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FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Video gives look at interaction between couple & trooper they accused

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Video gives look at interaction between couple & trooper they accused

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Two state troopers are off the road after a Raleigh couple accused the duo of wrong doing. WWAY broke this story Tuesday, and tonight we take a closer look at what happened after the traffic stop last week near Wrightsville Beach.

We've obtained video from inside the Wrightsville Beach Police Department that tells a slightly different story than what the couple has told.

This week Hoyt and Gina Tessener have come out both in a letter to the governor and on camera telling us about their run-in with a trooper they say tried to intimidate them.

The Highway Patrol and the trooper accused have declined opportunities to tell us their side of the story. But tonight video from that night gives us a closer look at what really happened.

In the video from inside the Wrightsville Beach Police Department, you can see Gina Tessener and Tpr. Edward Wyrick Jr. walk in. Wyrick arrested Tessener on suspicion of drinking and driving.

Less than a minute goes by before the trooper takes off her handcuffs. A minute later he reads Tessener her rights. After that he gives her her cell phone.

"You can make all the phone calls you want,” Wyrick says. “If you have any questions, ask."

Tessener gets on her phone, and her call is answered. She explains what’s going on.

Fifteen minutes go by, and Tpr. Wyrick returns. He asks Tessener if she wants to answer some questions or wait for her husband, who is an attorney. He even tells Gina Tessener what some of the questions may be.

"If you want me to wait till he gets here, I'll wait for him if you want to," Wyrick says.

The pair pass a few minutes chatting. Wyrick asks Tessener what kind of law he practices and makes a joke about how many attorneys he sees on his job.

"I have a lot of people come in and say, 'I'm an attorney,'" Wyrick said. "I say, 'What kind of attorney?' They say, 'Real estate.'"

Eleven minutes later, Gina’s husband Hoyt arrives. Wyrick asks Gina to confirm it’s him before letting Hoyt into the secure area.

As soon as he walks in, Hoyt Tessener points at the trooper and asks his wife, “Did he touch you?” Gina tells him, “No.”

Hoyt and Gina Tessener whisper to each other as they wait for Wyrick to call them in to the next room for the breath test. When Wyrick calls them in, Gina blows a 0.00 blood alcohol level. They wait for the machine to recalibrate, and again, Gina blows a 0.00.

"I did blow a 0.00 twice,” Gina Tessener told us during an interview Wednesday. “He asked me to do it again. It was at this point where he became angry."

During our interview, Hoyt Tessener said, "He did the second one and told us to leave for that one, and Gina left to the other room, and I didn't. I stood exactly where I was, and he came up and put his chest within an inch of my shoulder telling me to leave, and I stood there until the minute it showed again 0.00."

But the video shows something slightly different. Tpr. Wyrick tells them to leave after the result shows up and does not get as close to Hoyt Tessener as the couple made it seem. Wyrick even backs up when Gina walks back in to get something off the desk.

After the couple walks out, the trooper tells Hoyt to go to the waiting area.

"I'm an attorney," Hoyt says.

Wyrick says he needs to wait outside, and Hoyt agrees. The Tesseners share a few word, before Hoyt points at Wyrick and says something that sounds like, “You should be checked.”

"I'm sorry?" Wyrick responds.

When Hoyt Tessener says, “0.00,” referring to the breath test results, Wyrick points at Hoyt to leave and follows him to the door.

It is only at this point that Wyrick begins to look agitated.

The trooper walks back into the room, and Gina Tessener addresses him in a much higher voice than before.

Later, Wyrick appears to be texting on his phone, as the Tesseners alleged.

"This whole sting he set up,” Gina Tessener said. “What I felt like at this moment is that he didn't want this to come out."

The Tesseners suspect Wyrick texted another trooper, because later when Wyrick takes Gina to the New Hanover County Jail to see a magistrate, Tpr. Andrew Smith pulls over Hoyt, who is following Wyrick to the jail.

The Tesseners also accused Wyrick of giving them inaccurate information by saying Gina was headed “downtown” to see the magistrate and be released. In the Wrightsville Beach Police Department video, you can hear Tpr. Wyrick twice tell Gina where he’s taking her.

"Alright, ma'am. I gave your husband the directions to the jail,” Wyrick says as he returns to get Gina for transport. “Can you stand for me?"

Wyrick then handcuffs Gina before they head out to his car.

The Tesseners told us Wednesday they were disappointed to learn that Wyrick was still on active duty as the Highway Patrol’s Internal Affairs investigators look into what happened. Thursday Gov. Perdue released a statement say both Wyrick and Smith had been put on administrative duty during the investigation.

"The policy of this administration is zero tolerance for unacceptable behavior," Gov. Perdue said in her statement. "We expect the absolute best from state employees. This incident has been under investigation since it came to light. These two troopers have been placed on administrative duty. The Secretary of Crime Control and Public Safety and the Colonel of the Highway Patrol will take appropriate action upon completion of their investigation."

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Can Tessener be held accountable...

Can the Tessener's be held accountable for refunding all the taxpayers money that has been spent on this investigation if the troopers are found not guilty?

wow Hoyt

"Did he touch you?" was the first thing Mr. Tessener said. Unreal !

