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Big changes coming to gun laws in NC

READ MORE: Big changes coming to gun laws in NC

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- New gun laws go into effect December 1 in North Carolina. Yesterday Gov. Bev Perdue signed a bill that will give North Carolinians more legal protection when they shoot at an intruder.

The new law also allows for concealed carry licence holders to have their guns at state parks.

Though the regulations are intended to give more rights to law abiding citizens they are getting mixed reactions.

"I was happy that she signed it," said Kirk Andrews, owner of Backwater Guns in Wilmington.

As a supporter of gun rights he was glad to hear that Gov. Perdue signed into law House Bill 650, which expands the rights of North Carolinians who legally use their weapons.

"The laws are designed for law abiding people; not for felons," Andrews said. "Felons don't follow the law. The only thing the new law does is affect law abiding people."

The new law gives people more legal protection when they fire a weapon at an intruder whether they are at home, in their car or at the work place. North Carolinians will no longer fear prosecution in a situation where they feared for their safety and defended themselves.

"It makes it very clear that somebody that is lawfully acting and lawfully in their home and someone is unlawfully gaining access to that home is not going to be responsible on a criminal or civil basis," New Hanover Co. Assistant District Attorney Charity Wilson said.

Besides legally protecting citizens, the new law also lets concealed carry license holders have their gun in state parks. This worries citizens like Michael Fulp, who often walks in Carolina Beach State Park.

"We have a lot of wildlife and deer in here, and I'm afraid that people will take the opportunity to start shooting at deer and that type of stuff," Fulp said. "There's a lot of people that walk and bike in here along with tourist and we have trail campgrounds and kids around."

Gun advocates say incidents like this are highly unlikely.

The law also makes it a state felony to falsely give information to a licensed firearms dealer. Until now, that was just a federal felony. Now an offender will face charges on both levels.

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wow "disarm everybody"

wow "disarm everybody" huh...its totally impossible but lets say you did get every gun out of every american's reach. you still have blades and all other sorts of weapons available. it doesnt take a gun to physically threaten someones life...and im not taking my chances if someone was to put my life in danger...guns are like fire extinguishers; you hope you never have to use it but you keep one around anyways bc they sure are usefull when the right situation presents itself!

dont be an idiot...this world will never be a completely safe place...i dont know why people like you feel the need to speak out this nonsense. its talk like this that lets me know you liberals are brainless and spreading like a communicable disease.

Funny person!

I'll bet you believe there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow too! Why can't people like you reason? Carry on...

Yeah and the government

Yeah and the government should pay every citizen $250,000.00 a year too!!! Must be nice to live in a fantasy world!!

Washington DC tried that in

Washington DC tried that in the mid 70s, it would only disarm law abiding citizens. Look at the problems in Mexico, the only people who have guns are the cartels. You try to disarm everyone and the only people who will have guns are the criminals.

BRAVO J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BRAVO J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I suppose all of the

I suppose all of the criminal element will just up and surrender their weapons, you must be a liberal sheep with absolutely no common sense!

Clearly, A Liberal Loon~

A Peacenik who probably voted for Barry,(and wonders why we call him Barry, which is his actual name, before he changed it to a more ethnocentric name in early adulthood, when a radical told him it would be good for his future career to use his Kenyan FATHERS NAME.

Yes, this is a socialist president, who hates the Constitution and who would take away our Constitutional rights to carry and bear arms, if he could.

Don't tread on our Gun Rights, little boys!


Defense is your option. We as good citizens can be trusted. We are the law abiding people of our great state.As a father it's my responsibility to take option when available in or outside the home.

Does anyone know how this

Does anyone know how this new law affects us factory workers that are banned from having a firearm on company property.

Shift workers such as I have to travel the roads at all times of the day and night and feel having a firearm would provide us a since of protection againest the "Bad Guy" out there.

My "Company" feels if they ban firearms they will prevent "Postal" events but they do not take into consideration the off hours we are traveling on the roads...any help??

by law.companays can do

by law.companays can do this.try to get company to let u carry on site only if locked in a safe or lock box

It does not change employer

It does not change employer imposed restrictions on ccw at work. If you go to the nc general assembly page and look up
HB 650, you will see how watered down this bill became through the process. It started out allowing ccw in restaurants, locked in car @ work, and locked in car on educational property. All 3 were taken out. I don't know about you, but I rarely go to state parks, but I often frequent restaurants, work, and schools. This bill does little for 95% of ccw holders, unless you actually have to fire your weapon - which I hope never happens.

From what I understand, and

From what I understand, and correct me if I'm wrong, but it says nothing about being unable to carry in restaurants unless a "no weapons" sticker is placed conspicuously on the premises.




