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ONLY ON 3: Middle school teacher suspended; Charged with cyberstalking student


BURGAW, NC (WWAY) -- A Burgaw Middle School teacher has been suspended. The Pender County Sheriff's Office says eighth grade teacher Megan Mantooth is charged with cyberstalking a student.

Mantooth was suspended with pay last week after the mother of one of her students came forward claiming Mantooth was trying to pick up her son.

Elizabeth Graham, the mother of the 13-year-old student, filed a report saying there were more than 200 inappropriate text messages sent to her son. Graham says the over-the-phone relationship between teacher and student began June 9.

The teen gave his phone to his parents. That's when they discovered the text messages.

One text Graham says is from Mantooth say, "When I do finally get to see you, I want you to wrap your arms around me and lift me up and spin me around...Will you do that?"

"She got to the point that she wanted to know... she said she couldn't go a day without seeing him and that she wanted to see him now. Her heart was beating five hundred times a minute. I think she was developing a relationship with him," Graham said.

Graham says other parents have also come forward about Mantooth having inappropriate conversations with their children.

The number that the text messages were sent from is the same number WWAY reached Mantooth on this afternoon.

Mantooth did answer and was offered a chance to give her side of the story. She said she would call back after talking with her husband, but she has not yet returned that call.

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Hold onto your job.

You would think folks would be more careful with their extracurricular activities that could lead to their unplanned unemployment.


This is way too stupid to comprehend. A teacher is supposed to be an intelligent person. Why? Why, would you even think about sending any kind of text to a student? I would be hesitant about sending anything, because everyone wants to get on the news and if it can be twisted, it will. So why put yourself out there?

she didnt! its a lie!

she didnt! its a lie!


So its all a lie????? WAKE UP! Just because she doesn't "look like" she would do it doesn't mean she wouldn't. PCSC can't catch a break but at least M. Sloan is.

Its all hear say. This

Its all hear say. This mother says that there are messages and that they are from Mantooth...but where is the proof?
Megan is an outstanding person, mother, and teacher. Everyone is always very quick to believe stories like this but they are not always true.

Really? So, someone "stole"

Really? So, someone "stole" her phone, sent the multiple texts to the 13 yr. old boy and returned it to her without her knowledge? Did you not read WWAY called the number the texts came from and she, Megan, answered?

I second this! Meagan is a

I second this! Meagan is a wonderful person and I'm not sure that I buy this story yet! Where's the proof? Does the mother feel like she can cause a ruckus and not have the balls to post proof?!

What is going on with teachers today?

there are plenty of people in their own age group..leave the students alone!

nothing is going on with this teacher!!!!

really?!?! do you actually believe this!? how about lets check the phone records before we start calling people out!!! the news makes me so mad sometimes!!!!! this is a wonderful woman!!!!! and the people that are doing this are going to feel like crap when the phone records show!!!!

we can't wait to see them

we can't wait to see them hon. and when she's guilty as sin for sending some crazy number of messages to a 13 year old boy what will you do then? talk about a phone conspiracy? say that everything can be faked electronically?

how sad. my money's on the grahams and i'm glad this is making national news so others can see how people in your town behave.

The news media is not

The news media is not attacking her. They are simply reporting the news. Also, they are not making her life difficult. If she sent those texts then she created her own troubles and brought the embarrassment and shame upon herself and family. I hope you're willing to apologize to WWAY if the phone records show they came from her and are you going to feel like crap for defending a pedaphile?

I couldn't agree more!

I couldn't agree more! Anyone remember the Charlie Sheen drama in the media a few months ago - where what the media reported ended up being NOT TRUE? Let's try to think on our own for a minute, rather than allowing ourselves to be spoon-fed by the media! I'm sure the phone records will speak for themselves. Megan is an incredible person!

People, I hate to tell you

People, I hate to tell you this, but they already have proof. What this woman said can easily be corroborated through the text messages.....on the phone.....from the teacher's number. In a court of law, the DA would have a field day with that. Remember, the german people thought hitler was a wonderful man. However, most of the civilized world strongly disagreed.

They probably did check

They probably did check phone records, that's how they got the warrant. Good ole modern day technology!

Yes Really!

I actually do believe this! I would bet good money that when all is said and done she is going to be in a world of trouble. Those phone records you keeping talking about will be her down fall.


If this is another made up story to get on the news, I hope this teacher will own everything this family has for trying to damage her. This is getting way out of control. If I were this teacher and this is not true, WWAY and WECT would owe me a big apology for putting my name and picture out there without proof.

The Teacher

I hope that I am not the only person who has a different take on this. Maybe the only person who will write about it.

When I was 13 I would have been thrilled if my beautiful young teacher came on to me. All my teachers looked like the inside of a prune.

Believe me you will ...

If you do believe this isn't true: Believe me you and many others, including Ms. Mantooth, will have to get on your knees and ask for God's forgiveness. You and the many others that doubt that this mother has done the right thing by bringing this to the attention of the authorities are sadly mistakened. I know the facts and I want get into that, because the court system will. I feel for the children that are caught in the middle. And none of the 13 yr. olds family is pointing the finger at no one except the responsible party...Ms. Mantooth. I hope the only thing gained in this is that other children are saved from having to go through this, and justice is served, and Ms. Mantooth seeks/gets the help she needs. And I know it's not what I should say but....I would really like to see all of your faces when the truth comes out that this mother is not lying, but telling the truth. I can just feel the sorrow and shame you will feel. Will you all have enough courage/or respect then to step up and apologize to this mother and her family??? The records don't lie and neither does this mother and her family. May God forgive you all and Ms. Mantooth. God watches over his children and that's what we as parents are to do also....THINK ABOUT IT!!!


I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have had the words to say what has needed to be said. I have said alot on here and it's all been out of a knee jerk reaction to defend Beth and the family. They are such an important part of my life and I love them dearly and for people to attack them like this truly angers me like I have never been before, espically with this being such a sensitive subject. Thanks again and May God Bless You~ Shannon

Shannon I know how you feel.

Shannon I know how you feel. They are my family and it's such a tragedy that people can speak out so harshly when they don't know all the facts. But this society doesn't care about the facts, all they care about is drama. And it's a pure shame and disgrace that this is what this nation has came to. I'm sure God is not pleased. But all we can do is pray, because we know the truth and most of all our God knows all. And I also pray that this doesn't keep other victims of this nature, rape, molestation, etc. from coming forward in the future. That would be a real shame. But some just don't see it like's all about the drama. He said, she said. It's all about the facts, what's right, and what wrong. We just need to continue to pray and have faith that in the end these folks eyes will be opened in the end...after all is said and done. I thank you for standing up for my family. God bless you!