He came in the police station with an attitude. "I'm a lawyer" (personal injury).

Did Hoyt not know he was being filmed? The officer was nowhere near inch from him ???? Wow

She also didn't have on an evening gown, she had on a dress.

Now lets see about the texts and the pullover by Wyrick's buddy which if true seems wrong.

where are all the haters now????

9 comments??? Come on people. You were so quick to judge. What have you got to say to defend this lying lawyer now? Funny how a little bit of investigating leads to other things. Like I hope this dude does not defend himself in court in wake county in July for the case against him.

Apology Needed!!!!!

I remember somewhere along the line the couple had stated if an apology had been given this would have all been over with. Well, it appears like they may be owing the trooper an apology, not to mention maybe writing a big check to him when he sues their butt off and maybe even getting disbarred when he's brought up on charges of filing a false report.
The video doesn't lie but his letter sure did. I didn't see anything ounce of truth from what he claimed that happened and what one can see with their own eyes, other than maybe the texting thing, but we still don't know who the trooper texted. I'm sure the HP will get some cell phone records and show that as well.
Of course we can't see what happened roadside so if this man and woman lie over what was video taped, what do you think they will say if it wasn't.
Hope the lawyer gets his day in court to defend himself.

"Later, Wyrick appears to be

"Later, Wyrick appears to be texting on his phone, as the Tesseners alleged."

Odd time for the trooper to be texting someone. Wonder what was so important?

Who was the trooper texting?

Gee, maybe he was texting his girlfriend, or another Trooper. I think it is only illegal to text while'Driving', not standing around. And if this lawyer was as big an ass to the second trooper as he was to the first one, I'm surprised he let him go!
Oh, and let's not forget that there will be a record of this trooper's text message. Just like there was a video disproving the lawyer's story!
I also agree that everything should be done to get these troopers back on the road for the holiday weekend.
Govenor Perdue needs to Make that Happen!The public's safety should be her Prority in this case!!!


It's about time someone complained about these little nazi troopers. The little weasel had to have his pinhead buddy pull over the husband to protect his skinny butt. I hope they fire both these morons. And to think they let these idiots carry guns.


like all the rest of the public, love us when u need us but hate when u dont. if i were this trooper i wopuld be on wway's suing list for finding out the real story first. coming up to peoples home for comments. maybe when they see that wway news truck speeding to a story they might have something to report when they get pulled over and a citation for speeding!!

Uh oh...

Maybe you should re-read the article Tom, it would seem someone was lying a bit. I assume one of them ran off with your wife? Is that why you are so upset? It happens.

I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets hear it people!!!! You were so quick to judge. Sounds like a bunch of lies to me

I think the NC Hwy Patrol

I think the NC Hwy Patrol are some of the finest we have. I lived in Va for a long time and the hwy patrol were not as understanding as the NC Hwy Patrol. I have dealt with NC Hwy Patrol several times and have never had an issue. Keep up the good work!

0.00...need I say more?

0.00...need I say more?

No wonder

No wonder he's so upset. I think the little troll is worried someone is going to steal away his trophy wife.


It's good to see great journalism in Southeastern North Carolina. I hear people say that we have small town news but this is BIG stuff. Good job WWAY on your work... I've recently noticed Wect just copying what you do... trooper story... shark bite story! Nuff Said!



Video and follow up

Thank you wway for following up with the video of interaction between Trooper Wyrick and The Hoyts. I commend you for finally bringing the truth to light.
Sharon Darity


Wonder if this tape can be edited? Wonder if it was? Never know when your dealing with the cops...just sayin
They have been known to alter evidence just ask the state crime lab.

Ahhh yes.... the sky is falling....

How much tinfoil do you go through in a week?

Are you really that ignorant?

Hey maybe the trooper is also the same man that was hiding in the bushes when Kennedy was shot. Grow up buttercup.

Thank God these white trash

Thank God these white trash psychos are off the street. Congrats to the couple for taking a stand against an unlawful arrest from a high school dropout.


Well seems that mighty mouse was the only one upset . Love how so many Lawyers think bc they have studied the law they think they know how it's supposed to be enforced. Thats why each agency has and SOP on how to handle arrests . Now the bald troll just showed everyone how ignorant he is...

Are you kidding

Mr. Scott, Did you even watch the video. This trooper followed procedure to the T. At no point does the Trooper even raise his voice. The hot head in the room was the husband. He was trying to throw around his lawyer status the whole time. There are no signs of intimidation at all from this video. By the way you cant be a law enforcement officer without a High School diploma. So before you go COP hating look at the TRUTH that was laid before your eyes. Seems to me this couple felt they were too good to be arrested and their lies are coming unraveled really fast. I hope they are both charged with filing a false police report, obstruction of justice, and slander.

As Usual

You get an attractive woman and a lawyer husband and they think they can get away with anything.

I did not see anything in that video indicating any abuse or anything improper at all.

This is exactly the reason I did not become a cop. I would have used my baton to beat the crap out of that lawyer.

Trophy Wife?

She looks like the wife from hell to me. The people who have been calling the husband a troll seem to have it about right.