Sir, I have no argument with what you say. Forgive me, but perhaps you already know and it is your intention to do so--if that is the case--I beg your pardon. Your presentation in all upper case letters implies that you are yelling (loudly and rudely) at your audience. That may be acceptable in a limited case (a word or word phrase). However the capitalize the entire entry is to yell at or demean your audience. Because I did read your response here tells me that you are a thoughtful person and you meant no harm (and certainly none taken). If I'm out of place: mea cu-pea (my infinite apologies). Good day, Sir.

Thanks for the reply. I as

Thanks for the reply. I as well as my co-workers are very disapointed with this. Just sucks that "Companys" think more of there possible legal deals allowing permit carrying gun owners to have a firearm in there vehicle than the safety of them traveling to and from work.

So let me see if I understand this.....

Mister Fulp sincerely believes that a law-abiding citizen, who has undergone a full background check, been trained on the law, and paid a substantial amount of money for his or her CCW permit will suddenly be overcome with the irresistable urge to shoot a deer, now that concealed carry is allowed in state parks? People who have never committed a crime in their life will suddenly start poaching wildlife and endangering people simply because they see a deer?

What a mind!

Mister Fulp's opinion is

Mister Fulp's opinion is indicative of the bureaucratic mentality that would strip individual liberty....Hey wait, maybe he knows the deer in his park will commit felonious acts against park visitors and this new law takes away their protection!


WHAT?! "We have a lot of wildlife and deer in here, and I'm afraid that people will take the opportunity to start shooting at deer and that type of stuff..."

THAT is called POACHING and is a TOTALLY different issue....just because a LAW ABIDING citizen straps on a gun, doesn't mean they are going to go out and start shooting bambi...SHEEshh...can this person vote!?

Somebody actually believes

Somebody actually believes somebody will go into a state park and shoot at deer simply because they can legally carry a concealed weapon in the park. Holy crap..they walk among us, and even more scary, they can vote!

shooting wildlife

Someone who has payed the money and taken the steps to obtain a Concealed Weapon Permit is not goung to lose it by shooting at wildlife at a State Park. Law abiding citizens get CCW's. People who shoot at wildlife at parks dont. It is a fact that strict gun laws do not reduced violent crimes. But a homeowner with a .357 will!!!!!!

NC gun laws

When will people understand that we have strict laws against murder, robbery, poaching but these laws do not deter people from commiting crimes against society? Where people have the means to defend themselves, violent crime decreases; where they don't, it increases. Look at the crime statistics for N.Y., Washington D.C., Chicago or any area which restricts the law-abiding citizen ability to defend against the criminals and you will find high rates of violent crime.
The states with the least restriction on guns for the lawabiding citizen have lower crime rates!!!!!

yeah right...

all a "homeowner with a .357" does is put their children and family at risk for an accidental shooting death. To each their own. For my family and my money, a well-marked home security system that calls the police from a dedicated mobile link gives me more peace of mind (especially when I am away) than a .357 in a lockbox inside my dresser ever would. And no, you NRA gun-lovers, i am not a wimpy tree-hugging liberal, I grew up on a ranch hunting elk and highly value citizen rights to have firearms on a farm/ranch... but this new law is plain stupid and the thought of some wannabe hero strapped up at the park my children are playing at doesn't make me feel "safe." Way to go NRA gun-lovers, score one for the citizen army!

Security systems Vs.guns

There should be a law requiring everyone to take a ccw course. That way there would be no ridiculous comments about law abiding citizens being able to carry a weapon for defense. The only time a ccw person can draw their weapon is when someone else (criminal) has a deadly weapon, and is getting ready to use it on them, or their family, or during a break-in. A ccw person is also trained to be very aware of what is on the other side of the criminal if they actually did have to fire their weapon.
If you were a criminal, which home would you break into? The homeowner with a high tech security system, or the homeowner with the .357? I think we all know the answer.
As for the accidental shooting death, a ccw holder is also trained on this subject. When I was a child, my dad taught me the importance of respecting a firearm and it's uses. If I disobeyed his orders to not touch the guns unless he was present, I knew what would happen, and it wouldn't be pretty! But that is another subject.
When a criminal puts a knife to your throat, or a gun to your head, see how much that security system helps. If it should ever happen to me, I hope and pray I have my gun on me!

your safety vs. mine

First off, both myself and my husband are ccw holders and have 2 children. When we took the required safety class, my first question was what was the best was way to handle an intruder given the lay out of our house. (Our children know a gun drill as well as they do a fire drill in our home.) We too have a well announced security system, but if you got the nerve to keep coming into my home after an alarm has gone off than I am WELL within my right to protect my family! People who have CCW's aren't "wannabe heros" they are about protecting themselves and their families. No one with a CCW WANTS to shoot to kill, but if it were your life or the lives of your wife and child(ren) do you really want to stand around and wait for the cops to show up and see what happens between now and the time they show up? You said you were a "country boy", how long would it have taken cops to get out to your ranch? CCW holders aren"t fanatics who brag about their guns and wave them around and shoot at anything that moves, they are responsible, reasonable, saftey minded individuals, who are around you all the time. I just hope one of these "wannabe heros" never has to save your butt.

