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Woman in custody after hours-long standoff at Kure Beach home

Police say a woman is in custody after she barricaded herself for nearly 10 hours inside a Kure Beach home.

Dancing FBI agent booked into jail over back flip gunfire

An FBI agent whose gun appeared to accidentally fire in a video showing him dancing at a Denver nightclub and doing a back flip before dropping the weapon has turned himself into Denver police.

Lawmaker: Arming teachers on campuses could save lives

Supporters of a measure to allow North Carolina public school teachers to carry handguns on campus say arming school personnel could save student and faculty lives when a shooter evades conventional security and police officers.
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NC lawmakers file ‘red flag bill’ in response to school shootings

On the heels of the deadly Parkland and Sante Fe school shootings, many across North Carolina are calling on lawmakers to make some changes to the gun laws.

North Myrtle Beach pawn shop trolls DICK’S with AR-15 sign

A sign displayed at a South Carolina pawn shop is stirring up some buzz on social media.

Texas shooting renews debate about American school design

Just hours after the nation's latest school shooting, the debate began anew: Are American schools built in a way that makes them easy targets? Are there too many windows, too many entrances and exits and too few security features?

‘Hey liberals’: Billboard warns foes to grab guns if they try to impeach Trump

Politicians looking for votes, businesses looking for customers, and then one sign on a Maryland road that is turning a lot of heads.

5th grade field trip takes detour to ‘gun show’ without permission

Parents in one South Carolina school district are upset after they say their kids were shown guns without their permission.

President Trump salutes 2nd Amendment, urges NRA members to vote GOP

President Donald Trump on Friday linked the sanctity of the Second Amendment to his party's prospects in the 2018 midterm elections, telling supporters at the National Rifle Association's annual convention that "we've got to get Republicans elected."

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