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Goolsby upset with trooper allegations


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- North Carolina Senator Thom Goolsby released a statement, expressing his frustration with the letter from Hoyt Tessener and the allegations against state troopers Edward Wyrick and Andrew Smith, that has them on administrative duty.

Goolsby's complete statement reads:
Like most of the public, I was shocked at the allegations recently made against two local North Carolina State Troopers regarding the DWI arrest of Gina Tessener. I was sent a copy of the letter to the Governor written by Tessener's lawyer-husband. In the letter, the husband made numerous allegations of abuse and illegal conduct against our troopers.

I read the letter with interest and concern. As an attorney who practices in our local courts, I have known these troopers for the entire time they have enforced the law in southeastern North Carolina. I have never received any complaints about them. My personal experience was that they were professional, honest and forthright.

When I learned that there was a video tape from the Detention Center, I watched it with interest. I was shocked and angered when it was apparent that the video did not represent several of the allegations made in the letter.

I have personally spoken with the Governor, Secretary of Crime Control and Public Safety and the Commander of the Highway Patrol expressing my frustration over what I perceive to be false allegations. Further, because both of these troopers were immediately placed on administrative leave, our county will be short of law enforcement officers to protect the public from drunk drivers during 4th of July weekend.

It is time that someone spoke up and defended our troopers. I am doing so now.

Thom Goolsby,
NC Senator, District 9

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man dose cops b hatin on

man dose cops b hatin on evybody tho. i had cop come up to me lst nite and yell at me for wlking on da street. they gt nothng to do so dey pik on u. an if my wify waz az hot az mr testiners wive i woud gt mad tew. dey so rasist


Nice try.

Wow, thats what the

Wow, thats what the sidewalks are for, maybe if you used one and stayed outta of the streets you wouldnt have that problem! How does it make them racist for stopping you because your in the street??

clear proof

some people should not be allowed to reproduce.

That has to rank as the most illiterate post to date in July.


While I agree that the Lawyers letter was much less then accurate I still have a concern with several of the Troopers actions:

1. When the accused twice registered 0.00 from that moment there was no reason to handcuff her, my reasoning is since she was not intoxicated, was not being charged with a crime why would a proven innocent person be handcuffed?

2. While I don't pretend to know the rules of the Police procedure in NC, I am surprised that a person who did not commit a crime or even was charged with one, had to be transported to a Magistrate to be released. Why would a magistrate need to release a person who had no charges against them? wouldn't it have made more sense for the person to be released at the police station and thus allowing the Trooper to return to patrol?

3. The husband being pulled over! I guess that was a coincidence?

The law

The law says that when she wouldn't take the test, she is under arrest; it's not something the trooper can or cannot decide; and a trooper can't release her - it's the law. The law also says that she must be handcuffed when she's put into the squad car; it's to protect the trooper.

The husband was pulled over FOR SPEEDING on the way to the police department in a car he BORROWED from a friend, so just how did they "set him up?" Do you think they knew whose car he was going to borrow?

BTW, anybody who ever goes to Wrightsville Beach knows that that street is loaded with police 24/7.

Hasn't this been asked and

Hasn't this been asked and answered a million times? If she had offered to take the roadside tests, she would have been sent on her way. It was her refusal of those tests which caused the trooper to arrest her. The trooper then could not unarrest her by law. Please educate yourself on the law before telling the world how you think it should have been handled. Like it or not, the trooper did his job exactly as trained. Sorry you don't like it. SHE put the ball rolling on this one. Plus, she admitted to sipping wine.


No, she did NOT admit to sipping wine-that is what the trooper said. Cops can lie like anyone else especially to further their case.

Speaking of liars..

....this attorney pretty much proved he's a liar -- he even put it on paper and in videos.

Who's the witness if it is

Who's the witness if it is just him and her??? dash board cams, like cams in police stations and jails, seem not to work at the most inappropriate (for LEO's) times... I do not blame her for not doing those test with no other witness present. Afterall, she was pulled for a faulty headlight and not reckless driving or even an unsafe act. If only people gave a damn about justice instead of The Law. Where's justice for Goldman Sachs or Lehman, there is none when the environment allows them to pay to have their own laws written.

The creep of the factless, endless anti alcohol mentality posed by extremist groups or law enforcement agendas for gain that is very present when admitting to sipping wine earlier with a meal can even constitute an automatic perception of DWI.

It's a lawyers world, we're just the ATM's.

state trooper

Well Thom ,I understand your anger. But you also know that even good people can go bad.i also watched that video and i heard a lot of anger in the troopers voice because she passed the test twice 00.0 two times witch means he COULD NOT MAKE A DWI CASE AGINST he lost. so he needs to take his spanking and go find another job. because he realy does not need to be on the taxpayer payroll

Its funny, I didnt hear any

Its funny, I didnt hear any anger in his voice after she blew a 0.00, He seemed a lil irritated when the husband wouldnt leave the room after he asked him to. The only one I seen angry was the husband and quite frankly the wife was all fine and dandy until hubby showed up. These people are just out for their 15 minutes of fame!

Thom Goolsby's Support of Law Enforcement should be lauded

After a brief cursory examination of the Star News Article, I respect the Senator's decision to support the two state troopers. No matter how important we think we are, no one should be above the law. Following a Patrol car is a violation of State Law, even under the duress of having a spouse detained for suspicion of DWI. There are other factors other than alcohol that impair drivers. Some chronic diseases cause them to be dizzy. Brain parasites interfere with judgment and road rage causes some drivers to become instruments of destruction. Anger at a traffic stop is a form of impairment. From what little I have read, the troopers had little choice. Everyone wants the laws to protect them, but when the law is applied to them personally, they sometimes lack the grace to accept the consequences of their actions.

