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Big changes coming to gun laws in NC

READ MORE: Big changes coming to gun laws in NC

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- New gun laws go into effect December 1 in North Carolina. Yesterday Gov. Bev Perdue signed a bill that will give North Carolinians more legal protection when they shoot at an intruder.

The new law also allows for concealed carry licence holders to have their guns at state parks.

Though the regulations are intended to give more rights to law abiding citizens they are getting mixed reactions.

"I was happy that she signed it," said Kirk Andrews, owner of Backwater Guns in Wilmington.

As a supporter of gun rights he was glad to hear that Gov. Perdue signed into law House Bill 650, which expands the rights of North Carolinians who legally use their weapons.

"The laws are designed for law abiding people; not for felons," Andrews said. "Felons don't follow the law. The only thing the new law does is affect law abiding people."

The new law gives people more legal protection when they fire a weapon at an intruder whether they are at home, in their car or at the work place. North Carolinians will no longer fear prosecution in a situation where they feared for their safety and defended themselves.

"It makes it very clear that somebody that is lawfully acting and lawfully in their home and someone is unlawfully gaining access to that home is not going to be responsible on a criminal or civil basis," New Hanover Co. Assistant District Attorney Charity Wilson said.

Besides legally protecting citizens, the new law also lets concealed carry license holders have their gun in state parks. This worries citizens like Michael Fulp, who often walks in Carolina Beach State Park.

"We have a lot of wildlife and deer in here, and I'm afraid that people will take the opportunity to start shooting at deer and that type of stuff," Fulp said. "There's a lot of people that walk and bike in here along with tourist and we have trail campgrounds and kids around."

Gun advocates say incidents like this are highly unlikely.

The law also makes it a state felony to falsely give information to a licensed firearms dealer. Until now, that was just a federal felony. Now an offender will face charges on both levels.

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Do you think?

Do you think you can convince the criminals that have weapons just to rob and kill people to melt down their guns? If the law abiding citizens turned in thier firearms who would protect your butt in the time of need? I am sure you are going to say the police will protect you, but they are only so many cops. They can't be everywhere at once. Maybe if your law abiding neighbor had kept his firearm and not had it melted down he could have saved your butt.


Wow kellog, you are just as clueless as Guest1700 is. I would have thought it was well apparent I was being sarcastic especially with my last sentence of that post. Guess it flew over your head as well. Here it is once again, just slow down and read all of it: "I almost kept a straight face typing that out."
You must be new here otherwise you would know there are a few of us that regularly post on here about the benefits of a weapon and being proficient at its use.
Just remember, when seconds count the police are only minutes away.

and these people are allowed to vote

It is truely fascinating how obvious sarcasm flies high over the heads of so many. This inability to catch a joke tossed gently by a person of obvious wit straight into their numbers is only surpassed by the same people's ability to be fed a 50 pound crock of bull by politicians and yet they somehow manage to catch and swallow the whole thing in a matter of seconds.


When my home alarm system goes off it takes the police 30 minutes to get to my house. By that time I can shoot the perp, dig a hole and bury his butt in it and then the police will be there, I live in Rowan go figure.


i feel ya, iredell here but i got an ace on ya, wife works for the sheriff.

Some people can't comprehend

Some people can't comprehend what they read.

Gun Laws

Iknow the laws are for law abidding citizens but once a felon always a felon. I know it's hard to trust felons but everything is not black and white. I believe felons shouldn't carry guns, but when ever a man is in his own home whether he is a felon or not he should have the right to protect his family. Martha Steward is a felon, don't tell me that she can't have a gun in her home.
If you are a felon and someone breaks in your home and beat you for no reason and your kids are in the house that's ok because you are a felon?? Maybe felons can't have guns in public. But they should be allowed to protect their home. I know a guy that had a felon about 6 years ago but during good now, married with 3 kids. A guy broke in this guy's house and beat him because he didn't like him, he had been drinking and doing drugs. The guy shot him and the guy died. The man is during 7 years now. The man was a felon and he was not suppose to have a gun in the house. So I guess if you are a felon and someone break in you better have a baseball bat or something but you better not have a gun and shoot them, hopefully your family won't be at home.

Maybe since he is now a nice

Maybe since he is now a nice married person with 3 kids, he shoulda handed the LEGAL GUN to HIS WIFE and let her say SHE shot him, somehow some of the story is missing if he is doing SEVEN yrs for "defending " himself and his family. Maybe he wasnt as innocent as you think.

Unfortunately, anyone whom

Unfortunately, anyone whom is a convicted felon cannot possess at anytime whether at home or in public any firearm of any kind, for life.
It is unfortunate that this person is serving 7 years for protecting his family from a intruder, but that is the way the law is written

May I comment of the

May I comment of the statement by Michael Fulp? Why would a law abiding citizen who has a CC pemit(I would think most CC Permit holders would be law abaiding) shoot wildlife in a State Park? Also, statistics show that in 2010 there were 170 crimes per day in State Parks. We should have the right to protect ourselves, even in State Parks.

