didn't think so.

What is in the water in

What is in the water in Pender County? First Mark Sloan, now this?

What are parents thinking?

People, people, people. This is something in the water in Pender County but the teachers are not drinking it, It's the parents. Why put your child in the public eye knowing things are going to come out in the long run. You make these people lose jobs, family, respect from others when they are trying to educate your children. With the Sloan case, ask them where the student is now that got this awesome man fired. He is or was in jail for breaking and entering on the elder people in whitestocking. Here this man is on trail one week and his accuser is sitting in jail the next. Then tell me why would a teacher with high expectations of students and all that she has to lose even think to do this. I don't believe the news or this mother. She has put her son in the public eye. Everybody that knows her, knows that she is always looking for a show. If you know the mother you know the son. Am not judging Mantooth til the whole story comes out becuase of this mother. She got issues putting her son in the public. Then why didn't other parents come forth before now. Stop, think and listen before you judge people, if she is suspended with pay there is more to the story then we are being told. WHen you dig one ditch, you better dig two. Am not saying Mantooth was right either. We will see...................


Isn't she the wife of a Pender County Detective. man that county just keeps racking it up...


Yes, her husband is a Pender Co Sheriff....... Kinda scary to see where this will go. As if our judicial system is not messed up enough!! HA!!!! This Child stalker has an insider!!!

The Pender county sheriffs

The Pender county sheriffs office has nothing to do with HER actions. Wilmington and New Hanover county has issues and embarrassments also, more so than the public knows.