She was pulled over for a

She was pulled over for a faulty head light... not reckless driving, blows an 0.0 twice and is then arrested.
If it is against the law to follow a Patrol Car, even if your spouse is in the car, it is simply an assanine law (like many). This is made especially bad since the trooper said to follow him since he was not a resident of Wilmington. He could have simply picked up the radio and told his brother officer to leave him be. The problem I have with law enforcement these days is the Jack booted mentality over the courtesy I used to know and respect. Everyone should do a job, especially those who protect and serve, as if their own mother were frgrading the manners in which they carried out their duties.

Don't let facts...

...get in the way of your reply, huh?

She was placed under arrested after she refused the test, not before.

It's the LAW in North Carolina.

And he wasn't stopped FOLLWING THE OFFICER; he was stopped on the way to the police station for speeding.

But like I said, don't let facts stand in they way of a good rant.


Finally, someone is standing up for the troopers! I am ashamed that the Governor jumped the gun and suspended the troopers based on one man's story.


I LOATHE our Governor...she did the right thing by suspending is NORMAL for that sort of thing to happen when an investigation is happening and the troopers KNOW that...Imagine if she HADN'T suspended them, the allegations were true and while on duty they did the same thing.


It is very apparent to me that when people are in trouble they always want to blame someone else. We train these fine men and women to become the best and be the best under extreme conditions. Their lives are threatened daily and now with the public eye constantly on them, I wonder how they can come close to doing their job. When someone is in trouble along the North Carolina Highways, we don't call Gov. Bev Purdue nor do we call the secretary of crime control and public safety, we call a trooper. A man or women who would give their life to help save others. But instead of writing the Governor about the thousands of great things the the NCSHP has done for the public, we humiliate, run down, disgrace and demean our troopers without finding out all the facts. I say lets support our troopers and lets get the Govenor out of the equation and let the Commander of the Highway patrol run the show. Morale is down and the troopers need your support.

Morale is low!!!

Morale is low because they are being called out by people who pay their salary. I am sicken that my tax dollars go to these disrespectful, ego driven men, which a number of them break the law everyday.. Who is protecting us from them.

That's right no one---


Well said "I say" well said. No one is protecting us from them.

Great Job Dr. Smith

Great opinion and absolutely accurate!


very well said! Thank goodness for this Senator. The trooper has no voice until the investigation is over and they need people to stand up for them. These claims by the Tesseners appears to be very bogus and full of lies and exaggerations. I hope in the end that the troopers sue them back as well as the Governor since she makes such quick knee jerk reactions to make herself look better.

At least one person can see

At least one person can see this situation for what it really is.

Nice to see

a politician and elected official, as well as an attorney, take a clear, no question as to where he stands, position on an issue.

And once the dust clears, and the troopers are returned to duty, the Tesseners may wish to consider another beach for recreation.

They have it on film

They have it on film Tom..Quit sucking up.

It's nice to know that

It's nice to know that Goolsby is for arresting people for blowing an 0.0 twice. It's nice to know that he can justify the husband being pulled while he is following another patrol car. I also was disturbed to see the vido did not totally match the story but it is still one sorid tale because of the forementioned.

It would also be very nice to know the real impact on tourism and real estate in this area due directly to "The Governors Highway Safety Program" with all those t.v. ads running checkpoints that 10 other states have deemed unconstitutional.

The problem with regulating Law Enforcement is that Democrats fear their Unions and Republicans fear being perceived as soft on crime. It's nice to have this issue on the forefront where politicians can let the public know their positions.

Say What?

I don't really care what 10 other states have done, but can you please name them? I get my Constitutional guidance from the the Fourth Circuit COA and the Supreme Court. IF there are 10 states that have deemed them unconstitutional, then it is because of the way that their STATE constitution has been written.

You are correct in the fact

You are correct in the fact that they find fault within their own state constitutions... It's a personal point of view and I could be wrong but I think people should care how other people do things, otherwise you will never evolve and improve.

Jurisdictions that allow sobriety checkpoints often carve out specific exceptions to their normal civil protections, in order to allow sobriety checkpoints. Although the U.S. Supreme Court has found sobriety checkpoints to be constitutionally permissible, while admiting that it infringes on the 4th in majority opinion, ten states (Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming) have found that sobriety roadblocks violate their own state constitutions or have outlawed them. Two other states (Alaska and Montana) do not use checkpoints even though they have not made them illegal.

Read the FACTS. She admitted

Read the FACTS.

She admitted to "sipping but not drinking". I'm sure every drunk driver says something similar just like every criminal says they didn't do it. The officer smelled alcohol (and she admitted to sipping it - hence the smell). That is P.C. for a field sobriety test. She refused. Do you really think that refusing the field breathalyzer means you get to go on your way?

It doesn't. It means you are arrested and sent downtown. That is the law.

Now - had she submitted to the field breathalyzer tests, blown 0.0 and THEN was arrested and taken downtown THEN your comments would have merit. That didn't happen.

My advice to her is to get another lawyer as the advice she got from hers made this a whole thing lot worse than it needed to be.

These people are ridiculous.

I respect our law

I respect our law enforcement but that doesn't for a second change the fact that tom goolsby is a moron.