Your safty vs. Mine

AMEN!!! The person she is talking about needs to mive back to where he came from. The police can not get to you and your famley to help you all the time. At some point you have to take a stand. As far as the NRA they are doing a GREAT job keepinf our rights. A life member of NRA and a retired police officer.

shooting wildlife

Like someone else said, response a residential alarm is the speed limit. After the alarm company calls the dispatch/communications center where you live. Then if there is a high call volume at the time the police might get the call ten minutes later. Go ahead and bet your family's life on that you moron.

Yeah right ,a security

Yeah right ,a security system is good when you are not home.And I don't think they are talking about a city park like you are talking about(with playground equipment and a bunch of kids playing on the swings).They are talking about State parks with hiking trails and camp sites.And a state rest area(do you know that people are attacked by bad guys in state rest areas a lot)Bad guys ,murders a other violent people are traveling on the interstate highways right along with everybody else but people are more afraid of the law abiding citizen carrying CCW than the bad guys.Bad guys target people in the state parks and in those wooded areas,people are attacked in those places more than you know .You are in a camp site and some bad guys come up to your site to cause you great bodily harm .Are you going to hit the panic button on the home security system? or are you going to draw your weapon and hopefully deter the bad guys (hopefully without firing a shot).If you didn't have a weapon it could've turned out differently.So because you don't want law abiding citizens to carry in the state park a family could be in harm with no way to protect them selfs. Or you are in the state park in the mountains and you and your family are attacked by a wild animal.And yes you have to keep it out of kids hands.And if you hit the alarm to call the police in an home invasion by the time they get there it could be to late.what if a smart criminal disabled the alarm .There are a lot of home invasions in my county,when you carry concealed, you need to carry all the time, that you can ,cause you could be watching TV when the front door is kicked in,you don't have time to do anything but to draw.There was a home invasion where the guy was watching TV and two guys kicked in the door,and the home owner fired (because they did had weapons),yes he had it on him while sitting in the house.You can not run to the night stand all of the time.You must not care about your family or your life.with bad guys out there ,we need to protect our selfs and our family .There are a lot of people that go missing or murdered every year . It's for self protection and to shoot deer in the parks.

LOL ,I meant it's for

LOL ,I meant it's for protection and not for shooting deer in the parks,Law abiding citizens never shot deer in the Carolina beach state park before ,why are they going to start now .That man that said that is trying to make us (CCW)permit holders sound bad .And we should be able to carry concealed in any place of business ,what do they think ,if you are carrying concealed in a bank, what do they think a law abiding citizen is going to do ,start shooting up the place.CCW does deter crime.And in the bill it says state parks not a city park.Without CCW lives are at risk.I can't really understand how a person would want to travel on the highways without a concealed carry weapon for are never really safe anywhere in this world,never leave home without it (ccw).your weapon is your life saving tool. /(CCW) means concealed carry weapon .Every State should have gun laws like Alaska.Lives are at risk in a business that prohibits CCW.If we are allowed to carry anywhere it could save lives even the people that are against CCW in a place of are left unprotected in a restaurant that severs alcohol ,but i have read somewhere that you can carry concealed in a restaurant that severs alcohol if you don't drink and if you don't sit at the bar.

Businesses that ban concealed weapons

While we have to recognize any establishment's RIGHT to ban those prospective customers carrying concealed weapons, the easiest way to make them reconsider is to simply boycott the business while letting the owner know exactly WHY you are refusing to patronize his or her business.

Independence Mall, for example, bans those carrying concealed weapons. Guess where I refuse to shop? My cellular carrier lost a large-ticket customer when they prominently banned concealed weapons in their new store.

The problem is self-discipline. Many people start to boycott these establishments, then fall back to using them out of convenience. That insures that the CCW ban will remain. I haven't eaten a Dannon product since Dannon sponsored the Million Mom March, and I haven't eaten in a Burger King since they contributed to an anti-gun program in Chicago back in the Seventies.

Grass Roots North Carolina used to maintain a list of establishments to boycott, but it seems to have vanished from their website.

Reach for it...

If you're in your house and someone kicks in the door, or at the park and someone grabs your child and drags them into a vehicle, which is most likely to stop the crime - reaching for your weapon or reaching for your cell phone. Chances are the gun will stop the crime while the cell phone will (might) allow the prosecutor to charge someone if the police are able to catch them in the first place. Either way, if you reach for the cell phone, the crime will most likely have already been committed, rather than just attempted.