I'd have to say I agree with

I'd have to say I agree with you. Its pretty clear that Mr. Fulp is most likely not a gun owner, and most likely does not know, or is not aware that he knows, gun owners. People who are willing to shoot at wildlife illegally, on state land, aka "wildlife sanctuary" in most cases, are obviously not concerned with the law. With that said, passing this law is not going have an effect on this matter. Mr. Fulp's concerns are completely viable in that there DOES NOT need to be any animal shooting on state park ground where many people are walking/camping/running, etc. However, if Mr. Fulp would have taken a concealed carry class or a hunters safety course (both required to either obtain your CC license or a hunting license), then he would know that everyone involved in either communities is trained, educated, and aware of gun safety and the law. You can't rag on someone who's concerned with safety. You also can't rag on someone who just doesn't know any better. With that said, if you hear someone make a comment like Mr. Fulp's, don't get angry and defensive immediately. Chances are good that they just simply DONT KNOW. Calmly explain and educate them, and afterwards we just might have another advocate.

Shoot safe,

The only way to be safe is

The only way to be safe is to DISARM EVERYBODY!!!

Pretty much a NO BRAINER... NO GUNS = NO GUN DEATHS!!!

Got it? Good!

Peace out...


to disarm everyone would mean give up your guns willingly,but do you honestly think that the felons and crooks will willingly give up their guns? GUESS AGAIN SIR! as MR. James Earl Jones stated "outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns".

taking all the guns

Do your homework knucklehead. You should see how well confiscating everyones guns worked for the European jews in prewar Germany when Hitler's henchmen did exactly that just before they started rounding them up for the camps. An armed society is a free society. The only thing I would hate worse than having to take someone's life is to have some innocent hurt or killed and not have the means to defend them. If you take all the guns from law abiding citizens, are you really ignorant enough to believe that the criminals are going to turn theirs in too? All you are accomplishing is making law abiding citizens "easy meat" for the lawless.

That leaves knives, tire

That leaves knives, tire irons, golf clubs, baseball bats, lead pipes, 2x4's, etc......all quite capable of doing someone in. Talk about having no brain.......

Is it really possible to be so stupid?

PeaceNow... Do you really believe it possible to collect up every gun in the world and melt then down for flower pots? The only guns that are available for collection are those legally owned by honest citizens. No military or militia or criminal will ever give up their guns. It is so fascinating that people with your ideals exist in an educated society.

Watch Out!!

Watch out, that guy has a knife. Look he has a bat. Oh no He has apiece of pipe. he has a pencil. All can be used to kill. Disarm everyone. Yep, next thing you know you'll be in jail for having a knife in your kitchen. Guns? Has anyone ever been killed with a car? Take all of the cars away.

disarm everyone?

That's the first step that was taken by Adolf Hitler, Mao Tse-Tung, Joseph Stalin. Good company you're keeping there, ace.



Gun Law Changes

AMEN, Robert!

there are crazy people out

there are crazy people out there if you take the guns away they will kill with some other kind of weapon. It would be way worse then a gun. That way everbody says GUNS DONT KILL PEOPLE PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE.

Really disarm everyone????

Really disarm everyone???? You are for sure a tree hugger. If you do that 1) the thugs would take over and how would u like a thug coming in your house and rapping your wife and kids and you had no way to protect yourself???? 2) Big brother is in our lives way to far and taking guns away would be a win for them. So why dont you go back and hug your trees or get out of the USA where out Four Fathers fought for our amendments. So if u are not a tru American get the hell out of here!!!


Does this also mean that when drugs are illegal that there are no more drugs? NO Get it in your head, take away all guns, and only the bad guys perhaps like you have guns! It's the 2nd amn. Just like the Constitution gives you the right to blah blah blah. Free speech. Arm yourself my friend. What's gonna stop a 6'5" 275lb man to come in and rape your kids, and wife, and rob you? Yep that Smith and Wesson at the gun store you didn't buy. Only way for peace, is to prepare for WAR. Guns have given you freedom.


and in Great Britain with few guns, most are strangulated. So take the guns and the hands? I don't think so.


I don't know if you are being sarcastic with your statement. because some people do post useless replys. Sir I was stationed in Korea in a country where guns are not allowed. Murder still happens and people still gain guns illegally. Your concept of no guns equal zeros death is nice assumption but its very far reality



I once killed a man with a

I once killed a man with a large pink salmon...

How about you go out and

How about you go out and disarm ALL the bad guys and then I will have no reason to carry. You are so stupid you don't even know that you are stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take a look at what happens

Take a look at what happens when you take away weapons from law abiding citizens such as Austrailia and other countries who have done
just that!!!!!
Home breakins and murders have skyrocketed. When criminials know you can't protect youself they have no fear of doing whatever they want.

Just think about this logically.


And you plan to do that how?

...good luck taking my firearm from me!